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Shoutbox Quotes

Shoutbox Quotes

Ah the Shoutbox. Always filled with interesting characters. I'm a regular there and often find myself swarmed with witty, odd, profound, and sometimes stupid beyond-all-reason quotes. While I have only saved two right now, I know many are floating around in some of the regulars' heads. If you have any, please share them with the people that don't frequent this awesome area of the site.

"Absentstalt: you get the best of both classes, but you have to have a 500 page background that explains the physical, moral, and social extrapolations of your abilities."-Dakar

"Absentstalt: You get the best of both classes, but only after you create an entire cosmology detailing exactly how and why you get the best traits, and with charts and figures demonstrating the mathematical consistency of you getting those traits."-Jinx!

I have two screenshots saving some great shoutbox moments for posterity.
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How is it that my name got wrapped into Absentstalt and made into OP without my ever hearing of the term? O.o

In other news:

Originally Posted by Dharkan
You guys HONESTLY either know to much, or you just make to much up.

I miss the SB! *Kicks the computer.*

[06:15 AM] ticattack: Silver, "tastes like jelly" is not a pleasant response to "cancer-mess"

Just gotta love Tic for his misconception.

tic: But I dunno. My memory is hazy, like the foggy moors of Scotland.
Sith: Scotland didn't seem particularly foggy when I was there...
tic: Were you around the moors of Scotland?
tic: Because you have to be wary. Sometimes they claim to be moors, but they're really Almohads.

[02:11 PM] Sithobi1: Here's a deal: I make characters for you, you write backgrounds for me
[02:11 PM] Kanavel: That is a good deal. Because I enjoy writing backgrounds.
[02:11 PM] Sithobi1: >_> <_<
[02:11 PM] Kanavel: I just hate the mechanics of the character.
[02:11 PM] Sithobi1: And I enjoy making character sheets.

Isn't it nice to have our players work with each other? x3

[04:15 PM] absentwizard: Oh... 4e
[04:15 PM] absentwizard: *makes a face*
[04:15 PM] absentwizard:
[04:15 PM] SilverxVenom: *doubles AW's face*
[04:16 PM] SilverxVenom:
[04:18 PM] Springheel Jack: *triples AW's face*
[04:18 PM] Springheel Jack:
[04:21 PM] Springheel Jack: +CP
[04:22 PM] Neko Arle: Jack.
[04:22 PM] Neko Arle: Suggest a Pie fight emote to Rodri.


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