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Few noobie clerical questions

Few noobie clerical questions

i have a few clerical questions coz i could not find this info in the SRD

1. How to calculate save DC against spells?
2. How many spells do I get/day? 3/0lvl, 2/1lvl, 1/domain right? So with 2 domains it will be 3+2+2?
3. Whats my starting cash (gnome cleric)?
4. Cleric spells are not arcane so using armor penalty wont apply?

This should be moved to the Rules Advice forum.
You should ask your questions there next time

1. For clerics: 10+Spell level+wisdom modifier+(any special modifiers, like spell focus or certain domain abilities).
2. The table here provides everything you'll need.
For instance, at level 3, a cleric will have 4 0th spells 3 1st lvl spells (one of them domain only) and 2 2nd lvl spells (again one domain only).
This of course without considering bonus spells from high ability modifier, which can be found here.
3. That is not found in the SRD, it's copyrighted and can be found in the PHB and DMG respectively.
4. Arcane spell failure does not apply to divine spells, so a cleric can cast in full plate armor without a chance of his spells failing.

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