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Character BasicsCharacter’s Names: Jessica Walker

High Concept: Restless Human Sacrifice

People once believed that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead. But sometimes, something so bad happens that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can't rest. Then sometimes, just sometimes, the crow can bring that soul back to put the wrong things right.

Jessie was sacrificed by the Cult of Barbatos in a horrific ritual involving a lot of unspeakable acts and culminating in being cut open and having her blood drained out to power the spell. That might have been the end of the story but it wasn’t. Something interceded and Jessie came back. Now, she’s hungry for revenge.

Trouble: Sometimes, Dead is Better

If tearing through the shroud to re-inhabit one's body and rising from the dead were easy, the world would be filled with the Walking Dead. It takes a combination of willpower, fate, driving purpose...and a deal with the Devil. Jessie is an abomination and a walking violation of the Fifth Law of magic. She didn’t perform the necromancy, exactly, but the sort of people who are likely to do protest may not care about the technicalities or might see her as a tool of the supernatural forces responsible. She came back changed. Can anyone be certain that she came back alone?

Her body is also likely to draw a lot of unwanted attention. Whether because of the strange tattoos, the mortal wounds, or the sense of wrongness, her corpse is going to create a lot of problems.

Character's Background: Jessica Walker wasn’t particularly exceptional, before she died. She was studying art in college, had a part time job, had friends, and spent her nights partying and being irresponsible. That lifestyle eventually lead to her and her friends being taken by the Cult of Barbatos and sacrificed as part of some profane magical ritual. That might have been the end of her story but it was not.

Days later, the body was found and the tattoos pointed to the death being related to the occult. The local coroner, Janet Wellsworth, took an interest and recognized the work of the Cult of Barbatos. Before the autopsy was complete, however, Jessie sat up and walked out of the morgue. The case got a lot more complicated, after that.

Returning to the world after death is like a hangover but, instead of being drunk the night before, you were dead. The alarm clock going off is the pressure of coagulated blood being pushed through your collapsed veins and arteries. The morning shower is finding yourself trapped in a dark, refrigerated drawer. After a morning like that, is it any wonder the living dead are generally in a bad mood?

Ballpark Your Abilities: Jessie’s personality definitely changed upon returning. She’s not concerned with the things that concerned her, before. Where she was carefree and sociable, before, she is now driven and focused. She was attractive, before she died, and might still be to someone who doesn’t notice the changes she has undergone. She is tougher than she used to be and overall has found that her physical abilities have been heightened.

The Mantle: Revenant. This could basically follow rules for RCI + Monster Hunter but perhaps with some limitations on the stunts taken (since the character isn’t a red court vampire). Perhaps having her blood drained and used in a ritual imbued her with a hunger for blood that powers her supernatural abilities (for sake of easy translation of the mantle), or maybe its a hunger for flesh (zombie style). Might use a refresh to pick up the Undead or Dead condition as unique stunts.

Character Description: Pale girl (loss of blood), covered in arcane tattoos (left over from the ritual). Body is probably not in perfect condition (wounds from the sacrifice, dead eyes, etc) and probably won’t look great after a few combats.

Character BasicsCharacter's Names:. Mathis Raemon Anselm
High Concept: Black Aggie's Heir
Mathis' first teacher in the art was a kindly old woman who taught him to use his power only in the defense of himself and those he loved. Her patience, understanding, and wisdom became the foundations of his craft. It wasn't until after her death that he learnt the full truth of her past. Black Aggie had been a powerful sorceress in her time, and a willing subject of the Winter court; one of the few mortal practitioners that chose to, and could actually survive, living amongst the fey. Her exploits were something of an urban legend in the supernatural world, and served as a cautionary tale for the occult community, a warning of the corrupting influence of power. For that alone, many would consider it entirely fitting that she was slain by the creatures she once served. Mathis never knew her as she had been, but he carries her legacy within himself. The foundations she laid have proven stronger, and deeper rooted than ever her protege would have expected, and upon that firm basis his own craft has grown. Now a full member of the White Council, if perhaps not their most trusted disciple, he already shows every sign of becoming even more powerful than the woman who trained him.

Trouble: Frost-bitten, Fey-Claimed
Mathis doesn't belong to himself, or at least not so far as Fey law is concerned. Thankfully, the lords of the Unseelie don't yet seem to know who he is, or if they do, they don't seem to be acting on it. Unfortunately, if anything can be said of the Winter Courtiers, it is that they are just as implacable as the glaciers that are their dominion. He knows that some day they will come for him, and there's no predicting what will happen then. That alone would seem dire enough, but Mathis has begun to fear that the real threat may be far subtler, and more pervasive than abduction into the lands of Faerie. With every passing year, as the young wizard has truly begun to come into his power, he has noticed a chill growing within him, sending roots ever deeper into the core of who he is. Never the warmest of individuals, he finds it becoming all too easy to give into the power inside him, to choose cruelty over mercy, and to reach for mastery before asking if he should. It cannot be coincidence that the magics which are traditionally Winter's own come easiest to him: frost over flame, decay before growth, and death rather than life. In the end, it seems he can only fight on, and hold tight to who Aggie wanted him to be; for who can say how deep the pact runs, and with a race as tricksome as the fae, can any truly know what it means for them to lay claim?

Character's Background: Everyone's journey into the craft has to start somewhere, and for Mathis, it began with Agatha Juras. An elderly woman that lived in the apartment next to him and his mother, Aggie was a cheerful widow who spent her days tending the building's little patch of a garden, and caring for her cat Greyr. She was also a witch, and a practitioner of considerable skill, but he wouldn't learn that for quite some time. Due to the fact that Mathis' mother Carrina had to spend long hours at work, he usually returned from school to an empty home, but shortly after moving into Aggie's building that became a non-issue. Delighted by the clever young boy who'd become her neighbour, she offered to care for him while during the day and in the years that followed, the two of them were near inseparable.

Agatha never intended to teach her young charge about the admittedly unusual world in which she lived, but when his gift first began to manifest at the tender age of thirteen, the choice was made for her. Always one to bend to the whims of nature, she encouraged Mathis to explore the avenues of his abilities that seemed to express themselves most readily. That those expressions initially followed her own resolutions about peaceful resistance and non-aggression was a blessed coincidence.

As many childhood friends are, Mathis and Aggie were eventually separated, but not by anything so mundane as distance. In the young warder's eighteenth year, he came home from school to find his mentor's apartment destroyed. Her books were scattered and torn, her plants overturned and trampled, and her beloved Greyr lay dying from a blow that had shattered his ribcage. Agatha herself wasn't found until many hours later when the police unearthed her body from the flower patch behind the apartments.

The murder was a shock to the entire neighborhood. Agatha had been well loved, and none could remember her ever saying an unkind word to anyone, but the perpetrator of the attack that had taken her life seemed to have exacting knowledge of everything she loved, and had gone to some lengths to destroy it. Only Mathis had been left whole, but the truth of the matter was that he too had been scarred. The entire event was beyond traumatic, and in many ways incomprehensible for the young warder. For all that Aggie had taught him, she'd never really explained the violence that was common to the world that lurks beyond moral ken. In the wake of her death he realised how little he actually knew, and devoted himself to addressing that deficit.

In the end, it could almost be said that the answers were taken from Aggie's own lips, or at least her hands. Though it took a week of devoted effort, the young wizard eventually broke through the spells of concealment that hid Agatha's Book of Shadows from discovery, and from it he eked secrets that revealed the truths he needed to know. Agatha Juras had been killed by a fetch in recompense for skipping out on her deal. The woman who'd guided him and taught him to use his power only in defence of others, had not always been the kindly granny he'd known. Once upon a time it would have been more appropriate to have called her Black Aggie, and her dealings with the Winter Court were almost legendary. They were amongst the many cautionary tales of the supernatural world, for in her time she had been one of the few mortal practitioners that comfortably existed under Mab's rule, and for more than two decades, it had been her voice that lulled children into the icy embrace of Winter's minions, all in return for fey youth. Yet she'd left that all behind her long ago.

Though none could say precisely why, Black Aggie had eventually grown weary of the atrocities of her life. She begged the Queen for respite, and perhaps surprisingly, she received it, but not without cost. Agatha was forced to retake the years she'd deferred, and in recompense for the insult of rejecting the Court's favor, a fine was levied upon her. One last child, her son, when Winter called for him. She agreed, thinking perhaps that one more sin would scarcely be noticeable against the rest, and more importantly that in the aging body they'd forced on her, a child was out of the question.

Mathis hopes now, in the years after she bought her freedom, that perhaps some of the weight of her past had lifted. That she knew some measure of peace, if not in their friendship, then at least in the simple pleasures of the life she'd built for herself, and perhaps there is some evidence for that. When at last Winter came to Black Aggie and requested its due, she refused, and unable to wring the secret from her lips, she died protecting the boy she'd come to care for as her own.

Throughout his life, the young warder had always tried to follow the rede, to take the path that did the least possible harm, but he'd learnt a few things since. In particular, he'd found a truth that might better suit the world he found himself in. "An it harm none, do as ye will. An it cause harm, do as ye must." With that ideal held close and bereft of the shelter his mentor had offered him, Mathis was forced to seek the protection of a greater power, namely the Summer Court. After all, he was still the property of Winter and if moving to Seelie territory might throw off their pursuit it was well worth the trip.

While his life in Athens had given him ample time to study and perfect his craft, it hadn't provided Mathis much in the way of practical life skills. If he'd had the time he likes to think that he could have figured something out eventually, put out feelers and found a nice magic-compatible job to do, but he couldn't quite shake the idea that something was looking to close Aggie's debt. It wasn't anything he could point to per say, just a numbness that crept over him whenever the weather turned cold, the sense that someone was watching when he walked home at night, and just once, a glimpse of eyes in the dark. They were little things, easily laughed off or dismissed as nerves on their own, but each one just made him more certain that they were coming. Finally he gave in to that fear, packing up what he could and left home, hoping that putting a few cities between himself and the place where'd he grown up would throw the Fae off.

That kind of life doesn't come cheap though, and as his funds dwindled he had to pick up odd jobs, bussing for coffee shops, stocking shelves in bookstores, and anything else that could be done by a tech-incompatible laborer. While frequently demeaning, or perhaps simply painfully boring, it was one of these little stops that gave him direction and the first spark of hope that he might not be running forever. In the process of cleaning off a billboard that patrons of the café he was working at used for club meeting times and self-advertising, one sheet in particular caught his attention. A home-printed affair that had been buried under babysitting and dogwalking offers, it read simply "Let's keep each other safe. The Cloaks can't always do it." The moment his shift ended he called the attached number, and after sorting through the rather obtuse magical innuendo that followed, realised that he'd stumbled onto something momentous.

As first brushes with the Paranet go his halting conversation with the local organizer wasn’t the most elegant of introductions, but at the little meeting they held at the end of the month he learned just enough to know this was something worth being a part of. Aggie had always maintained a certain level of isolationism in her dealings with other practitioners, an understandable foible given her history, but one that her apprentice was going to have to shuck if he wanted to survive. With that in mind he dove in, offering his services to the local minor talents, and taking every opportunity to learn from them as he went. One might know a thing or two about divination that Aggie hadn't had a chance to teach him, some knew useful bits and bobs about alchemy that he could add to his collection, and perhaps most importantly, one cheerful young Changeling knew of a city where Summer reigned supreme.

That particular idea stuck in his head, seeding the beginning of a scheme that might buy him some tiny respite from constantly having to look over his shoulder for the agents of his Court. If there was a place where the Seelie had a firm hold, perhaps enough of one to push the darker Fae out, could he shelter there? Could he hide amidst the gleeful throngs and rampant chaos long enough to actually sit down and think? It was a tempting idea and one he didn't have the heart to resist. It didn't take much to set him on that path, a letter of resignation, a few goodbyes to some of his acquaintances in the community, and one nerve-wracking phone call to Rhia, the changeling girl who'd started it all, to ask if she was still planning to move to the sun-kissed city of Charleston.

Ballpark Your Abilities: Having been trained by a sorceress of some skill, Mathis has come a long way in the cultivation of his magical abilities. By nature he is a methodical and intellectual sort of person who favors reasoned action and approaches, which has served him well in establishing himself as a purveyor of wards and similar magics. The strange pull he feels toward the powers of Winter shows through strongly in his use of the art however, tainting even the simplest of incantations with just a touch of frost. Mathis has particular difficulty being outgoing or coming off as welcoming thanks in part to that chilly disposition, but also due to the simple fact that he spent most of his adolescent years learning sorcery from an elderly woman rather than socializing.

The Mantle: Magical Practitioner leaning toward the wizardly side of things. He could also be just a sorcerer without the White Council membership if we want to stick to a more Paranet focused community. I'm currently playing about with the idea of buying a version of Winter Favors that loses the 'NPC summoning' and 'mark full track to overcome great obstacles' options to be limited to the idea of pulling on Winter-aspected magic in return for being put under the sway of the Court.

Character Description: Slim of build and with a haunting intensity to his gaze, Mathis' fine features, and whipcord grace have always garnered the young man considerable attention. When he is focused on his work, the young man's slate gray eyes can be unerringly cold, calculating and intense, lending him a serious mien far more in tune with his somber nature. He is typically quite pale, a look that results from a combination of his bookish habits, and a natural colouration inherited from his mother. Never one to be concerned with appearances, he keeps his dark hair a medium length, a look he maintains by the simple logic of 'long enough to bother me, cut it'. The scratchy feeling of stubble, and the uneven look of anything longer have kept him clean shaven, which only serves to accentuate the strong lines of his jaw. Though not particularly strong Mathis is well built, with a lean musculature that lends itself to flexibility and speed rather than pure strength.

Somewhat eclectic in dress, it is rare to find any day to day consistency in Mathis' choice of clothing. One day will see him bedecked in businesslike slacks and shirts, the illusion of conservatism only slightly marred by a studded belt, leather bracers, or elderly Chucks, only to have him revert to a much more casual tee, jeans and sandals the next. In general, he favors dark tones, blacks, grays, and purples predominating, though far from being exclusive.

Hook to the Cult of Barbatos: For Mathis the move to Charleston was motivated by fear, a need to buy himself time to think, to find a place where he wouldn't have to be looking over his shoulder every day for sign of Winter's minions. For his roomate Rhia however, it had been a homecoming. One of Summer's errant children amongst the mortals it was she who'd told the young warder of a city entirely under Seelie-sway, and given him a way in by offering to share the lease on a crappy downtown apartment. It's hard to say what he would have done without that cheery little gift, but there won't be any more to worry about. The Cult of Barbatos had largely slipped under the young wizard's radar for the first few years of his stay in Charleston. Some of his friends in the Paranet had whispered about kidnappings and things far darker going on behind the scenes, but it was all very nebulous and ultimately dismissible. It wasn't affecting him after all, and if anything those ominous whispers were great for business. More paranoia meant more people looking for someone just a little stronger to lay a ward on their home, which ultimately suited him just fine.

He lost that sense of detachment the day he came back to an empty home. Maybe it was the circumstances of the disappearance that gave it such power over him; the terrible similarity to the mentor he'd lost creating a creeping sense of déjŕ vu as he opened the door and found the apartment in shambles, the hollow feeling that took root in his chest when nobody answered him as he stepped over the threshold and realised there was no resistance, no thrum of power from his defenses, but regardless of the reason, Rhia was gone. He didn't know what had happened at the time. In fact he had been close to panicking, wondering who or what could dismantle his wards and snatch someone from their home with such ease.

Mathis' first attempts at making sense of things soon revealed the Hellish power that clung to the shattered remnants of his wards, a sulfurous edge that lingered in the air of his home and mocked him from the shadows. Arts like those were rare things and it didn't take long for Mathis to piece two and two together. He'd heard the stories after all. He'd been told that something was moving in the shadows of the city, gathering fell power to itself by threatening the small, and having known that just made it hurt all the more. His detachment had cost him a friend and made him live through a terrible fascimile of the hell he'd experienced when losing Aggie and he hated himself for it. Maybe he could blame the callousness with which he'd dismissed the rumors on the chill growing inside him, the threads of Winter that he feared so greatly, but maybe there was something far more mundane at work. Maybe he had condemned a friend to die just so he could make a little more money. Either way, he can't let it happen again. He can't stand back and let these people, this cult, move unopposed, because nobody deserves to know the terror he's seen twice now. Nobody deserves to come home to that horrible dread as they realise that someone they'd loved is just gone, and if he can do anything about it, nobody else will have to.

Hook to Additional Faction: The Paranet has been an important element in Mathis' life since losing Aggie. Various members have at times been mentors, friends, and clients to him through the years, and these days that means a lot. He's not as active in their communications as some, after all it's hard to keep up on the forums and email chains when computers turn into smoking scrap at your approach, but he does his best. People in the Charleston branch know to look him up if they need a little extra protection or consultation on a dangerous working, and whether you chance the somewhat unreliable phone he has installed at home or send it by word of mouth, he'll help. It's not always free, but lately he's a lot more likely to accept a what you can manage rather than what he thinks the effort is worth. While working for the minor talents and allies of Charleston isn't enough to keep food on the table by itself, Mathis still spends most of his time trying to improve the protections available to the local chapter of the Paranet.

Theme Song: Monster - Starset

Character Basics
Character's Name: Lisica Vila of the Summer Court

High Concept: Oracular Duchess of the Boiling River
Lisica is the ruler of the Boiling River Duchy, home to the greatest oracles among the Summer sidhe, Lisica included. She wields all the magical and political clout of a fae of her station, including the intel and manpower of many of the Little Folk. Acting within Summer's yang-oriented purview of warmth and passion is second nature to the fox, as is inspiring such warmth and passion within others, even though she normally comports herself sedately.

In the mortal world, the sidhe vixen is limited by not actually being within her seat of power. There are many rules and restrictions she must abide by here, and each command the fox gives unto the city's Seelie fae indebts her to the local sidhe who are the real rulers. The duchess's very presence paints her as a prime target for any major supernatural players who want to take a bite out of the Summer Court. Lisica is not exempt from the usual weaknesses of the fae either, from a severe cold iron allergy to an inability to safely cross thresholds.

Trouble: My Sister Vedrana Hates and Obstructs Me
Lisica is currently staying with her two fox-sidhe sisters, Ilinka and Vedrana, who have been living in a colonial-era manor for over a century. Vedrana is the second-in-command of Rowan McGirth, and Ilinka is in turn the right-hand woman of Vedrana. While Ilinka is highly supportive of Lisica, going so far as to swear a fae-promise to show the duchess all the warmth and hospitality she can muster, the same cannot be said of the vindictive Vedrana. Lisica has no idea what she might have done to deeply offend Vedrana, but the fact remains that Vedrana constantly pulls strings to deny Lisica clout among the local Seelie and entangle the duchess in all manner of social obligations.

For a whole year, Lisica has had absolutely no success in figuring out precisely why Vedrana hates the duchess, let alone getting Vedrana to warm up. Lisica has not lost hope, however; the vixen knows that if she persists, Lisica will discover the knowledge she needs to make her family happy and cohesive, one way or another. In the meantime, at least Lisica can count on the aid of the friendlier Ilinka from time to time, who sympathizes with the duchess's plight in the face of a broken family.

Character's Background: Near the Summer Court's capital in Faerie is the Boiling River Duchy, a great fae forest. The eponymous river twists like a snake through the whole duchy; its waters are ever-boiling and ever-steaming, and never fail to be replenished by the mighty torrential rains. Within the water and the steam, one can view vivid visions of distant places in the mortal world and the Nevernever, times long past, and futures yet to come. Only the mightiest of Seelie prophets can make effective use of the divinatory river, and whosoever is the most cunning Summer oracle is entitled as duke or duchess.

Lisica Vila recalls little of her childhood in Faerie, save that she was from a litter of three, and that each of them went their own separate ways into the Nevernever. What she does remember with great clarity is her discovery of her affinity for the oracular side of Seelie magic, her discovery of the Boiling River Duchy, and her drive to take up the challenge and unseat its current duchess. For many centuries, she played the game of politics and sorcery to amass power both personal and political. Myriad and multifarious were her journeys to places of power to unlock their secrets, and more still were the courtly plots the fae vixen entangled herself in.

It was only a few centuries ago that Lisica finally proved her prognostic and political supremacy and became the new duchess of the Boiling River. She ruled well and smartly, always one step ahead of woes. The fox's tithes to Titania were always on time and always abundant, for the duchy was prosperous. A notable controversy during her reign involved the rights of non-sapient fae beasts; the duchy had a history of capturing such animals into military service or back-breaking manual labor. After long deliberations, the sidhe vixen declared that all such beasts would be free, and that the fae of the duchy would henceforth earn the animals' loyalty, all to respect nature's children.

Over a year ago, Lisica wondered about her sisters, and why she had never heard of them, if they were all under the same Seelie queen. After several divinations, the fae fox discovered that her siblings, Ilinka and Vedrana, had blossomed into respected sidhe just like herself. They also spent much more time in the mortal world than in Faerie, in a city the fae called "Blackbeard's Medicine," thus explaining their lack of contact with Lisica. The sidhe vixen made arrangements for a regent to run the duchy for two or three years, then set off for the mortal world with a small entourage, having taken temporal precautions to ensure that she would also spend only two or three years there.

The fox settled down in the opulent, colonial-era manor that her sisters had claimed for over a century. Vedrana was the second-in-command of Rowan McGirth, and Ilinka was in turn the right-hand woman of Vedrana. Ilinka was ecstatic to play catch-up with Lisica and share stories of their respective adventures in Faerie and the mortal world; afterwards, Ilinka made a serious fae-promise to be a welcoming and supportive sister throughout the duchess's stay. On the other hand, even Lisica's divinations could not discern what she had done to offend Vedrana; the bitter sister immediately resented Lisica and even warned the duchess not to overstay her welcome. Lisica frowned as her two sisters argued, and resolved to repair this family situation sooner or later; the vixen really wants a happy fae family.

Aside from the family drama, Lisica's divinations and the intel of the local Seelie fae painted a very troubling picture in the city of "Blackbeard's Medicine." The Summer Court, though powerful, was beset by threats from all sides, be it the Fomor, the Church, the Paranet, or, most worryingly of them all, the ominous "Cult of Barbados." After more information-gathering, the faerie fox was appalled to learn that the Cult had been enslaving local animals for use as spies all over the city! Worse, one or two of the Cult's magicians were suspected to be Unseelie fae! This transgression against nature's children, Lisica could not abide. She swore a stern oath to herself to enact justice upon this Cult, freeing all the city's beasts and relieving some pressure on the Seelie Court.

Unfortunately, for an entire year, Lisica's ambitions of repairing her family and fighting the Cult were met with nothing but frustration. Vedrana was extremely aloof and dismissive towards the duchess's attempts at getting her to open up, and Ilinka's pleas to Vedrana went unheeded. Vedrana also obstructed Lisica's investigation of the Cult and Vedrana herself; she denied the duchess aid from the local Seelie by always keeping those Little Folk busy elsewhere, and whenever Lisica tried to snoop around on her own, Ilinka would regretfully inform the duchess that her presence was requested at one social event or another. But Lisica has not lost hope; the vixen knows that if she keeps trying, she will discover the knowledge she needs to make her family happy and cohesive, one way or another...

Ballpark Your Abilities: As a fox-fae, Lisica bears a totem of keenness and cunning, and thus she is remarkably brilliant even by the standards of the Summer sidhe. Untold centuries of governing a fae duchy, playing high-stakes realpolitik in Fair Folk ballrooms, and finding inspiration from art have honed the vixen's mind and charisma to a razor's edge. Ever since arriving in the mortal world a year ago, Lisica has grown absolutely fascinated by mortal "ferromancy," even if it sometimes hurts her, and has accustomed herself to the ways of computers, phones, and graphics tablets.

Although Lisica's Seelie magic can burn and sow growth as one would expect, she is fond of leveraging the metaphorical link of fire to light and illumination, thereby enacting potent divinations through flame and steam. Seelie magic plays nicer with non-ferrous technology than mortal magic, as the Summer Knight can attest to, and thus the fox sometimes channels her spells through electronic devices provided there is little iron within them. In addition, previous journeys and trials in the Nevernever saw the vixen unlock the secrets of two cosmic runes, those of "prescient defense" and "psychic reprogramming."

Lastly, as a duchess of the Summer Court, the fox-sidhe can call upon various favors from her fellow Seelie fae, though this often entangles her in court affairs and might just be obstructed by the passive-aggression of her sister Vedrana.

The Mantle: True Fae, Summer. Seelie Magic, Echoes of the Beast, and a poach from Valkyrie for Rune Magic.

Character Description: Despite her short height and her looking to be merely in her late teens, Lisica is a lady of striking pulchritude. The vixen's beauty is not that of some buxom bombshell, but rather, that of a stately and serene aristocrat fit for the throne of a fairy tale queen. Her features, proportions, bearing, and even gait all reinforce this elegant image, whether she is in a business suit or a bandeau and a micro skirt. The fox's skin is unblemished, glabrous, satin-smooth, and porcelain-fair. Her blonde hair is silken and luxurious, and a captivating face frames wide eyes pinkish purple. Lisica's legs are really quite long and shapely too.

This regal image is frequently disrupted by the presence of fancy technology, particularly electronic. Lisica's eyes grow wide and take on a certain shine, her jaw drops into an ebullient smile, and she goes giddy like a little child in an ice cream parlor. This is when the vixen lets loose all her warmth and passions as a summer fae, reveling in the marvels of mortal "ferromancy."

When Lisica expects to interact mostly with other fae throughout the day, her favored garments are akin to that of a fairy tale princess: opulent, frilly ball gowns that smell of riches, replete with voluminous crinolines, many layers festooned with flowers and ribbons, and gleaming jewerly. At home with her sisters, the vixen prefers in less ostentatious versions of such floofy dresses, often with shorter skirts and no jewelry. If she divines a day with many a mortal interaction ahead, Lisica will dress appropriately, but she has a tendency to either overdress or underdress for most occasions, wearing sharp business suits when everyone else is in business casual, and visiting nightclubs in completely scandalous outfits. Whatever the event, the fox will always wear high heels to compensate for her height.

Those who can see past Lisica's basic glamour might note a furry pair of vulpine ears rising from her head, and quite a fluffy tail emerging from her back.

Bad Luck Boyan

Character Basics
Character's Name: Boyan Chudov

High Concept: No Stranger to Bad Luck
As an under-the-table, in-no-ways-authorized actuary, Boyan knows a thing or two about number-crunching life's many accidents and ailments. However, unlike his fellow actuarial math graduates from the College of Charleston, Boyan has the (mis)fortune of being the next in line of his family to suffer perpetual bad luck at the behest of the one-and-only Likho, Lady Misfortune herself, making his intuition in all things cataclysmic almost supernatural.

(OOC: As a High Concept, NStBL brings a supernatural threat to Charleston in the form of Likho's watchful eye on her young Chudov target. In many ways, while this is a great inconvenience for Boyan, his constant entanglement with Likho has left behind a shrewd and calculating survivor.)

Trouble: People Should Keep Their Distance
While sometimes accidents might occur on the small-scale for Boyan, Likho's been upping the stakes recently bringing misfortune to not only Boyan but sometimes to those nearby as well. This can sometimes be a blessing in disguise, considering Boyan is very used to things blowing up in his face, others might not be so fortunate.

(OOC: As a Trouble, PSKTD provides situations for Boyan having to overcome some people's inclination to stay the hell away from him, whether that's because he's screwing up someone's social graces or because the brakes of a parked car have inexplicably been let off and is now chasing him down a street. In regards to the world, this Trouble allows for Boyan's unluckiness to impact his near surroundings, causing him to sometimes have an equal footing with even some supernatural encounters---well, as equal footing you get on floors unfortunatly falling out beneath everyone.)

Character's Background:
Before immigrating to America, Boyan spent his childhood in the Soviet Union’s lush forests. With his parents and his two younger siblings, Boris and Lada, Boyan enjoyed their peaceful existence outside the major metropolises free from the worries of modernity. But like all good things, these good times ended after the family received word of their grandfather's death. Suddenly, bad times fell upon the Chudov household. The small farm the family ran suffered from a sudden drought that covered their local village. Their once fertile black soil became arid. Seeing that the family couldn't sustain itself, Boyan's father took up a job at a nearby lumbering company—a quite fatal decision.

So then one dismal Spring and Labor Day, Boyan’s father drew the short stick and ended up working on what was supposed to be the nation’s greatest holiday. Sad that his father couldn’t attend the annual May parades, a young Boyan planned to spend the day with his father and have an outdoor picnic. While his father brought some expensive hamburgers and salo, Boyan brought the buns.

No one really knows the specifics to the tragedy that ensued, but some details have emerged: a dam broke and released a lake’s worth of water into the pair’s close vicinity, a smashed up chainsaw was recovered around the mangled up pieces of the older Chudov, and rescuers found Boyan catatonic yards away from the scene with his clothes stained red and a soggy hamburger bun firmly held in his hand.

While the accident still haunts Boyan every now and again, his father’s death served another purpose: the passing of Likho’s curse.

Growing up became a trial for Boyan. It’s pretty hard to enjoy yourself when the world seems to always want to kill you. In fact, beginning from his father’s tragedy, Boyan suffered several cases of close-calls from (usually heavy but sometimes sharp) household objects dropping inexplicably near his head.

As time passed, Boyan’s paranoia for his own safety reached inhuman levels. He spent days hugging his knees refusing to leave the safety of his bedroom. Unfortunately, immobility only brought disaster to his family as a series of catastrophic weather, roof collapses, and structural problems forced Chudovs away from the country. These sequential crises took their toll on the siblings’ mother forcing her to seek a better home outside the country.

Hearing about her extended Slavic family in the southern US, Boyan’s mother snuck pass the Soviet authorities and obtained visas for her family of four. After much fighting, Boyan experienced his first air flight, which needed to constantly stop at other ports to do mandatory inspections after small glitches during the route. Nowadays, Boyan thanks a superfluity of nuns on that plane for what ended up as a successful flight.

America was no kinder to the Chudovs, and it was in Charleston where Boyan met Likho, or Lady Misfortune herself. Just when Boyan began his freshman year in high school, the black-clad woman approached him. A spiteful being, Likho treated Boyan as if he were the original Chudov that had wronged her. It was during their first encounter that Likho explained the family curse and laughed as she was amazed such a young child had received the burden of his family. Their meeting ended with a bang as Likho sent out some of the most ridiculous of accidents imaginable at the young Chudov: falling bird feces, billboards, and even an anvil or two plagued the kid all day as the maniacal faerie chased him around town.

Even home offered no sanctuary as the water heater exploded right as Boyan opened the door. Thankfully no one else was in the house, but Boyan could do nothing but fall to his knees at the destruction. Likho appeared behind him laughing and explained how she would rather not have a bearer of her yoke experience a short life like his father and disappeared.

Boyan received the message clearly: he was never safe and his mishaps could hurt others. More importantly, however, if he were to fall to any of these freak accidents the yoke would be placed on the next in line—his brother. Still scared of the world, he nevertheless understood he’d have to survive it at least for his immediate family’s sake.

After surviving the perils of high school and college, Boyan found himself without the actuarial job he spent hundreds (if not thousands) of hours preparing for. Apparently, his exam scores have been held back indefinitely due to technical difficulties. Effectively unemployable, Boyan did the next best thing: an unpaid internship.

His first assignment entailed scoping out the situation surrounding Bulldog Tours and their numerous “ghost tours”. What should have been an easy assignment counting the steps leading sightseers around the Old City Jail—a historically preserved prison, famous for keeping infamous prisoners ranging from pirates to hotel serial killers—becomes an otherworldly ordeal. Boyan experienced firsthand the actual risks involved with “hiring” a staff full of ghosts to scare tourists.

After being stuck between feuds that have lasted multiple lifetimes, with his luck almost finally running out, Boyan lands a career as the unofficial, under-the-table actuary for the supernatural community. It’s a job hardly anyone would ask for, but it’s enough considering he’s the only man left in the family to make income, offsetting his student loans and help pave the way for a brighter future for his next of kin.

Ballpark Your Abilities: You don't pass your actuarial exams without dedicating most of your time to your studies, and Boyan is no slacker when you put him into a nice, simple, safe library. Besides being able to rattle off most information he's read, learned, studied, etc., he can make lighting quick calcuations in his head. However, putting a book above your head doesn't protect you from projectiles falling out of airplane cargo bays; rather, Boyan's greatest asset is his intuition towards danger. A quick look at any room gives Boyan the impression of hundreds ways to get hurt: an excellent counter-measure when preparing for Likho's many life curveballs.

When unable to predict life's lemon grenades, Boyan falls back on his well-trained reactions to keep him safe from danger. A lot of quick dashing around here and there has garnered the young man well-toned leg muscles for quick bursts of speed. Other than his speed, though, his other physical attributes are not much to brag about considering his previous academic lifestyle cushioned inside a comfortable ivory tower.

The Mantle: I actually prefer Boyan to be a Pure Mortal who uses his own ingenuities to duck out of the way of supernatural obstacles. Clued-in makes the most sense, considering I will be aiming for Boyan's faction relations to focus on his current relationship with the supernatural community.

I can see possible movements towards investigating Likho's curse for more supernatural play, but I feel that should be played out if it even should occur.

Character Description: Standing at below average height, Chudov prefers a low profile when out and about. The more inconspicuous, the better he figures as he braves the streets and newly renovated areas of the city looking for oddball actuary work from people who would probably not be able to afford real actuary's with non-forged documentation. Hiding behind a muff of brown hair and thick-framed glasses, one will always find Boyan smoking some kind of cigarette or other. At this point in time, he's only smoking two packs a day.

After all, he thinks, it's better to go out on your own time rather than some maniacal fairy hell-bent on revenge from some bygone time.

Character BasicsCharacter's Names: Rev. Simon Felix O’Sullivan

High Concept: Paranetter Reverend of St. Mary

Simon is the leader of St. Mary of the Annunciation, the mother church of Catholicism in the Carolinas and Georgia. St. Mary is the biggest church in Charleston and because of this it sets the example for all others in the areas. Simon has gladly taken the position of Reverend of St. Mary and has great plans for the community and the church. Plans that involve action and some violence for he cannot simply stand by any longer and let the flock be preyed upon.

Trouble: Determined to protect his flock and act now

Living in Charleston Simon has experienced various supernatural threats afflict his city and his community. He has tried before to do something but has had minor success now however he has the influence to bring real change to the city. Simon is going to seize this opportunity and stop the pain that the supernatural inflict. Now that he is able to nothing will stop him.

How Trouble complicates the HC: Simon is not the usual pacifistic Reverend and this causes trouble within his parish and his religious bosses. He wants to fight back and essentially bring the fight to the monsters and while he does this out of good intention it will mostly likely lead to his downfall as a priest.

Character's Background: Simon was born and raised in Charleston. His father is an Irish police officer and his mother a Puerto Rican Charleston county councilwoman. Both his parents are very religious and christened Simon at St. Mary of the Annunciation. Simon had a very happy childhood despite his mother’s political ambition and his father’s dangerous profession. Simon was blessed with an amazing older sister, Esperanza Maria O’Sullivan, who always watched out for him and essentially raised him when his parents weren’t around. The family was constantly busy with their own schedules but always made time for church and churchly duties. Because of this Simon came to be raised by many parishioners who he came to know as family. Simon loved being part of the church and the community and loved doing God’s work and helping those who are in need. St. Mary of the Annunciation was more of a home to Simon than his own home.

Simon’s happy childhood came to a sudden end when on his senior year in high school his older sister had come home for spring break. She went out to party with a few college friends who were never seen from again. Simon’s sister, Esperanza, had been a key asset for ritual spell because of her strong faith and believe however this remain a secret and the official report stated that a serial killer had killed them. Simon’s father was broken and began to drink heavily and leave the house at odd hours, leaving Simon to care for his heartbroken mother. In an attempt to confront his father about his problems Simon ran into his father, along with other off-duty cops, hunting down a supernatural creature. This was Simon’s first encounter with the supernatural. His father came forward and told Simon the truth about the world and that his sister had been killed by a cult. Simon’s father came forward with his wife and stopped drinking altogether but not his vigilante actions. This incident, along with the death of his sister, pushed Simon deeper into church service.

By his high school graduation Simon had been accepted to the College of Charleston where he strived to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in Theology. Not much had changed for Simon since he still lived at home and when not in school was involved within his church. However in college Simon became aware of the Paranet and soon became a member. Simon performed various duties for the Paranet often helping individuals in various different ways and providing shelter for those who needed it. Simon had finally come to the realization that the supernatural was a threat and God was the key to bringing salvation to those poor few who were helpless. Simon continued with his Theology degree and graduated 2 years later than anticipated due to him overextending himself. Simon went on to attend his seminary in Columbia and integrated himself within the Paranet there.

After four years of being gone Simon returned to Charleston, moved in with mom and dad, as a deacon within St. Patrick Catholic Church. There he served for 2 years spreading the good word and helping the Paranet whenever he could. Simon eventually entered priesthood and was luckily assigned to St. Mary of the Annunciation. Simon didn’t think it was luck but instead divine guidance for now Simon had spent almost a decade as a Paranetter and was finally influential enough to make a difference. Simon would bring God’s word forward and eradicate those things that go bump in the night.

Ballpark Your Abilities: Simon is very smart, very charismatic, and very religious, these are his main strengths. Simon is not particularly fast or strong and is not overly great at defending himself physically but he is always sure to never let himself be put in such a situation. Simon’s father is a police officer so despite his lack of natural talent he does know some self-defense and his mother is a councilwoman so Simon learned quite a bit about politics from her.

The Mantle: What is your character? Pure Mortal (True Believer if you’ve played DFRPG)
Are you using a Mantle from the book? Clued-in Mortal and Leader of the People
What are your character's powers? Smart, caring and determined. Has plenty of influence within the Church community and his own worshipers. I might take some of the Knight of the Cross stunt but not sure yet.
Weaknesses? Trusting and too willing to act, he is a little careless and not careful enough.
Where does their power come from? Faith.
What responsibility come with it? He is in charge of St. Mary of the Annunciation and because of this has a great and heavy responsibility.

Character Description:Simon is half Latino and half Irish mid-30s man. He is white skinned and does not look Latino at all except for a few minor facial features. He is balding heavily at the top of his head and always wears glasses. Simon is always wears the typical priest cassock when performing his duties if not he is wearing jeans and a bottomed up shirt. He looks very friendly and approachable.

Establishing LinksHook to the Cult of Barbatos:Unbeknownst to Simon the Cult of Barbatos was the catalyst for his exposure to the supernatural when the sacrificed his sister.

Hook to Additional Faction: Simon is the head of St. Mary which makes him the face of that specific faction and grants tons of connection with the other church leaders. In addition, Simon is also a part of the Paranet and offers plenty of sevices to its members such as information and protection.

Character BasicsCharacter's Names: Helena A. Raith (aka “Helena ‘Handbasket’ Young,” “Hel,”)

High Concept: The Raith’s Reluctant Monster
Helena’s relationship with her family is... not exaclty complicated, but definitely weird and awkward. She loves her sisters, but at the same time they’re monsters, at least by Helena’s standards — which isn’t unfair if you don’t show any qualms about eating people — and she doesn’t want to be around them for that exact reason: Helena doesn’t want to be a monster like them (while thinking she already is one, but not wanting to be like them at least) and being around them makes that harder for her. The focus of the aspect is on that awkward relationship with her family, her determination not to give in to her Hunger, and just in general trying to be a better person.

Trouble: Haunted by the Dead
Since her first feeding, Helena hasn’t gone a day without feeling guilt about the death of Thomas Walker. Helena actually believes that his ghost is haunting her, though it might — maybe — just be her imagination. Regardless, her feelings of guilt and the expressions of that guilt, are real enough. They drove her away from her family, keep her in a terrible apartment, with a terrible car, and a string of unpleasant jobs as she tries to flagellate herself for his death.

It’s intended to be compelled to keep her from accepting earned rewards, to decline offers of help, and just in general let her guilt control her actions, though it could be compelled to cause real hauntings. Perhaps the ghost of Thomas Walker really does haunt her, or maybe her guilt has drawn some other spirits (or perhaps she’s just drawn some nasty thing from the Nevernever that feeds on her emotions and likes to mess with her).

Character's Background:
Helena was born into born into wealth and privilege as the daughter of Conall Raith, the latest in a line of heirs to inherit the fortune made by their Irish ancestors in colonial South Carolina — in truth, Conall Raith is simply the latest identity of the pioneering vampire that established a White Court presence in the then Province of Carolina in the late 1600s with his daughters. In accordance with tradition, Helena was raised as a human child in her position would be (while preparing her for the life she would someday have): a prestigious preschool and elementary school which led to a private middle school and then high school, and finally an elite, private college. It wasn’t hard to be happy with that life, even if her family did keep secrets from her. It was, to Helena and her friends, perfectly normal; their families were all secretive to one degree or another, and it hardly ever seemed important — though the secret Helena’s family was keeping from her almost certainly more life-changing than theirs.

It was at twenty, two years into an expensive education at Yale in their film studies program, that everything went very wrong. She had fallen for a fellow student that year, a young man attending Yale on a football scholarship called Thomas Walker. He was in the film studies program too, and they had become friends early in their first year (bonding over classic terrible films like Plan 9 from Outer Space and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians), but it was only then that they were anything more than friends. Following his death at the hands of Helena’s awakened Hunger her family scooped her up and away to South Carolina - Tom’s death was officially ruled as a heart attack due to steroid abuse.

Haunted by Tom’s death, and the Hunger that was awake inside her, Helena was horrified by the revelations that came after. It isn’t an exageration to say it changed everything for her. Despite that, or perhaps because of the shock of it, she actually stayed with her family, but not for very long. She could just about stand the idea of feeding her Hunger to keep it from overwhelming her in a frenzy, but the insistence of her sisters that her ‘squeamishness’ would pass was too much. She left the family estate in Columbia a month after bringing brought back and headed for Charleston. There she found a job (several jobs, and never for very long, and currently a bartending job at a nightclub), an apartment (that gives the world habitable a thorough workout), and a car (an antediluvian Ford Fiesta).

Her life wasn’t a great one, but it was far from anything supernatural (besides what she is convinced is the vengeful ghost of Thomas Walker that haunts her). She even found a program to help her with her Hunger (sort of). Technically it was an Alcoholics Anonymous program run by her local church, but it, and the priest who ran it, was a source of strength for her. She had even begun to believe that it might be possible to survive without feeding at all, and she was looking into a local film studies program so she could finish her degree. Then the Cult of Barbatos targeted the priest and caught her in the crossfire. Vampiric strength and resilience saved her life (and took the life of one of the attackers), but it didn’t save the priest. Since then Helena has begun to slip, using the attack and the Cult as an excuse to feed her Hunger the way it wants to be fed (using the post-hoc justification that the Cult are evil and that it can’t be wrong to kill evil people).

Ballpark Your Abilities:
Helena is considered a bit of a ditz and not without reason. She doesn’t do well when it comes time to make snap decisions or think quickly, sometimes freezing or else acting instinctively (which for her is a particularly bad idea) if pressured into action. Her ability to think under pressure didn’t impact her studies, however, where her attention to detail and thoroughness made her an excellent student. She is quite knowledgeable about a broad number of core subjects and fantastically knowledgeable about cinematography in particular.

Since entering the workforce, Helena has exercised people skills she has never really exercised before, having developed into something of a film dork at Yale. Her ability to smile while wishing people a fiery death has improved considerably, as has her ability to get the same people to leave big tips. This isn’t to say they’re now anything fantastic, but they’ve developed a lot and is perhaps her most marketable skills now. The only thing her old life really prepared her for was the physical demands through lacrosse (women’s lacrosse focussing more on precision and skill than the brute force of men’s lacrosse), a sport she played since she was a teenager.

Her Ancient Etruscan, as you can imagine, is terrible.

The Mantle: White Court Vampire

Helena is vanilla for a vampire of the White Court and a Raith. She can feed on people’s life energy provided it gets the right emotional seasoning, she can incite her particular emotional spice in people while in contact with them, and she can draw on the energy she drains to enhance her physical strength, speed, and ability to recovery from injury. And, of course, she appears sexy regardless of her wishes on the subject. The common weakness of ‘True Emotion’, True Love in the case of herself and her family, isn’t something she has felt before, but she is quite aware of it due to her family’s brief instructional period (and an unholy number of sticky notes).

The Hunger is the source of all of that, though, and while it has always been a part of her (though never strongly until after it was awakened) it’s presence is an irritant to her. She must fight it on a daily basis as it tries to influence her, its growling stomach and predatory instincts constantly demanding Helena’s attention. It’s been quieter than usual since she has started feeding it more than scraps, but worryingly its influence when it does make itself known has grown.

Character Description:
Helena has the same clear, pale skin and shining raven hair as her father and siblings, but where her father (and most of her sisters) have pale blue eyes she has pale green eyes. Helena is a couple of inches shorter than the national average and looks like she’s in her late teens or early twenties depending on how she dresses.

Under certain circumstances, however, her appearance changes. As she draws on her Hunger, or as it influences her (or both), her eyes grow paler until, at its most extreme, they turn an unnatural silver. Other signs include a faint glow from her skin as it grows paler and like her eyes its intensity is determined by her Hunger.

Establishing LinksHook to the Cult of Barbatos:
  • Helena has lost an important source of strength in her war against her Hunger, but more importantly her community has lost a kind and decent man who touched many people’s lives; and not only does Helena feel responsible for his death because she was there, but she is intimately aware of how monsters like the Cult can evade justice.
  • In addition to a noble pursuit of justice, the Cult also present a very real danger to her, and so hunting it down helps ease her guilt — the more her pursuit hurts or threatens her, the better.
  • Ignobly, they present a plethora of acceptable targets to feed on without worrying about hurting them (the justification being that killing evil people is morally neutral at best if they’re unreprentant, so sucking out their life energy until there’s nothing left is okay-ish).

Hook to Additional Faction:
  • Helena has a connection to the Church through a number of in the know priests she managed to get in contact with following the attack. She has kept her vampiric nature from them, her guilt-ridden mind assuming they would immediately turn on her if she told them — which may or may not have been true if she was upfront about it from the start, and is probably very true now that she’s kept it to herself. Mostly she provides them information from her investigation and vice versa, maintaining a friendly but distant relationship with her contacts.
  • In addition to the Church, Helena has an obvious connection to the White Court, but while her sisters seem quite happy dropping by uninvited (and Helena is sure they have her under some kind of passive serveilance ‘for her own protection’), Helena has no interest in getting in contact with any of them.

Character Basics
Character's Names: Beth Reese (birth name: Betulah)

High Concept: Ex-Cultist Mom on a Mission
Betulah was born to the Cult of Barbatos, with all that entails. Betulah was sent out on a mission as Beth, to corrupt a local church. Everything fell apart, the Cult tried to kill her, and Beth went on the run.

Decade later, Beth has returned now to Charleston, 10 year old daughter in tow, on a mission to finish the cult come hell or high water, looking for all the allies she can muster.

Trouble: No one harms my baby
Beth has two goals in life, often in conflict: protect her daughter, destroy the Cult.

She’s tried to run and hide, to no avail - the Cult always manages to find her, no matter what or where - so her daughter’s life has been in jeopardy from the start. Beth has considered giving up her daughter for adoption, to get her away from Beth and the Cult, but the Cult seems devoted to tracking both Beth and Sarah down. Beth would rather keep Sarah close and protect Sarah herself, knowing full well what the Cult is capable of. Beth has come to the conclusion that facing the Cult head on and destroying them once and for all, despite the danger in which the decision puts Sarah’s life, is ultimately the only choice left where the two live free.

Character's Background:
Christened in blood, raised through feast (spoiled) or famine (neglect), the female child was named Betulah by the Cult of Barbatos. Meaning ‘young woman’, Betulah was trained to be a seductress. To temp the weak through body and sex. Of the group of people who raised her, she never knew who were her biological parents, and none treated her as their own. She grew up knowing little of kindness.

When she was deemed ready, the Cult planned her first mission. There was a local church led by a young Pastor, Christopher Reese, who was doing good works in a poor neighborhood of Charleston. Betulah was given the name Beth O’Connor, and sent to the church to subvert it. She wormed her way in being close to Pastor Reese. When he did not give in to her wiles, she twisted her role to that of the innocent, and Pastor Reese fell in love, proposed, and they married.

Rather then the Pastor being corrupted, Beth was introduced to a different life. Chris was devoted to her, yet firm. Loving and fair. Consistent and trustworthy. Beth began to question how she was raised and the beliefs the Cult had taught her. Yet she also knew what the Cult was capable of and feared them, feared failing them, feared Barbatos. When her handler saw her waivering, he gave the final order: murder her husband.

Instead, Beth decided to come clean and urge Chris to run away with her. She was terrified that Chris would disown her, but once again he proved to be a good man. He loved her, and professed that he would do anything in his power to keep her safe and by his side. That’s when the Cult attacked. Without hesitation, Chris sacrificed his life so that Beth could get away. She went on the run. A few weeks later, Beth discovered she was pregnant, naming her daughter Sarah Reese.

Beth left Charleston behind and tried to do the same with the Cult. But each and every time, the Cult found her, destroying what meager home she had built. Despite initially staying away from anything to do with the supernatural, Beth came to realize that the Paranet and various Hunter groups were one of her best lifelines. As information and favors were traded, Beth become more involved. While it seemed foreign at first, Beth had taken the lessons Chris taught her to heart, and could not say no to those in need. She became a Hunter to keep others safe when ever she could.

Beth tries to be a faithful believer in the Word of God. She has first hand knowledge of demons and their followers. But in heart of hearts, she fears that Evil exists without any balance of Good. Rather than despair though, she feels that means it's up to her and those like her to make a difference. She wants to make Chris proud. She prays, but for it is more a daily affirmation of the values she dedicates herself to and a confirmation of what she protects and is willing to sacrifice. Overall though, she believes that action speaks louder than any prayer, walk over talk.

A constant fret for Beth is how Sarah has been raised. The constant moving and hiding was a necessity, but it doesn't help Beth feel any better about the situation. Like the tooth fairy and Santa Claus, Beth attempted to pretend with Sarah that everything was normal. The girl is smart though, and after too many close calls and attacks, Sarah called Beth out on it. Since then, Sarah has been put through the most intense survival training Beth can teach.

A decade of pursuit, the Cult seemed set on claiming both Beth and her daughter no matter how far the two go or how well they hide. Beth has come to the conclusion that the best way to be free of the Cult once and for all is to finally put the Cult to an end. Once more Beth uprooted Sarah’s and her life, this time by choice, and has returned to Charleston.

Beth Reese is here to kick butt and make PB&J sandwiches, and she’s all out of peanut butter.

Ballpark Your Abilities:
Beth was taught to seduce and kill from the shadows. Living through the last decade, she has had to harden her resolve, to become a basic fighter to survive despite not having any innate talent, speed, or strength. Beth knows she is woefully outmatched against the Cult, and her best chances are being over prepared for any contingency and finding safety through numbers via as many allies as possible. What she lacks in book smarts, she tries to compensate with street smarts and social skills - why bother with books when you can ask? Good thing people tend to like Beth. Beyond her mortal status, Beth’s biggest weakness is her dedication to her daughter.

Growing up, Beth was taught some rituals. As they call upon the power of Barbatos, Beth has never invoked them. She fears the day if she ever has to choose between Sarah's life or appealing to Barbatos, because she knows she would be damned.

Guile: +3 Flair: +2 Focus: +2 Haste: +1 Force: +1 Intellect: +0

The Mantle: Clued-In Mortal / Monster Hunter
Between the built-in Stunts of Preparations (Clued-In Mortal; CIM) and Countermeasures (Monster Hunter; MH) from her two Mortal Mantles, Beth has the Ultimate Mom Purse (TM). Sure, it’s usually a backpack or duffel bag, but she seems to always have what you need on hand: Runny nose? Here’s a kleenex. Blessing for a ward? Some holy water. Need a gun? Will a glock do? You’re breath stinks, take a breath mint.

Most of her Knowledge (CIM Condition) relates to the Cult of Barbatos, cultists, and demons, but Beth has been around the block when it comes to the supernatural. If she hasn’t come face-to-face with something, her research has made it at least vaguely familiar off hand. Her Chasing Rumors largely stems from having trusted resources on the Internet via the Paranet, and from her associations with various Hunters Networks (MH). She often gets In Too Deep (CIM Condition) as her daughter's life is often in danger. Her In Pursuit and Wounded (MH Conditions) are a sign of her stubborn determination and a dedication to keeping her daughter safe.

Beyond the built-in Mantle Stunts and Conditions, here are some of the stunts that I’m considering as a WIP:
  • Beth’s high social skills, being a mom’s mom, and a southern girl’s girl has turned her from being a seductress to someone who can just talk your ear off all day: Blather It’s not that you’re a good liar – possibly far from it. It’s more that you have a skill at talking so fast, and not letting the other person get a word in edgewise, that they don’t ever get the chance to figure out if you’re lying or not. You may create an aspect Blathering on yourself using Flair, which justifies active opposition to Focus rolls in your zone. You cannot take other actions while blathering, but you may spend a fate point to negate any successful roll that overcomes the aspect. The targets of this effort are by no means helpless – if they are attacked or otherwise disturbed they may respond normally, and they will respond to obvious stimuli (friends being attacked in their line of sight, fire alarms going off and such). However, they are definitely distracted. Once you stop talking, it may be time for a quick exit. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD, §6.22.2)
  • Beth was taught to deceive. As such, she’s got a good ear when someone’s lying to her or her friends: Lie Whisperer +2 to all Guile rolls made to discern or discover lies, whether they’re directed at you or someone else. (adapted from Fate Core, p.109)
  • Beth wasn’t trained to be a fighter, but she’s a been working at it for a while now. While she isn’t the strongest or the quickest, Beth is good at faking out her opponents: Cunning Feint +2 to Defend with Guile against physical attacks.

Leaving Beth with 1 Refresh.

Character Description:
Beth Reese hust turned 30. While she's still has some of the striking looks of her youth, her hard life is starting to catch up with her. She’s rounder in the hips now, but anyone can see that she still has a way about her and is in good shape. More mature alluring charm than outright screaming sex appeal. It's how she looks at you, and listens, like an old friend. Her long blonde hair has been clipped short, in a brunette jaw length curly mess of a mom do. She drives a clunker of a Honda Odyssey minivan. No more blouses, dresses, and pretty shoes - it’s usually flannels, mom jeans, and combat boots now.

Establishing Links
Hook to the Cult of Barbatos:
Beth has several ties and hooks to the Cult:
  • The Mission: If Beth is on a 'Mom on a Mission', what's the mission? As been over stated, to destroy Barbatos and the Cult. The real question is why? Because her daughter is in danger while they exist. But also for revenge - because of Chris, because how they tried to use her, because of her abuse during childhood. But all of that has complications. Read the further hooks below as we explore those complications.

  • Raised in the Family: Beth wasn't raised by one of the 13 directly, a Cultist with a capital C. It doesn't quite work that way, the Cultists are too busy, so it was more a subcult if you will. The subcult called themselves the Family, and called each member Child. It existed on a farm outside of Charleston, living a communal lifestyle. Everything was shared and privacy unknown. To say no to any request was greatly frowned on, and sex and abuse flowed freely. The adults treated the children as adults, there was no consideration for age or consent, and the children were expected to pull their own weight. A few children simply starved to death, as food was stolen from them by other children or adults. Neglect was common. The Family was large, as childbirth happened frequently with the communal sex, a general ban on birth control, and the fervent belief that one of the greatest duties of the Family was making soldiers for Barbatos. They worshipped him, with frequent rituals praising the Demon and his power over them. Sacrifice of animals was common, the drinking of blood a sacred rite.

    A specific Cultist, one of the 13, did come around occasionally, and was called Father. He was allowed to do anything he wanted to any of the followers, be it sex or the random torture. There was a few times where a follower was killed in front of the other followers, casually, as if their lives were worthless. Sometimes, a Child was taken and never seen again, while other times a Child returned ecstatic from a fantastic time out on the town. Other Cultists of the 13 sometimes came with Father, and were commonly called Uncle or Aunt. An Uncle or Aunt were allowed to do anything they wanted with Father's permission. Growing up in the Family, the Children never knew day to day if one would be carelessly killed and obedience was obsessedly given.

    To say the least, the Family skewed the Child Betula's sense of self, right and wrong, etc. As an adult, Beth has had to come to terms with her past. Chris is her North Star for compassion and morality. Beth has gone to therapy often, finding a practitioner in each town Sarah and she settled in. It is a daily challenge, rededicating herself to her new values and beliefs through prayer. She is almost pathologically obsessed with ensuring that Sarah is not exposed to anything vaguely reminiscent of Beth's own childhood.
    • While Beth does not know who her mother or father are specifically, if they are still alive or dead, she has moments of curiosity. Beth tries to squash the curiosity ruthlessly, telling herself that they are too far gone under the Cult's sway. That she will never have a sense of a real family beyond Sarah and close trusted friends. She still worries she would hesitate to her detriment if one of the older Childs come to her claiming they were her parent.
  • Manchurian Cultist: A part of Beth is frightened by the idea of running into any Child of the Family or Father, or even any of the other 12 Cultists she knew as Uncle or Aunt. Not only for physical jeopardy, but specifically that she would revert to behaviors of her past, and be unable to do anything but comply.

    Beth also fears that she might have some kind of trigger word, like a sleeper agent. A secret word that would have her act out in ways that would betray everything she has striven to become and fight against.
    • Due to this, one of Beth's rules is to never let a cultist speak - anytime the Cult has come after Sarah and her, she has never had a conversation or discussion. This was largely accomplished by running, but a few times, it meant killing. Beth realizes that by returning to Charleston, she puts this 'No Talk Rule' in peril.
  • Paranoia: The Cult has always been able to find her. The longest stretch Sarah and she had in one place was almost a year over the last decade, and Beth believes it only took that long because they were in England at the time. This has caused Beth to become a little paranoid. She believes she is watched at all times by the Cult through some ritual, or even, in the darkest terrors of the night, by Barbatos itself. Beth knows that her time growing up in the Cult gives them a strong connection to her, via blood and sex and familiar (no matter how twisted) ties.
    Because of this, Beth has developed some interesting protocols:
    • She created a secret language and code she uses with Sarah that has never been shared with anyone else.
    • While she prepares for any contingency compulsively, she tries to make her decisions and plans as random as possible. This means she will use determiners such dice or a dart at a map for a course of action. Go left or right? Flip a coin. She randomizes choice because she doesn't trust herself - the Cult might have such a good sense of her psychological profile that they can predict what she would do next. At least, if they are using a ritual, she hopes the chaotic methodology she uses helps throw them off a little. Any edge she can get is needed.
  • Temptation?: Beth has seen the power of the Cult and Barbatos first hand. She was taught rituals that invoke the Demon's power. Beth frets that she might damn herself using a ritual out of desperation.

  • Agenda?: Over the last decade, a question has arisen for Beth. Sarah and she have always managed to get away. But how? Why? Some calls have been more than close. Too many opportunities to kill Sarah or her have been missed. Beth has begun to wonder if it isn't all on purpose. Does the Cult have another agenda for Sarah and her? And if so, what could it be? What plans could the Cult possibly have for Beth and her daughter?

    Beth is also concerned her choice to return to Charleston was manipulated. She didn't leave her choose to chance. Did the Cult mean to run her ragged to the point where she felt she had no other option than to return in the hopes to finish off the Cult? Is all of this a trap?

  • Not quite a Deathwish: Beth knows what it might cost her coming back to Charleston. She is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice if it means destroying Barbatos and the Cult, and lets Sarah live her life free. Beth hopes it doesn't come to that.

Hook to Additional Faction:
  • Paranet: While not a true Paranetter (she doesn't have that stunt), Beth has been around for a while now. Some of the Monster Hunter groups that she does belong to, have members who do cross over to the Paranet. She has helped enough people that she had a good rep, her name would be mostly likely be known. Beth is hoping to change this, and get more involved with the local Charleston Paranet. It is one of the top priorities to connect with them first thing once she's back in town.

  • The Church: Beth has shame over her mission to subvert Chris's church. She has no idea what happened to his congregation or his large family. These are all people she came to care about deeply as Chris's wife. She is afraid of running into any of them, and the awkward questions that might arise: Where have you been the last 10 years? Who's this young girl with you? Did you kill Chris?

    She would love to reconnect with them all. They would be a great source of support. Yet it's more than that - Beth wants to help protect them. Help them become aware of the dangers of the Cult. Help prepare them to fight back instead of merely being prey. But Beth questions if reconnecting with the faithful and Chris's family will ever be possible.

Character BasicsCharacter's Names: Nathaniel "Nate" David Riley

High Concept: Stalwart of Saint Nicholas
Description-The broken nosed saint of gift giving has always had a special place in Nate's heart. Nate is generous, even in the few times when he doesn’t have money that he can use to help out. He is as willing to give his time and his person over to help as he is to sign a check. He also isn’t one to try to take the accolades for his actions, Nate would rather let it all be done quietly. And, just like Nicholas, Nate is a fierce defender of his faith, and that of others, willing to go beyond words to get his point across.

Nate also has a bit of a temper when he thinks his friends have been harmed or wronged. That has been played on more than once. So has his giving nature. Many times over, enough that most people would have long ago become jaded. His faith, strong and straight has always been there to guide him to the right path. And that reputation and conviction have been a boon many more times than not.

Trouble: Riley Family Legacy
Nate’s family has been in Charleston for more than 200 years and have built up quite a history. Part of it is the name and wealth within the city. People in power know who they are, people without it know too. And, back through those long years, there have been threats to Charleston, many supernatural, and one Riley or another has always stepped up to protect their home. There are expectations that come with the name, and enemies too which Nate is trying to live up to. His time away from Charleston hasn’t changed those obligations and expectations. Some of those are things that Nate doesn’t even know about yet.

This can be called on when meeting family obligations, maintaining appearances, for the family’s wealth and connections, when the family’s old alleys or enemies come calling.

Character's Background: The Riley family has been in Charleston for more than two hundred years and Nate is the latest to carry that name. They were founders, financiers, and pillars of the community. Building a shipping empire, when Charles Town rivaled New York and Boston, the Rileys and that money flowed back into their city. Charity and patriotism were what build the name of the family and even as Charleston declined after the Civil War. None of that has changed, the focus is still there. And yes, there have been a few black sheep down through the years, but by and large the Rileys are stalwarts in the city.

You need to know that to understand the family that has pushed itself to build Charleston since the turn of the 20th century. For more than 150 years the family has been known for charity work, building up Charleston through egalitarian beliefs and works. James Michael “JM” Riley, Nathan’s father, was a prominent lawyer, head of the family firm that has been in business for almost 100 years, and the strong head of his family. Nate grew up seeing Charleston at his father’s side, from the corner offices and board rooms to the roughest and poorest neighborhoods as he followed him for work. It wasn’t just the high society of the south that Nate grew up in, but seeing all slices of life. Nate was taught that people were people and that bank accounts didn’t matter, just character. That lesson went with Nathan through school and was reinforced at church. He came home with a bloody nose a few times for standing up for students at school when he thought it was needed, and that tendency followed him right through school.

By the time high school rolled around, Nate had felt the first pulls of his faith to do more. That standing up was a habit so deeply ingrained that it almost physically hurt not to do what he thought was the right thing. That first nudging put him in a pizza shop and bumping into a few other teens when they needed a hand. It wasn’t serious then, and would only come to be so later on. Nate and the others fought the Cult of Barbatos the first time, managing through a bit of skill and plenty of pluck to stop them the first time around. He always said it was more them than him, that he just helped out providing support and encouragement. And a few strong rights, with the Lord’s blessing. High school ended, there was one last road trip and then the friends all headed college. Nate got most of his pre-med degree out of obligation, and still helped his friends. A year before he would have graduated Nate disappeared for parts unknown. No Duke for medical school and no forwarding address, just a plane ticket to Rome, a cash withdraw and he dropped of the radar.

Nathan felt the pull of the Mediterranean and felt like it was best to start in the Holy City. No cultists there, but a possession by a minor spirit escaped from imprisonment since the fall of the Roman Empire. He saw the sights, walked all the old streets and tried to enjoy himself there. It lasted until he met some other young people traveling through Europe from the States after college. Tagging along on an impromptu trip to Greece and some of the older churches there pitted him against Summer Changlings desecrating Christian sites to to reclaim them for the Fae. It wasn’t muscle that solved that problem, but negotiation over the sites and old rites to be performed. Istanbul was his last stop of a couple of years touring the ancient near east and all of the cities that he had seen in stories and in accounts of the early church founding. Nate wanted to relax, soak in places that were old before Charleston was founded and get a little perspective on the idea of before and eternity. Before he started this trip they had been a bunch of words he had reach and tried to make sense of. His intentions in Istanbul were to tour the city, using the last of the money he had to head home after a short stay.

The best laid plans of men do not survive contract with the world though, and there are higher plans always in action from above. Nate started his day in an open air market with the intent of getting a meal and some trinkets to take home from his visit. A hard bump from behind startled Nate and ended up with him in a pile with on the ground with someone on top of him. As he scrambled to get up and help up the bulldozer of young kid who ran him over. The kid that ran into him was panicked, bloody, and terrified. Nate knew about three words of Turkish and the boy he was facing, not more than 15 or 16 years old, didn’t know a word of English. Trying to calm him as best he could, Nate got the boy to point and whatever he was saying was urgent. Leaving the boy with one of the shop owners, Nate started back up the street and it wasn’t long until the urgent looks and the stiff posture betrayed the group looking for the boy. Nate tried to stop them, to reason with them, but they had a purpose and an American trying to make a deal and calm them down wasn’t part of that at all. The fight was short and running. Nate was a left with a lion head tattoo on the ones he stopped and little else to go on. That tattoo, and a check up on the boy when he tracked him down put in touch with a small Greek Orthodox sect of Christians in the city who helped Nate start tracking down the group he had encountered. They were working some sort of blood based rituals. Nate had tried to call his friends, Jenny for her knowledge of old rites especially, but he hadn’t had any luck in reaching anyone. Break ins at many of the converted churches and the theft of relics held in some that were museums culminated with a breaking of the central flagstones of Hagia Sophia's sanctuary, the supposed resting place of the True cross. Nate learned that the two lesser crosses were still held, in fragments, in the ancient sanctuary, but that pieces of the True Cross had long ago been moved.

A plane took him to Alexandria in pursuit of what turned out to be a cult for Sekhmet, a splinter group that was trying to breach the divide and call out to the goddess and gain power by feeding into her blood lust. After that they planned on aiming her power like a weapon at their enemies. They wanted to over throw the Egyptian government and start to bring back the jewel of the Nile’s former glory. It was a mad plan counting on a slumbering goddess to be reasonable and controlled through blood magics. The cult was in pursuit of the True Cross because of the power they felt the blood stained wood would give their rituals. No number of mortal sacrifices would equal what they would bring them. From Alexandria south to Mit Rahina, outside the ruins of Memphis Nate raced to catch the cult and confront them before they could complete the ritual at one of the old temple ruins. Breaking in on the ritual Nate fought for all he was worth, and was pushed well past what a normal person could have withstood by a power not his own. During the confusion and chaos, Nate grabbed for a weapon during his desperate fight. A wrist thick piece of the cross fell under his hands and he swung for all he was worth again the host who was holding the partially formed power of Sekhmet. It drove the mad woman back and Nate was finally off his heels and truly in the fight. He won, but barely. Taking the pieces of the Cross, he headed back to Alexandria to a group of Copts whom he had heard of, offering the pieces to them for safekeeping. Who better than one of the most ancient orders of Christians with more secrets and history to draw on than anyone else he had ever met? They accepted the offer on the condition he stay with them to recover. It was a hard offer to turn down. He needed time, plenty of it, to heal and be ready to travel again. When Nate was ready to leave the Copts presented him with a parting gift. That fragment of the True Cross he had taken up in his fight against the Lions of Sekhmet. They said they had not laid a hand on it to turn the wood or shape it since he had brought it north from Memphis. But, the right length, seemingly ancient, but still stout and hefty, and felt perfectly balanced in his hand and swung better than any Louisville Slugger Nate had ever held.

Nate’s casual and relaxing trip home took a stressful turn. Somehow his mother got word of where he was and got a call through. A few weeks before Nate’s father, JM, had been found unresponsive at his desk at home. The doctors said it was a stroke and that they did not expect much of a recovery. The patriarch of the family had been struck down. It was time Nathaniel returned home. He had responsibilities and his father and mother needed him. What had been a chance to return home and celebrate his travels took on a heavy feel as he got back into Charleston late one night. It had changed, the city of his birth. Or he had in seeing the world the way he had in the last two years. He couldn’t be a doctor now, there was a higher calling and a higher power that he would serve. Nate finished the training he needed to work as a paramedic with MUSC. And for the past six month he has been trying to help his mother manage the family’s law firm, having sat in his father’s place on the board in proxy. That position is not something he thinks he can hold onto and the rest of the board is starting to try to maneuver to take over, Nate is sure of it. He has started trying to reach out to his old friends, and some new ones who are showing up on the stranger side of things he has encountered since returning home.

Ballpark Your Abilities: Nathan is a young man, fit and active, he has boxed since he was a boy and has seen his share of scrapes. Nathan was a Boy Scout for several years and has always loved tinkering with cars, the older the better. While he didn’t finish his medical degree Nathan did finish enough training to be certified as paramedic.

The Mantle: Knight of the Cross, still new to the full power of his Calling and bearing a cudgel of the True Cross. When On A Mission From God, the Cudgel of the Cross attacks are treated as supernatural. The Cudgel can also allows it's welder to heal or remove conditions on others while On A Mission From God is checked and the scene conditions can justify it. Use of the Cudgel when this condition is not met invokes Crisis of Faith.

Character Description: Nathan is in his early twenties, with clean features and medium brown hair. His eyes are clear blue and he keeps himself neat in dress and appearance, usually dressing in khakis and button downs. Nathan is just under six feet tall and athletically built with a very casual way of moving, making eye contact and smiling out of habit.

Character BasicsCharacter's Names: Hunter Hall

High Concept: Undisciplined Wyld Hound
Hunter is a Changeling, with Barghest blood. Fearsome hunting Fae, entirely aligned with the Erlking and the Hunt, Barghest have two forms, one the goblins common to the Erlking's court, the other a savage wolf-beast. And while he cannot change as freely as a true Barghest, Hunter has access to their fearsome form, deadly swiftness, and soul-rending bite.

Unlike a True Fae, though, Hunter is untrained. While full Barghest learn to hone their senses, learn the art of tracking, and can stalk their target for days, Hunter would simply rather run straight at whatever and savage it. The past few years on the road, hunting (other) monsters and sometimes doing the bidding of a mischievous Sidhe haven't helped him on the human side either, and he is impulsive, quick to act and slow to consider.

While once Hunter was able to fake being a natural, if intimidating, dog, useful while he was on the road, now that he's fully grown that is no longer possible. Jet black, merging unnaturally with the shadows, with red eyes. His teeth are no mortal thing, meant for eating, they're vicious fangs for rending the very soul. His claws aren't meant for traction and grip, they're meant to tear his prey down. His gait isn't the swift sprint of a natural hunter, it's the impossible dash of a monster. Hunter, in his Barghest pretty darn scary.

Trouble: Divided Loyalties
Being a changeling can, by itself, be difficult. Two halves of your soul tugging at you. In Hunter these loyalties are personified by two women. One, a young ectomancer from his past in Charleston, draws on his humanity, while the Sidhe who has been in inconstant ally the past several years pulls him deeper into Fae entanglements. And as his power grows, leading him always towards a Choice, others are beginning to take interest, for the Erlking can always use another hound. And a woman who Hunter has never met is approaching the city, with goals of her own that could easily topple the precarious balance of his life.

Character's Background: Nine and a half months after his father had a very uncharacteristic one night stand after an extremely uncharacteristic barfight, he was left a basket on his doorstep with the note, 'take care of our hunter' sitting atop the blanket. These things happen. What can you do? Figuring the scrawl to be a name, he named the child Hunter.

Hunter grew up a fairly normal (though odd looking) kid, enjoying skateboarding and video games. Half-way through high-school, his father's job was relocated to Charleston. There Hunter met a number of other people his age with special abilities, and after an accidental meeting of eyes, was informed by an ectomancer that he was, in fact, a changeling. A faerie creature. And no, the bursts of preternatural speed and toughness weren't, 'because he was totally awesome.'

Hunter had some adventures with this crew for a while, saving pizza restaurants, fighting zombies, and ultimately saving the school prom (mostly) from the first advances of what would turn out to be the Cult of Barbatos. Also Hunter got a kiss from the girl he liked!

After high school, the crew started drifting apart a little, the small magical crises not up to the greater distraction of least, for everyone but Hunter. As his friends focused on their studies, Hunter was left drifting aimless, and was drawn more and more into the plots of a Sidhe they had both helped and hindered. As he drifted further and further into the magical, his relationship with the girl he liked suffered. Unfortunately, talking about feelings was not in Hunter's repertoire. And one day, the call of being somewhere else, where there wasn't this rising tension, where life was just a little easier, got too tempting, and Hunter just...left.

He's not a total jerk, he called! A...few days later. He was on his way to Louisiana, where his Fae...patron? Boss? Friend? had work needing doing. The girl he liked...wasn't happy.

Hunter traveled around with the Fae for a while, eventually falling in with something called the Paranet, where he acted as a sort of roving helper. He didn't do it for the money, which was good, since a lot of people couldn't give him more than a casserole, a comfy couch, and some cash for gas, but it gave him an outlet for his feral power.

Eventually though, word got to him. The Cult was back in Charleston. His friends were in trouble. Time to head home...and hope they didn't kill him!

Ballpark Your Abilities: As a Barghest changeling, Hunter can turn into a wolf-thing, with all the swiftness that means. While in this form, he can stand his ground against many a monster. Barghest are also known for their soul-rending bite. While the folklore is not clear precisely what this does to a person, every account don't want it to happen to you.

Outside of his more supernatural abilities, Hunter is lean and strong. While he doesn't skateboard as much as he used to, he's still very acrobatic, with an excellent sense of balance. He's also bloody stupid enough to do dangerous things without thinking, if that counts as an ability.

The Mantle: Hunter is a Changeling, with a Monster Hunter secondary Mantle. Most of his abilities are focused on the changeling half, and will be able to come out of the book (or steal from examples in the book). His Soul Bite ability will have to be whipped up special, though I have some ideas on that...

Character Description: Hunter used to look weird...and he still does, though a few years of growth and physical activity have moved him from 'goofy' to 'compelling.' He's grown into his long, long limbs, though at rest he can still be described as 'sprawling,' with arms and legs jutting out at what look like they can't be comfortable angles. His wide mouth has gone from frog-like to predatory, and even at the most serious of times, he can't seem to wipe that smirk off his face. As is the style, he's got an asymmetrical haircut, shorn down and raked over.

He's either in constant motion or eerily still. When standing, he's leaning against something, or pacing. When sprawling, he's either constantly jogging his legs or tossing something between hands. Or eating. He eats like he hasn't for days, any time there's food nearby.

Establishing LinksHook to the Cult of Barbatos: Hunter was first drawn deeply into the supernatural world by the early moves of the Cult in Charleston, taken from pixies and the odd ghost story into a darker place. He's kept an eye out for them, and things like them, everywhere he's gone. Now something's happened. Something bad enough that Jenny has bridged the gap of years and feelings to call him back. A friend has been killed, the city he called home has a pernicious cancer, and he has come back to kill it.

Hook to Additional Faction: Fiefdoms of Summer & Other Fae. Hunter's position as a powerful, if not influential, Wildfae has an impact on the Fae scene in Charleston. An inconstant ally of a troublesome Winter fae, but also his own agent, some of the Summer Lords and Ladies in town may seek to bring him under their control, use him against their enemies...or even allies, Fae being what they are. Plus his presence attracts other eyes. Perhaps the Erlking himself may feel like a spot of hunting in town.

Character BasicsName: Dean Montgomery

High Concept: The Smuggler With a Smile

Dean’s a man with a smile for everyone. He’s a genuinely friendly guy who wants to help people. Which is why he uses his powers of persuasion to get all manner of oddities into and out of Charleston. He doesn’t traffic in the dark stuff on principle, (except for disposal,) but when you’re trying to find something that might be considered illegal or just plain weird, he’s the guy to talk to.

His concept is about being charismatic and likable, and getting away with things he probably shouldn’t. It’s about treating the customer right, and going the extra mile for people, and how that comes back to help him out when he needs it. Of course, it’s also about being well, a smuggler. Which can get him into all kinds of trouble depending on what’s actually in those boxes in the back room, who ordered them, and who’s hanging out in the shop…

Trouble: “My Age Caught Up To Me”

The night the Red Court was destroyed, Dean, who’d been infected as a young man, aged twenty-five years in a few short minutes, while most of his friends, older still, ended up even worse off. Adjusting to sudden onset middle-age has been difficult and frustrating. But the worst part of all is that a lot of the people he knew no longer recognized him. And what could he tell them?

This trouble is clearly about physical impairments, but also the emotional loss of his friends- directly and indirectly, and the difficulties of rebuilding his life and finding self-worth in his newly-rediscovered humanity. It’s also about how the past can come back to haunt him- quite literally sometimes.

Character's Background:

Dean Montgomery has lived in Charleston his whole life. His parents did, and their parents did too. It’s always been kind of a small family, but a very close one. He has no siblings, but his parents are still alive, in their early seventies. They’re both retired and living in the city in the same little house he grew up in, and he visits often.

When he was twenty, (back in the 90s,) he had the misfortune to meet a very pretty girl named Kristy who he liked a lot, up until the night he found out she was a vampire. Red court, to be precise. And he found out because she turned him. He got away from her, (or more accurately, she let him go,) and ended up on the street. Days went by, and he was too scared and hungry to go home. He didn’t know what would happen if he killed someone, but he knew he couldn’t live with himself if he did. So he curled up in an alley and didn’t move.

Patty Lawless found him like that. Patty, who’d been infected herself for almost twenty years. She took him back to the St. Giles safehouse and got him through the worst of things. There were others there too. George, Isabel, Rufus… People he’d come to be very close to over the next two decades. They protected him when Kristy came after him, made sure she knew he wasn’t hers. Of course, he wasn’t exactly his own man anymore either.

He called his folks when he was ready, but he moved out of their house that summer. Started working for Rufus at The Daisy Chain, a little antique shop that sold magic items on the side. Patty sold herbs and flowers out of the same building. Things went along for a while, until he asked to get more involved with the Cell. His daddy taught him to hunt with a rifle, so learning to shoot a handgun wasn’t a big difference. But as much as he liked going with Rufus and Isabel when they went after the Red Court, it was his silver tongue that made him indispensable to the Order.

Dean could make a deal with anybody. Cops, faeries, vampires, whatever it was, he could find a way. He was insufferably good-natured. Even when someone spit in his face he’d hold his hand out for a shake. The Daisy Chain started to find new suppliers. Good ones. Dean was bringing in weapons they could use to make a real dent in the Red Court’s activities in Charleston, and items they could sell to the practitioners in town that cost real money. Not just baubles and toys, but stuff that was hard to get, stuff that was even a little scary.

Then, one real bad night, Rufus didn’t come home.

He’d left the Daisy Chain to Dean, and from that day forward… well, he ran that shop like it was the only thing that mattered.

Years later, disaster struck. Halloween night, 2011 (or thereabouts.) The night that the Red Court fell victim to their own bloodline curse, and passed from this world. Dean heard the screams from his friends as he stumbled out of bed, suddenly feeble and weak. The hunger was gone, but his youth with it, and the others… Patty, Isabel, and George were all a lot older than him to begin with. Now they looked it.

St. Giles was decimated. So many people that he knew had died that he couldn’t even grieve properly. It was like witnessing a holocaust. And gone with them was his mission, since the Reds were all dead too. Even Kristy was gone, and she’d been a thorn in his side ever since the night she bit him. He didn’t know what to do with himself for a while. So he took care of the others, as they went through the same thing. And he took care of his own folks, who were up there too. He kept the shop running, and Patty refused to put down her gardening shears just on account of being 68 for real now.

The supernatural community really came through for them, after all the years of it being the other way around. Some of the practitioners and the were-folks keep an eye out for them still, and they keep their contacts in the community fresh even though they’re only human. The Daisy Chain is more important to Dean than ever, and he can’t help getting involved when he hears about things going wrong in Charleston… He’s starting to get a little too old for field-work, but you can’t tell him that.

Ballpark Your Abilities: Dean is one of those folks who could sell water to a mermaid. He’s personable and good-natured and that opens doors in a completely non-magical way. He’s physically fit, even though he’s older, and is good with pretty much any type of firearm you put into his hands. He’s got good standing with the Church and goes to mass every Sunday. Most of the cops know to turn a blind eye to what goes on at the Daisy Chain, and the ones who don’t get told real quick.

The Daisy Chain itself is a well-known source of reagents, small magical items, and firearms in addition to the actual antique-and-flower shop business. If you need a cursed sword appraised or are looking for powdered gargoyle claws, he’s probably able to help you.

The Mantle: Dean’s a Clued-In Mortal with some additions. I’d like to borrow a few of the Hunter stunts to represent his membership in St. Giles. There’s potential for a “Salesman/Smuggler” mantle but I’ve done a lot of mantle-creation myself so I’ll pitch some ideas if chosen. While he used to be a Red-Court Infected, there’s essentially no holdover from that time and any stunts he had then would have been lost.

Character Description: Dean has dark brown hair that’s trending towards grey and a neatly trimmed beard. He’s about 6’1’’, 230lbs, and fairly fit. He mostly wears simple clothing when he’s out and about (a lot of plaid shirts and jeans) but he cleans up real nice and looks pretty respectable when it’s needed. At the shop he wears khaki’s and a solid dark green shirt, and has a leather apron he wears over the top with a small daisy embroidered on the front pocket.

Establishing LinksHook to the Cult of Barbatos: Dean took a special order from a Summer Fae, Fiodoirsidhe, for a package of Mythical Seeds from a friend of hers in Greece. The shipment was stolen by the Cult from the Daisy Chain, and shortly afterwards strange, plant-related crimes began occurring in the city. There's been at least two deaths, one kidnapping, and several other thefts. Not only does Dean owe Fio' for the seeds, (which is very bad, since she's a beansidhe, aka a banshee,) he feels personally responsible for what happened and has vowed to retrieve the remaining seeds and make sure the Cult knows that nobody can get away with stealing from the Daisy Chain.

Hook to Additional Faction:
The Paranet is the most obvious faction that he's got ties to, knowing both of the local founding women personally. The Daisy Chain is one of the more popular places to get both esoteric items (from Dean's antique/pawn shop) and herbs (from Patty's flower shop.) Specifically he's got a lot of friends on the force, and is a frequent contact for the police when something "unusual" happens. He can't always help them himself, but he can pass the word along to the local ectomancers if they're having ghost trouble- things like that. He acts as a go-between for the mortals and the not-so-mortals fairly frequently.

The store's location is something I'd like to discuss with you since it's going to be important and I'm not personally familiar with Charleston. It should be easy to get to from downtown, but just out of the way enough that it has a bit of land and isn't squished between other stores. It does have a small greenhouse attached.

He's also got extremely strong ties to the remnants of the St. Giles organization, what few remain scattered over the globe. They're still in contact with each other and while most have taken the opportunity to go back to their normal lives, a few have stayed active within the paranormal community in various ways.


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