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Gotham's Finest - Rebirth

Gotham's Finest - Forum

The Setting and Rules

Gotham's Finest - Rebirth is set in an alternate DC Universe Earth using various sources (Comics, Animated Show, Games, Movies, TV Series, Etc.) as inspiration. Batman has vanished from the shadows of the city, very early in his career. Bruce Wayne's story has him listed that he was in a "car crash" for his current apparent handicap state. The various crime families and psychopaths that infest the city are starting to notice the disappearance of the Bat now and the city is becoming a cesspool of lawlessness once again. The game is primarily using the Christopher Nolan movies (Batman Begins/The Dark Knight/Dark Knight Rises) as its main inspiration in the dark reality of the world and the fact that no other superheroes exist. This however doesn't mean that some of Bat's villains with superpowers aren't going to show up at some point. Much of how many famous faces develop in the city will be based on the PCs and their interaction with them.

The game will be making use of the Fate Core System by Evil Hat Productions, Copyright 2013. Please bear with me as this in my first time running anything with the Fate system. I have run this setting on Myth-Weavers with both New and Old of Darkness off and on since starting way back in 2009, as well as tabletop off the site. I expect some growing pains, but never the less, I fully believe that with some time that things can only improve this go round.


What I'm Looking For In The Players
*Maturity. I expect the game to potentially hit on some mature themes. The site rules will clearly limit the degree on which things can be discussed but these things do exist even within the realm of comics, and as such may be implied within the game. Also don't take it the wrong way, that humor doesnt exist and everything is a grimdark-crapsack world. Nothing says we cant have a few laughs in the game either.
Just don't be the Joker.

*Patience. Its not my first rodeo by far when it comes to running a game, but this is my first Fate game. I am by no means perfect. I expect to be a dummy from time to time when it comes to learning a new set of rules. I do have the benefit of having a co-gm to try and help burden some of the growing pains, but mistakes will still likely occur. The main point however is we all have fun though and get to make a good story together.

*Teamwork. This applies both in-game and out. You'll be playing police officers. You'll have a partner. You have a division. Lone wolfing it isnt going to cut it very well. It'll probably get you killed. There might be some narratives that going solo works but generally as a whole it'll likely be discouraged. Out of character I expect everyone to be understanding of each other and their feelings. Sometimes disagreements happen. Let's all act like sensible adults.

What I'm Looking For In The Characters
*All characters are to be members of the Gotham City Police Department.

*All characters are Detectives, either transferred in from another agency (Star City, Metropolis, Podunk U.S., etc) , another division of GCPD, or recently having passed the Detectives test

*No full blown psychopaths or sociopaths (a little neurosis is ok)

*No lone wolves. Characters will be expected to work with a partner minimum on assignments, and function as a squad on a whole.

*Characters should not be "dirty cops". Having bent the rules in the past, chosen to look the other way, indulged in a vice on the job, or done something shady in the past is certainly possible within Gotham City. However a fully crooked cop isnt what I'm looking for from the PCs.

*Please no clones of existing NPCs. No, you can't *be* Harvey Bullock, or Montoya, etc. You can know said character, you can even be friends with them. Just don't be a carbon copy with a different name tag.


I will only be looking to take three players at the start of this. I have a fourth currently that will be functioning as my Co-GM. Once I have the game flowing and a better grasp of the rules, I am willing and likely to expand the game to a few more players. I encourage people that don't make the initial round of selection to stick around in a capacity of a reader. Feel free to comment in the OOC peanut gallery. I find it easier to incorporate people that are already familiar with whats going on rather than drum up a whole new ad.

I will be using a slightly tweaked skill set to better fit the setting. Beyond that I do not have any other house rules currently implemented. Once I get a bit of experience with the system under my belt, if the group would like to throw in some things, such as armor/weapons variants, etc, we can look into it. The skill set is posted in the game's forum.

Please post characters in the application section *HERE*

Game Description:

Gotham's Finest
Batman has vanished. The Caped Crusader is no longer patrolling the streets of Gotham. Crime and corruption have once again begun to flood the city streets. Can the men and woman that walk the thin blue line of the Gotham City Police Department handle the evil that threatens their city? Will they risk everything to protect their city from becoming Hell on Earth or will they become part of the cancer, if only to survive?

Gotham's Finest Wiki

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This seems appropriate to convey my utter interest...

Figure I'll give this the bump it deserves.

I really want to apply here, possibly with the same character I had in your nWoD version of the game... I'm pretty clueless when it comes to Fate though, I've had the damnedest time wrapping my head around the system..

Arcane's new to it too. I'm happy to help with creation! Character matters more than stats, anyway.

Originally Posted by Witchslasher View Post
I really want to apply here, possibly with the same character I had in your nWoD version of the game... I'm pretty clueless when it comes to Fate though, I've had the damnedest time wrapping my head around the system..
I'm new to Fate, so dont feel bad. I'm right there with you. If you want to bring Taylor back Id be cool with that. We'd just have to up her a few years on the force and having made Detective, rather that being a rookie.

Congratulations ArcaneDesperado!

Gotham's Finest has been selected as Weaving Myths' Episode 11 Game of the Week!

Weaving Myths Episode 11 can be listened to here: Click Me!
To find out more about Weaving Myths, check out its thread, here: Click Me!

Best of luck with your game, and once again, congratulations!

--The Myth Weavers Staff

In all seriousness though, thank you guys. I've been on the site for a long time now. Even when real life has forced me to take extended breaks, coming back is always like coming home.

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