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Level-up Approvals

Well, it's taken forever but Mud and Lump are finally done. No freakin' idea how much of it's screwed up, just because I did it over so many different sessions and over so much time...

Nope - not done yet. Some of the sheet was done when I intended her to be 4th. Working more...

OK, Done now I think.

Ok a few things for Mud:

I didn’t see FC points anywhere
Check the math for your HPs
Maybe list all of the bonuses from classes under notes for your AC and saves.
Checked everything from my phone, and I didn’t check finances yet.
Lumps HD should be 2d10
Still working on checking out lump. Familiars and phantoms and such take awhile.

Thanks, FJ.

The HP totals were correct for both Mud and Lump - I'd just listed the breakdown incorrectly. Should be fixed now. I broke out the saves from each class rather than listing them as "Classes."

I think that takes care of all listed concerns until you get the finances and Lump vetted.

FC is Spiritualist, and both points so far have gone to Lump's HP. I'll figure out a way to add that to the sheet.

Maybe list all of the bonuses from classes under notes for your AC and saves.
I meant include stuff from rage for AC and will an dodge there and dodging light blades (you had stuff from the phantom there so thought you might include that stuff too)
also, dont forget +4 to jump from faster land speed
are those languages from the correct sources?
skills and finances looks good
just have to finish lump

for lump:

make sure you mark it as a slam maybe with bludgeoning damage? do you get two attacks?
for muds skills, are any of them class skills? do you have any ranks?

and dont forget to mark what your favorite class is (even though I figured it out) and where the FC points go.

  • Wow, I had Lump's skills all messed up... They're fixed now. Mud's were already correct, I think - ranks marked, CS marked, etc.
  • Lump's attacks are now marked as Slam x2
  • FC Marked at the top, and the bonus is detailed in the class section.
  • Note added to skill list to add 4 for Jump
  • Languages: Halfling is from Linguistics (now marked). Low Landellan (Common) is her native tongue, so Regional.
  • I did originally put the miscellaneous bonuses from class into the Offense/Defense sections, but it started to look really cluttered and they're already in the class section. I left the +2 bonus to Will saves from Shared Consciousness because (at least while Lump is so comparatively weak) that will be the default state.

Thanks again for the scrutiny! One day I'll get a sheet completely, 100% right on the first pass. But I knew going in that Mud was not going to be that time - she's a true mutt, so there's lots of different stuff there.

Thanks, FJ. They'll need one more, since they're a new character.

Alright, so I took a look at Mud and I found a few things. She's a pretty complicated character and I haven't reviewed in a long time, so if any of these are in error, please let me know. Anything I went ahead and fixed for you is crossed out!

If you can fix these issues (or convince me I'm wrong ), I will give Mud my stamp of approval.

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