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OOC Discusion for Burnt Offerings

well if you guys are tackling the support, and assuming art can hold off the cannon fodder, I'm gonna just keep doing things to debuff/annoy President Warchief Ripnugget to hopefully keep him less than effective until we can focus fire him down.

So does the crit strike do more damage?
Do I roll for extra dmg or take double the damage rolled or an average?

NOTE: I do not think anything is unfair I just want to know.. :^)

OK, I'm gonna balance it this way...
When you make a critical threat, on the critical confirmation roll you have to announce if you are going to draw a card or go for double damage.
In code it will look something like that:
Dice Roll: 1d20+8z
d20 Results: 1 (Total = 9)
Confirm Crit, X2/X3 damage (9)
Dice Roll: 1d20+8z
d20 Results: 12 (Total = 20)
Confirm Crit, draw card (20)
If the crit is confirmed you follow your decision...

If you chose drawing a card, you do exactly as the card says. As CF suggested, those with a X3 weapons increases the damage by one multiplier over what the card says. If it says regular damage, they deal X2. If it says X2, they deal X3 etc.

In the future I will prepare lists of critical and fumble effects that we roll on instead of actually drawing the cards on that other site (if any of you wants / can help with that, it would be appreciated).

How does that sound?

Originally Posted by syscam View Post
So does the crit strike do more damage?
Do I roll for extra dmg or take double the damage rolled or an average?

NOTE: I do not think anything is unfair I just want to know.. :^)
If my suggestion above sounds OK to everyone, you may roll another 1d6+modifiers for extra damage.

So, regarding Jack's feint. Since we don't know the DC, how best should it be handled in posts? In this case, timing matters little, since he's not making his attack until next turn, so Ariel's post will be before then to adjudicate success or not, but if he was to make his Improved Feint before his attack, how would he know success or not for the following attack?
Should a creature's Feint DC be posted on the tracksheet?

@syscam, I'm pretty sure you could have done your feint before your attack THIS turn, if you 5 foot stepped up to her, then improved feint as a move action, then make your attack as standard, potentially being able to sneak attack if the feint was successful. Not sure if you simply didn't think of the feint until after the attack, or what - just throwing it out there.

IN any case, I'm pretty sure that Loodgash was NOT feinted this time - pretty sure any Bard NPC is going to have a rank in Sense Motive, so her Feint DC is likely in the 14-16 range.


Unfortunately, IamVoivode, I'm pretty sure you couldn't move that far. 5 foot step, then cast the spell, but you can't move any more if you've done a 5 foot step, so you should still be one square south of dead commando #2.

It's just as well, because moving to where you did would have resulted in an AoO from the chantress' whip.

We also need to figure out how entangled riders affect their mount.

- Does he know he can't move more than 5 feet? If he spurs his mount into another charge, and the gecko takes off, and he is held back, is he dismounted? Ride check (normally only DC5 to 'Stay in Saddle', which he would auto-pass with his ride skill) doesn't really seem to apply when he physically CAN'T stay in the saddle if the mount moves more than 5 feet.
- The Entangle condition also applies a -4 dex penalty, so that's a -2 on all dex based skills, so the ride check for his Mounted Combat ability should be 1d20+10.

I moved back to only taking a 5 foot step. Also, I think it would be hilarious if he spurred the gecko and it shot out from underneath him cartoon style.

Unfortunately, I think I'm dead since he can move 5' from where his shadow is pinned and put me down unless the dice are SUPER in my favor.

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