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Sheet Requests, Status, and Issues

Apologies if this is wrong place for this question, and/or if it's already been addressed.

Regarding the 3.5 sheets, can an ACP column be added to the Skills section? I know for Pathfinder sheets, Armor Check Penalty from Armor/Protective Item and Shield/Protective Item fields propagates into that column. Wondering if that's something that can be done.

Thank you.

Rift Character Sheet

As i said on the discord channel we love how easy it is to make and maintain our sheets. However a few guys would like to do some Rift games, but to what I'm told there is no Rift selection on the character sheet creation option. So if it is at all possible i would like to recommend a Rift Character sheet option.

-Dark Ryuk13

just request from M&M fan

I wondering if there was maybe way update the M&M 3E sheet even don't mind doing all the math I think I need a little more room describe some of more complicated powers a charater has.

Originally Posted by Arden View Post
What would you need if I were to create the sheet neccesary for say Numenera games?
First off, thanks to @Arden for requesting this. Following up on this, most Cypher games (Numenera, The Strange, Gods of the Fall, Predation, Unmasked) use a very similar form.

Generic Cypher Character Sheet

A couple notes.
  • Skills section would need more lines, maybe 20 lines. Skills are a bit fluffy in Cypher, so, while you could code a specific list of skills, it would not be applicable for every occasion.
  • Special Abilities and Focus abilities - expandable...this could get big.
  • Attacks - maybe have 10 lines

The Strange and Unmasked are special cases. But this generic sheet could be applicable for 95% of all Cypher games (and 100% of the games currently running on Myth-Weavers), and could be adapted to The Strange and Unmasked.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or if you want a pair of eyes on it that is familiar with the content.

Bug report for the Pathfinder Standard sheet. When I put in my character's Dex stat, the associated entry in the Armor Class row did not fill in. I had to put it in manually. I tried changing the stat to see what would happen, and the AC part when straight to 0, even when I changed it back. This isn't happening on my other Pathfinder sheets, I checked.

This is the bugged sheet:
I am using Google Chrome as my browser.

I'd recommend clearing your cache, Shozurei, as I've had this problem before (or a similar one) and that fixed it.

Go to the "Options" part of Chrome (the three vertical dots in the upper right hand of the browser), then click "History". You can also get there via Cntrl+H command. Once there, on the left click "Clear Browsing Data" then select "Cached Images and Files."

Pathfinder standard sheet bug (inventory deletion)

Pathfinder standard sheet, if you fill every single inventory slot and you sort the list by any method, the item that will be placed in the last slot will be deleted.


Requests & Bugs Added to Tracker: @UlynSilverstone @guitarist @cbjbill @TatteredKing / @Arden @rosque

Please let me know if clearing your cache resolved the problem, @Shozurei!

In regards to earlier questions, @Manthatisthisman @Arden @LtPowers I was wrong! There is an old thread that detailed the process of sheet creation.

If you would like to look into helping create sheets or fixing bugs in existing ones, please see the link added to the top of the first post here.

It did not. Any change to the Dex resets the AC portion to 0, regardless of what the mod actually is. Everything else Dex based works just fine.

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