KaedenShaper’s Adventure League PCs



Season 2: Elemental EvilDDEX02-12: Dark Rites at Fort Dalton

Season 7: Tomb of AnnihilationDDAL07-03: A day at the races
DDAL07-04: A walk in the park
DDAL07-05: Whispers in the dark

Hard Cover

Lost mines of PhandelverMaddax Von Brandt
Rock Gnome Sage Wizard 1

Lost mines

Season 1: Prince of the Apocalypse | Elemental EvilVasher Varastor
Half-Elf Far Traveler Tempest Cleric Level 1

Prince of the Apocalypse

Season 3: Out of the Abyss | Rage of DemonsXin
Drow Hermit Monk Zhent Level 3

Out of the Abyss

Season 6: Sunless Citadel | Tales from the Yawning PortalInara the Golden
Protector Aasimar Knight of the Order Paladin Level 1

The Sunless Citadel

Season 8: Waterdeep: Dragon Heist (Winter)Zhuehl
Tiefling criminal bard Level 2

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist (Winter)
DDIA-XGE: Underworld Speculation


Season 1: Tyranny of DragonsKindred Ebonhawk
Human Folk Hero Ranger & Rogue Level 3/2

DDEX1-07: Drums in the Marsh

Groan Blackfeather
Kenku Outlander Necromancer Level 3

DDEX01-04: Dues for the Dead
DDEP07-01: Peril at the port

Drak Black
Black Dragonborn Pirate Fighter/Cleric Level 2/1

DDEX01-05: Courting Fire
DDEX01-03: Shadows over the Moonsea
DDEX01-02: Secrets of Sokol Keep

Siv Brighttooth
Stout Halfling Outlander Barbarian Level 2

DDEX1-1: Defiance in Phlan
DDEX2-11: Oubliette of Fort Iron

Oberon Veladorn
Drow Entertainer Bard 3 Warlock 2 Harper

DDEX1-11: Dark Pyramid of the Sorcerer's Isle

Season 2: Elemental EvilGenbu Shen
Tortle Guild Artisan Monk Level 1

DDEX2-1: City of Danger

Season 3: Rage of Demons None

Season 4: Curse of StrahdKar Wolfkin
Human Haunted one Fighter Level 1

DDAL04-02: The Beast

Season 5: Storm King’s ThunderRyn Ravenwood II
Half-Elf Archeologist Knowledge Cleric of Selune Level 1

Darkwood Webs

Wren Ravenwood
Half-Elf Anthropologist Wizard Level 1

DDAL00-05 Winter's Splendor

Season 7: Tomb of AnnihilationRuin
Tabaxi Outlander Druid Level 2

DDAL07-01: A City on the Edge

Season 8: Dragon HeistKaeden Shaper
Human Faction Agent Bard/Rogue Level 1/1

DDAL08-00: Once in Waterdeep
DDEX1-6: The Scroll Thief

Illistra Goldenmane
Aasimar Noble Bard Level 1

DDAL08-01: The Map With No Names

Eberron Forge
Warforged Acolyte Cleric Level 1