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Character Creation and House Rules

Character Creation and House Rules

There is currently a mess of information from previous iterations of the Kallawlands game still archived here. For the current game, I don't intend to use any of the stuff from the "Blue Jay's Laboratory" folder. Just stick to the information from the three "House Rules" folders in the Main ThreadGroup for now.

How to Apply

If you want to apply, introduce yourself in the OOC Discussion thread, and provide some preliminary ideas for what kind of character you'd like to build.

When you're ready, create a new thread for your character in the Characters folder. I won't demand specific formatting rules, but I'd like you to at least provide the following information:
  • Character background (at least a paragraph or two)
  • Personality and motivations
  • We'll start at 1st level, but I'd like to see a basic build plan, just so I know what people are planning to do with this crazy ruleset.
  • A couple general ideas for the kind of story you'd like to tell with your character: things like particular types of story hooks that will bring your character onto an adventure (
    missing family member
    damsel in distress
    personal crusade
    in it for the money
    e.g.), locations or story themes you'd like me to include (
    classical dungeon crawl
    wilderness and survival themes
    urban intrigue
    e.g.), types of NPCs you'd like to roleplay with (
    a love interest
    an intelligent item
    a nemesis or rival
    e.g.), or a particular theme or concept for a special magic item
    I'm hoping to design a special item for each PC, something like a watered-down Weapon of Legacy
    **, etc.
  • I like to itemize expenses using the "Weight" column in the character sheet. As long as you're not being silly with your gear, I'll mostly fudge encumbrance rules in your favor, so you shouldn't really need the "Weight" column for anything else.

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