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Character Creation

Character Creation Rules and Info

Character ApplicationFor the character application, there's a few things that are going to be required.
  1. The characters name
  2. The characters race (if using a custom race, include the breakdown so I can ensure it meets the character creation rules.)
  3. The characters gender
  4. The characters alignment
  5. The characters sheet on Mythweavers.
  6. Personality - A characters personality is important. This should be a decent description of the characters personality and their motivations, and should line up with the characters alignment. I really what to get a feel for how your character behaves here.
  7. Appearance - This should be a solid description of the characters appearance with any important details. Using a picture is okay here, but I'd also like to get a feel for your ability to write descriptions since that aspect can be important as the game progresses.
  8. History - Where is your character from and how did they end up in the caravan, plus their motivation for remaining with it this long unless they've just arrived. This should be at minimum three good paragraphs, and any traits your character takes should be explained in depth here as well. Any additional uniqueness to your character should be explained here as well, for example the characters class and abilities. If you need help coming up with more to put here, I can give you some questions to expand on based on your character concept.

Now that the application requirements are out of the way, let's get into the actual rules.

Character Creation Rules

Starting Level: 1, XP speed Slow, 3000 XP to Level 2. (We'll be using slow advancement because of the Training rules detailed in the Homebrew Rules thread.

Ability Scores: 30 point buy or 5d6 method (make the rolls in the additional rolls section of the forum. Scores cannot exceed 18 at creation, even with bonuses from your race.

Race: Must be a Forgotten Realms Race. Races can be those that have up to a maximum of 20 race points and must be medium or small size. Must include the Race Points breakdown if making something new or making a reasonable modification to an existing race.

Hit points: Full at 1st level

Starting Gold: Maximum starting for Class. If using a custom class without a starting gold value, use the closest reasonable core class value to your characters class.

Class: Any of the classes and archetypes listed on the d20pfsrd, within reason, will be allowed. In addition, if you have a homebrew class you want to use, ask me about it and I'll have a look and see if its okay. If using a class that requires a deity, make sure to consult with the Gods and Domains thread for what domains they can access. If there is a type of character you want to play that you cannot find a conversion or option for, do not hesitate to ask me. I've compiled a lot of archetypes over the years from various sources and I'm more then happy to provide you with whatever you need, even if I have to write it up myself.

Traits: Characters get up to three traits for free, and must take one flaw. Additional traits are allowed at the cost of taking a flaw for each trait beyond three. A character cannot have more then one trait from each category. If you can't find a trait/flaw that fits what you're looking for or want a custom one, let me know and we can figure out something that works. These must be detailed in your characters history.

Hero Points: Characters will also begin play with 1 hero point, and can select the feats associated with them if desired.

I'm planning on taking anywhere between 3 to 6 characters for this game, depending on the applications I receive and character cohesion. If I'm really impressed by the applications that come in, the absolute maximum I can manage with what I have planned in this game will be 10.

Once you have all this sorted out, and I've answered any questions you had, make a new thread under the character applications forum with the characters name in the title.

You mention allowing homebrew not on pfsrd, what about third party not on pfsrd but available elsewhere? I think it would be quite interesting to roleplay out a Pactbinder, the pathfinder version of the Binder from Tome of Magic.

It will likely involve some roleplaying on your part as well, I'm afraid, due to the nature of the entities, which I can provide the necessary flavor for to you via PM from the actual book this comes from, which I own.

Edit: From a flavor perspective, there's this article regarding the old Tome of Magic in Forgotten Realms. Also any new flavor regarding warlocks can probably be applied to binders.

Just for public record, as I answered this in discord, in case anyone else is looking for an answer here.

Personally, I'm not that familiar with this addition to the ruleset since it isn't on pathfinder. However, I'm giving my okay on this, as long as the specific info I'm going to need is provided along with the character app in some form (direct link or copy/paste)

@ShockHelix as Agamemmnon mentioned a Spheres class, I should point out that the Spehres stuff is on the d20pfsrd, but it's really hard to find, so you can go to the Spheres Wiki, which is a lot easier.

Also wondering about the Feat Tax rules?

Originally Posted by The Foiler View Post
@ShockHelix as Agamemmnon mentioned a Spheres class, I should point out that the Spehres stuff is on the d20pfsrd, but it's really hard to find, so you can go to the Spheres Wiki, which is a lot easier.

Also wondering about the Feat Tax rules?

So, I'm not using the Feat Tax rules in this game, for the same reason that it usually isn't used in Gestalt. With the Training and Retraining rules I outlined in the Homebrew Rules thread, characters have the potential to gain a significantly larger number of feats, and over time shouldn't have any problem with the feats. (Plus, if a character ends up with any 'dead feats' they can simply replace them with retraining.)

so we are gestalt characters? Its not clear in the thread,

Yeah I totally missed the gestalt bit as well. All good.

@Lunermyst @The Foiler

The game is not gestalt, and multi-classing is not allowed either.

I have created a 'training' rule that will allow you to gain the class features of different classes through the use of in-game time. You can view the nitty gritty details of it in the Homebrew Rules Thread.

So, I realize this is technically not a character creation question, but for some it has a decent chance of coming into effect early on. I was wondering with the homebrew rules linked above and prestige classes. As you said there, you don't add things as you normally would, instead taking the best. Which for normal classes is fine, but prestige classes have a BAB and Saves clearly intended to stack with previous classes, especially since they only increase to a max of ten.

If the intention was to use prestige classes only for their abilities I understand, but I wanted to clarify since these homebrew rules are rather unique, and quite awesome.


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