Recent History

The following information is brief knowledge on the history of the area surrounding the caravan where your story begins, in 2046 DR. If your character needs information on something at character creation for some reason, please let me know and I'll provide you what you need.

The Kingdom of Swords

After the reign of Dagult Neverember, the line passed from son to son until 1926 DR. In this year, Dagren Neverember, also known as Dagren the Conqueror, claimed to be the true blood of the Alagondar line, took the Alagondar name and began his assault on the Sword Coast. In a bloody war that spanned nearly a decade, Dagren conquered first Luskan, then Waterdeep and finally Baldur's Gate, uniting the cities of the Sword Coast from the Spine of the World to the Cloud Peaks under his control.

Called the Kingdom of Swords, it flourished and prospered under unified leadership and control of the coastline trade routes and the The Trade Way, until late 2044 DR. At this time, Dagren's descendant, Jarvel Alagondar was assassinated, and with no children to his name, the throne was left vacant. His death has left a power vaccuum, with his advisors vying for control and their own profit in each of the cities of the Kingdom of Swords.

Empire of Shadows

With the destruction of Thultanthar in 1487 DR, the surviving Netherese and the Court of Three would return to their former glory in the years to come by restoring the Citadel of the Raven, driving away the Zhentarim agents that tried to reclaim it, and pulling the keep from the ground. The keep was taken to the Anauroch desert and renamed Thultanthar, growing over time as more and more buildings were added on. by 2046 DR, the destroyed city had returned to its former glory and had fully secured its hold on Anauroch once more. Without the guidance of the gods, none saw it in their interest to challenge the restored City of Shade, and the Netherese have yet to try and expand their borders beyond the desert.

The Dragonlands

With the Shadovar control on Sembia relinquished, Sembia began to draw its influence from Cormyr and the Dalelands. In the years to come, the Dalelands united for the first time in its history, becoming a proper kingdom in its own right. With their storied history, it wasn't long before it became close allies with Cormyr. Eventually, after those who remembered the war between Cormyr and Sembia were long dead, Sembia joined with them as well. The three created what would come to be know as the Dragon Alliance, their nations often collectively being referred to as the Dragonlands, as the three became closer to states of the same kingdom then simply allies.

In 2045 DR, the Dragonlands strangely fell under siege by the usually peaceful, merchant country of Amn and a large number of mercenary companies from Turmish, in addition to the well known Zhentarim. Amn's armies seem poorly prepared for war, but with the mercenary companies doing most of the fighting, the waters of the Dragonmere have fallen under Amns control, greatly hinderig trade for the Dragonlands.

The Glory of Amn

After the Second Sundering, Amn began to profit like never before. The Merchant's Domains profits soared, and soon they found a new, even more lucrative item to trade. In 1784 DR, the church of Gond discovered that one of the most rare ingredients required for Smokepowder were located in massive deposits inside the Cloud Peaks. Recognizing the potential for profit, the City of Coin invested heavily in the Church of Gond, and in the century to come Amn became the center for the worldwide trade of firearms and smokepowder. the Church of Gond developed new techniques for the use of smokepowder, creating massive cannons that could be moved by wagons and ships, with effects as devastating as any magical fireball. While unreliable in hand, and too expensive for most to use in a siege, merchant vessels worldwide began to use the cannons, and they soon became a mainstay for anyone traveling at sea.

Despite their history of peace and massive wealth, after the death of Jarvel Alagondar, Amn began hiring mercenary forces en masse, including the infamous Zhentarim. The Zhentarim had rebuilt themselves in the centuries to come, reclaiming and rebuilding Zhentil Keep, reinforcing Darkhold, and eventually making a new base for themselves in the remaining Tower of the Eternal Eclipse, turning it into yet another stronghold for themselves and taking advantage of the frequent mercenary work that came from protecting merchant caravans hauling smokepowder, sometimes dealing in its trade themselves.

While it was initially believed the Council of Five would march on the Kingdom of Swords, in chaos after its kings death, it instead marched its forces to the Dragonmere in a decisive stroke, capturing the port cities on the southern banks of the lake. Supplying the mercenaries with cannons and firearms, the surprise attack caught the Dragonlands unaware, leaving the lake under Amn's control and preventing the Dragon Alliance from making any useful counterattacks.

Silence of the Gods

While after the Second Sundering the gods grew quieter, they could still be relied upon to answer prayers from time to time. In rare occasions, their chosen would still be seen carrying out their duties and following the orders of those they served. The most devout would still be blessed by divine intervention in their hour of need. Until recently, the gods continued to make their presence known. In 2042 DR, for the first time, the gods fell completely silent. Their power remained, but all of them ceased to talk, and their Chosen departed Toril all at once, not to be seen since. While those who serve the divine still receive their divine abilities, no longer can they commune with the ones they serve. Scholars and Priests work tirelessly to discover why the Gods have seemed to all but abandon the world for so long.

In the years that followed, chaos seems to have swept across the land. The wars are bad enough, but rumors that worse creatures stalk the land keep a peaceful nights sleep at bay. Bandits grow in number, and monstrous beasts become bolder by the day, growing so reckless as to attack villages in broad daylight. The clouds over Faerun grow darker, and the rumors concerning further lands hold little hope, with talk of Cormathor shutting itself off from the world completely, demons flooding into the Silver Marches, and a strange fog settling over the Moonshae Isles that not even a lighthouse can illuminate.