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Character Creation Details

Character Creation Details

General Rules:
  • 27-Point Buy
  • Starting Gold as defined by background
  • Acceptable Sources. PHB+1. The +1 may only be from the following list: SCAG, Volo's Guide to Monsters, Elemental Evil Players Companion, Xanathar's Guide to Everything
  • No MToF, WGtE, GGtR, TP
  • UA Revised Ranger. This is the only thing I will accept from Unearthed Arcana sources
  • No Variant Humans
  • No flying builds (e.g. aarakocra, aasimar, or winged tieflings)
  • Starting Level is Level 4
  • Maximum HP at first level, you may either roll or take the class average for remaining levels
  • You may take one magic item of your choice of no greater than Uncommon Rarity.
  • Please be sure to include all items you intend to carry. The Earl's generosity ensures that you would have any reasonable mundane items you anticipate you would need to be able to complete your mission, but as is always the case, the Earl's reeve will expect a receipt and accounting for all items taken.

Additional notes for Spellcasters:

Spell components. For all casters, you will begin with a pouch of components that covers 5 castings of any spell that has spell component requirements. After that, you will be responsible for explaining how you acquire these items. Please be sure to include these in your inventory section.

Verbal components. For all spells that use verbal elements, as an RP thing, I would like you to identify a word or phrase that you would include in any use of the spell. For instance, if I had the Firebolt cantrip, I might exclaim "Ignis iacula!" (Latin) or "Bacati vatru!" (Croatian). Use Google Translate or whatever languages you would like...

Will you be allowing anything Homebrew from D&D Wiki, provided a link and your approval is given?

Originally Posted by blade1395 View Post
Will you be allowing anything Homebrew from D&D Wiki, provided a link and your approval is given?
No homebrew elements will be accepted, sorry.

I am going for a utility support character versed with natural environs and gathering knowledge.

Would the GM allow me to explore: or race with monk class up till level 3 to multiclass into (Xanathar's Guide to Everything)?

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