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DM needed for a MASS EFFECT D&D 5e game (Very active players)

DM needed for a MASS EFFECT D&D 5e game (Very active players)

Hello all!

I'm posting up this thread in hopes of finding a new DM for a game of DND 5 E going on in the world of Mass Effect with a group of 6 players. Our group is extremely active, but our DM up and left, archiving the game suddenly yesterday. We would all love to continue our story, as our group is very active and still very interested in pursuing the story. We've been debating removing one of the players and having them DM instead, but this would affect the dynamic of the group.

Here is a link to the rulebook
Mass Effect Rulebook

Here is a link to the now Archived game.
Mass Effect - Shadow Wars

Here is the direct link to the game
Game Thread

Summary of the current eventsThe game takes place in year 2172 CE before the events seen in the games. The group is working for a bounty hunting company that has been newly founded on the Citadel. The bounty hunting company was going through a hard time financially, when suddenly and incredible offer was put onto the table - 300,000 credits for each team member as compensation for the bounty. The bounty was placed on a scientist who was now on the run with some classified information. It was discovered that this scientist had gone to Omega in hopes of hiring the Blue Suns as protection. So the group headed to Omega in their company ship - The Lady Nemesis. After a couple of close calls, drinking at afterlife, a fire fight and a wild encounter with Queen Aria - their stay on Omega has been somewhat fruitful. They've discovered that the scientist is on the run because his works would more likely than not, create chaos all across the galaxy. They've also found out that he was last seen on Sur'Kesh, but that the Blue Sun mercenaries that he had hired went dark and hadn't been heard back from in 2 days. So the team make their way back to the Lady Nemesis to leave Omega and head to Sur'Kesh, but upon their arrival - the ship is dark and seems to be locked down. They're now trying to get it up and running quickly in order to make their trip to Sur'Kesh in time to catch up with the scientist.
The teamZavia - Orphaned Quarian Infiltrator and team Pilot
Chase Brophy - Human Soldier
Urdnot Krom - Krogan Juggernaut
D.A.V.E - Shackled AI of the Lady Nemesis
P.A.T.C.H - Unshackled AI and Mastermind Engineer
Tasi Nar Nedas - Orphaned Quarian Engineer (AI Specialist)

If anyone is interested or has any questions, feel free to comment on this thread or send me a PM directly.

Thank you to all for taking the time to look at this!

I'm one of the current players and to make the deal even sweeter I'm starting a game after ME3 and a GM for this one can be a player in mine.

Posting tentative interest, with the prospect of playing in bduds game.
But need to read everything up. The game was sadly private before being archived.
Could you PM about your game idea, starting level etc.?

YAY! I know you were interested in joining this particular game to begin with - but were put off with the DM's rules.

Anyway. Happy reading. Hopefully it will get your interest peaked even more!

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