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Heroic Tier (Live Flashback Sessions) Application Questions

Heroic Tier (Live Flashback Sessions) Application Questions

Please use this forum for checking in, OOC discussion, and any questions you might have about your 1st level character proposals for the Live Flashback Sessions part of the game.

This was originally conceived to be the same party that is playing the paragon tier having "flashbacks" to their back story as a party. However since folks put forward good arguments that the folks who can do PbP may not be able to do live sessions and vice versa I've decided to split these two parts of the game into a kind of venn diagram. There is a party -- you folks -- working their way from level 1 to level 9 in a series of quick sessions and another party playing PbP at level 11 (up to about 14) in the same universe. Hopefully there will be a few PCs that are in both groups, but if they are not that is ok.

This Heroic Tier Flashback Campaign will take place as as series of encounters which will be separated in time over a 10 year period in the story. The PC will start at level 1 and we hope to check them out every level or two as they develop up to level 10.

One thing that will be a little different than the typical game is that I plan to try really hard to wrap each encounter up during the session (to the point where we'll just summarize the end of a fight if we run out of time) and then time will pass (which we can discuss in PbP fashion here between sessions) and the next encounter will pick up months later in story time.

Sessions will be 3-4 hours and will be held using teleconferencing and a game table. I expect the sessions to be held every two, three or 4 weeks (We'll work out the schedule as part of the application process). The PCs will level up every 1-3 sessions.

Teleconferencing will depend on what we find works. I've used google hangouts, discord, roll20, and old fashioned conference calls and they can all work (I've not had a lot of success with Roll20's integrated teleconferencing). I'd be willing to try apple facetime or facebook messenger or other solutions if other folks have had good experiences with them.

I expect we'll use Roll20 for the gaming table. I have seen it work pretty well with several games.

Please provide a 1st level character generated using 22 pt buy for stats.

Gold is per the standard rules.

Backgrounds are ok. Themes are ok. Hybrids are ok. No essentials classes, please. No evil or party-undermining characters, please. Go ahead and take one free expertise feat.

Check in here and then post your character in a new thread in this thread group. Provide a link to the character sheet and the usual description and background.

One final thing that is unique about this game is that you can switch your characters out during the game. Since each session is an isolated vingnette from the long story of the PCs adventures you can play two or three different character concepts if you want. We'll just say that over the years the party membership shifted. So you can start with a wizard and then if you want to play a barbarian for few levels and then switch back to the wizard that is ok. In the narrative we'll just say the wizard split from the group for a while, they picked up a barbarian and then when the barbarian went his own way the bumped back into the wizard. Months may pass in game time between sessions so this should work well.

Hoping for more.
It's hard for me to say much about a character ahead of time. I tend to learn them by playing them.

I put my level 1 and 11 characters into the same application, since it would be the same character

All three heroic tier applications were accepted. It will make for an interesting party, but i am confident we can make it work.

Heroic Tier Live Game

whispermagellan playing Elen (Eladrin Fighter)

geekehedron playing Bonthony Copperjinx (Gnome Swordmage)


wapsii playing Crimsonbeard Millerson (Human Druid)

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