Character Creation Details

The Commitment

Hi all and welcome.

In PbP, I consider the application process to be a serious endeavor with the goal of a world we can invest hundreds of hours in together.

As such, my expectations for applications might be higher than what you're used to. I view apps like a job application. I know how much work GMs put into creating campaigns and if I'm serious about involvement I want my application to stand out. I'm hoping to find four (and only four) who feel the same and are in for the long haul.

Riftwar will be a coming-of-age, zero to hero, long term campaign that I dream will one day run from 1-20 when the heroes retire to the shire/walk off into the sunset/mourn fallen companions/sit in rocking chairs, smoking pipes, and growing old together.

I commit to the following and expect the same commitment from players:
  • A consistent posting rate of a minimum of two times per week (more sometimes when things flow well.)*
  • A firm commitment not to "ghost (vanish without notice.)"*
  • Creative, fun, and cooperative play. Brief posts are sometimes called for (especially in combat situations) but in general, a post should be descriptive, tell us what your character is thinking, feeling, and doing, and give others something to respond to/work with. PbP is a lot like improv comedy or group storytelling.

    Here's a couple links to solid sample posts:

    - -

There will be two kinds of players that read this: 1) The player that thinks, "Man this is too much." 2) The player that thinks, "This is exactly the kind of campaign I was looking for."

This campaign is for the second type.

Still here? Nuts and bolts are below.

* I know real life can get in the way of PbP and I am a firm believer in "real life first.' However, communication is a huge key to PbP success and if a player is going to miss they should communicate such except in emergency situations and even then through someone else if possible. If, as GM, you haven't heard from me in due time it's because a) I'm dead, b) I'm in a coma, c) I'm trapped under something heavy. In the case of any of these I'll make sure my wife informs everyone except in the very rare case that she and I both share the above.

If a player vanishes for a week without notice I will reach out for communication. If two weeks pass the player will be replaced. Lagging players will be nudged once or twice and if holding everyone up will be replaced. None of this is to be mean but to prevent the problems that kill so many games.

The Crunch
Application Deadline: March 1, 2019 - I am setting a long deadline to give everyone ample time to complete excellent applications. I will be available during this process to answer questions and might have time for some advice/reviews. If you think you are complete, hit me up.

Where to post: Start a Thread in the APPLICATIONS folder inside CHARACTER CREATION with your character's name and race. Read below for guidelines.

Sources: Any official WoTC hardcover is allowed including any race, multiclass, or archetype. Make sure and read "The Crud" below to find out how this might get you in trouble. UA Ranger is allowed. Other UA by request but I might make modifications.

Starting Level: 0

At the beginning of the game you are an adventurer's apprentice but have already chosen your starting class. You have all proficiencies, skills, and equipment of your starting class and background but have none of the listed 1st level abilities. Your proficiency bonus is +1 Caster classes have already learned their cantrips. Any questions about this, ask in the OOC.

Attributes: 27 point buy. HERE's a good calculator.

Alignment: Any non-evil alignment.

Starting Gear: Class equipment plus background.

Hit Points: Max -2 at 0 level, bumped to Max at 1st. Average rounded up thereafter.

The Creation
You are a young person in the city of Myth Drannor that has just a year ago gone through "The Election," a once-every-five-years coming-of-age ceremony where various craftsmen, guildsmen, and even skilled peasants are allowed to select a
protégé. The four of you were selected to some of the most coveted positions in the city as:
  • Squire to the Knight Prince himself, Alejandro Cavarubios, defender of Myth Drannor.
  • Student of Gannon Matthiason, archmage and advisor to the Knight Prince.
  • Acolyte of Gronlim Ograduum, bishop, barkeep, and blacksmith.
  • Apprentice to Merith Rhistel, master runner and reconnoiter.

More Details on the four mentors HERE.

Each of these mentorships represents a specific role in the old-school party of warrior, caster, priest, rogue/utility of which I will be selecting one of each. There is great flexibility in each of these categories (a monk can be a squire, a feylock or whispers bard can be mentored by a wizard, etc ...) but your application should clearly state the one or two mentors you believe your character might qualify for, and then, depending on selection, you should be prepared to fill that party role.

I am open to multiple applications (up to 4 if you desire) - one for each mentor should you choose to do so but I caution against quantity taking away from quality.

Application Requirements: I'm hoping to be wowed.

I know there are a hundred formats and templates out there on MW and other sites and I consider learning to navigate those waters to be one of the signs a player is willing to work to make a game great.* I have no specific requirements for an application's format except to say I hope to see you've taken it seriously. When I read your application I hope to have a good feel for the "character" behind your character. Ask questions about your character and then work those answers in. "What are her greatest fears?", "How does she respond when shamed?", "What are his romantic interests?", "How deeply ingrained are his religious beliefs?" Description, background, writing samples, expected party role, mechanics, and even good formatting go into what I consider an excellent character app. I leave it up to you what you offer with some form of character sheet (does not have to be official MW), a background, description, and chosen mentor as the bare minimum.

I have many friends on the Weave at this point but I will, in each of the four categories, be going with the applications I consider the strongest. In a case where two might be equally strong I will decide based on my gut and who I think might make for the most interesting party dynamics.

Here's a few sample applications I either developed myself or thought solid in one way or another:

- -

*One of the reasons I am opening this up for recruiting and not automatically pulling from the many excellent players and friends on the site is that I remember what it was like to be new to Myth Weavers and want so badly to get into a good game. I would like to create that possibility for others. If you are new to the site and willing to put in the work, feel free to PM me and I'm happy to assist in the application/building process.

(HINT) There is a LOT of excellent formatting buried in this post. Hit the "quote" button and steal it.

The Crud (Other stuff)
Here's some puddle-of-mud random tips/thoughts and pre-emptive answers that might help you in the application process or decide if you even want to put in the effort.
  • I am biased against anime/cartoon-ish portraits. I would like this campaign to have a sense of realism and believe those styles take away from that.
  • Characters should be well-developed and interesting. There should be something mixed in with traits/flaws/backgrounds/quirks that makes your character stand out as memorable.
  • I will always appreciate player input into the world around them. You will have some freedom to shape the storyline, locations, and the like and I'm never more than a PM away if you have ideas/suggestions. I won't always go with it but I'll always consider.
  • We will sometimes use good maps, sometimes lame drawings, and sometimes theater of mind but I will always try and consider distance, movement, etc as if we are on a grid system.
  • I think as written, wild sorcs are lame and have a system in place to improve this. PM me if you're interested.
  • Critical hits and critical fumbles will have consequences other than the standard.
  • You can pick any race from the official literature but you must have good reason why your young bugbear/kenku/goblin/ghostwise halfling is in Myth Drannor. Standard races most likely have the best chance of getting in unless the justification is fantastic. Humans have a tiny leg up. I'll will most likely only allow one exotic race in the four, if any at all.
  • Variant humans are allowed.
  • Multiclassing/flying races/yuan-ti purebloods are all allowed but apart from the above-mentioned caveat you should also know that beyond having a solid backstory for your feral tiefling hexplade paladorc, you should be aware I will ramp up any challenges to match the amount of min/maxing I perceive, if, somehow you manage to get in.
  • You are a collection of four good and fairly normal kids trying to make it in the world. You may or may not have confidence in your own abilities. You might be shocked the mentor chose you or might feel like you've been groomed from birth for this momentous occasion but either way, this is a coming-of-age tale. Your guy or gal should be young and inexperienced at the beginning. Your character should start at an age between 13 and 18 for humans or comparable age for other races.
  • If you choose Chaotic Neutral as an alignment you'll need to convince me that you can get along with the other youth in the group and grow into adulthood in peace (as friends.)
  • All four of you will have known each other previously in some fashion. I am open to joint applications but recognize this comes with risk/reward.
  • I'm not a guy who gets in too deep with "canon lore." I'm more concerned with telling a great story and creating great friends among characters/players. This campaign will be based in Faerun where maps/deities/major cities and such are concerned, but only loosely. Don't be shocked if the "ruling council" of Waterdeep has been replaced with a Cloud Giant tyrant or the Greycloak Hills have never been fully explored. I reserve the right to ignore canon and have fun.
  • There will be some radical fast forwards at various parts in the campaign that might span years.
  • I will be checking your current games to see your consistency in activity. If for some reason that is not reflective of where you are in life, please let me know why somewhere in your app.
  • Your application should include some comments in a private tag to me, related to the involvement criteria spelled out above. Can we bank on you to take this seriously?
  • I believe in the creative writing axioms of "show, don't tell" and "adverbs are the enemy." If that sounds unfamiliar, Google is your friend.
  • Related to the above, I know PbP is a hobby and requires time so there are no writing or grammar police here, but the "edit" button is always one click away. Taking pride in one's writing helps us all. I'll do my best and hope you will too.
  • Your backstory should end the night before "The Election" with you having no idea who will select you if anyone at all. (Hint) This is a great starting point for a writing sample.

Got Questions?

The Q&A thread is HERE.

Or, a Discord Channel for Riftwar has been created. Feel free to join HERE.