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The Promised Hour: A First World Adventure

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The Promised Hour: A First World Adventure

The Promised Hour - Forum
Pathfinder - Golarion

The Debt Comes Due
The world splits open, as if a razor was run across its invisible seams, and bees pour out. The tiny insects swarm out by the hundreds but, like paper airplanes tossed into a blast furnace, blaze white hot and turned to floating ash not inches from the mouth of the humming portal. Through the scintillating maw of another world, you can see what looks for all the world like a plain reception room, much like you'd find in colleges and trading houses anywhere in Avistan, save for its octagonal shape and unusually high concentration of bees. A handsome, dapper man stands just on the other side, holding a long, slender knife. Everything about him, from his black suit to his quaffed hair, is immaculate despite the swarming insects all about. With an air of mild boredom, he raises a pocket watch, flicks it open and checks something in its face.

Apparently, satisfied by whatever he saw, the man clears his throat and addresses you from across the tear in the fabric of reality in a voice that buzzes with power. To whom it may concern, firstly, your debt has been sold on the secondary investment market to a third party, of which I am a representative. Secondly, your principal balance of one hour is now due in full. The truth of his words vibrates through your very soul, leaving you cold and aching. In that moment, you become desperately certain the thing across from you is not a man, not a mortal and not to be trifled with.

With a flick the pocket watch disappears and he reaches a languid hand through the portal. It immediately becomes blanketed with ash. Well, he sighs, the others are waiting. Come with me please and we may discuss the terms of your repayment. If you do not, you will be found in breach of contract and forfeit your collateral of all experiences prior to the commencement of your contract. Don't be stingy; it's only an hour. I'm told that, despite your kind's finite lifespans, you should have plenty more. He blinks and glances about, air of seriousness abating for a moment, Is it the bees? Between you and me, I think they're a bit too ostentatious but we all have to put up with the eccentricities of our employers. Regardless, I assure you, they are quite tame.
The HookSome time ago, four experienced adventures made deals at the Witchmarket for something of great value. For this, they paid the price of one hour, to be redeemed at a later date.

That date has arrived and it is time to pay up. Prepare to explore the First World, fight the Tane and rub shoulders with Eldest as you find out just what it means to make a deal with the fey.

This game is set in Pathfinder's world of Golarion.
CharactersFull Character Creation Rules Here

Allowed Sources: All Paizo (Unchained Preferred), all Dreamscarred, all Spheres, Lost Spheres Publishing, Akashic Trinity

Starting Level: 15 Gestalt
Acceptable Races: Core, Featured, Uncommon, Standard, Advanced, Akashic Races, Psionic Races, no Drow Noble
Ability Scores: Point Buy 31
Hit Points: Max
Starting Gold: 300,000gp, no more than half of which can be spent on any one item
Variants: Background Skills, No Feat Taxes, Advanced/Legendary Talents, Emerging Guns, Fractional BAB (optional for existing characters)

Spoils of the Witchmarket: Choose 1
  • Mutation: 20 RP added to your race. Cannot be spent on Ability Score Qualities. If spent on other qualities, they replace your current quality. Do not refund replaced qualities. You may apply a template to your character by spending 5 RP per CR increase. Third-party templates may be approved.
  • Wealth: 100,000gp extra starting gold and a minor artifact of your choice.
  • Destiny: Mythic Tier II
  • Memory: Become a Tristalt character with levels in your third classes equal to half the levels in your first two rounded down (you'd start as a 15 | 15 | 7).

Game Description:

This story starts years ago. It starts in different places, at different time but it starts the same way. Each of you found yourself at the Witchmarket and each of you made a deal with the fey.

The fey are known to ask strange prices for their boons. Gold is never enough, some have given up parts their senses, memories and emotions. But for these prices, wondrous things can be gained. A new body, a noble title, even a great destiny, to name a few.

Even though you made your deals separately, at different times, without knowledge of one another, the price for each was the same. From your deal, you gained something incredible, perhaps even something that allowed you to save the world. And the price for this, well, at the time it probably seemed just a small thing. For all that you gained, you paid only this: one hour.

It has been some time since you made your compact, perhaps you even thought that the fey would never come. But, for immortal beings, the fey never forget to collect what they are owed. Now, the time has come and you will learn just how much it costs to own an hour to the Eldest.

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Holy crap on a crap basket!


...I'll have something up in a bit.

Goodness... I could spend a month creating a character for this hour.

Any limits on pets? Eidolons, Drake's, familiars, companions, purchased beasts...

Originally Posted by TeaLeaf the Smart View Post
Goodness... I could spend a month creating a character for this hour.

Any limits on pets? Eidolons, Drake's, familiars, companions, purchased beasts...

No limits on pets. Well, no mechanical limits. The First World is a dangerous, unpredictable place, not the place to bring a large number of weak creatures and/or people. They might get... lost.

This looks super complicated and a crazy fun mess...I love it.


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