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The Tomb

"I don't suppose any of you spell-slingers can teleport us closer to the necromancer? That would be helpful." Abrecan asks his companions.

"Alas, teleportation magic of any kind will not function at all inside that room, due to the forbiddance effect," Nasri answers Abrecan with a shake of his head. He turns to Varrik, "That is an excellent plan. I can try to counterspell him, but he is a more experienced wizard than I, so unless I am lucky and have the exact spell he is casting prepared, it will be something of, uh, a crap-shoot," he says, shrugging and giving a small, abashed smile.

"Spells that protect against fire would be useful against the salamanders, though I don't have any prepared. And it's true, Black, he may no longer be in that chamber, but that's where I'd be if I were him. It is the most fortified location, and when one makes powerful enemies, as he has, one runs a significant risk operating without protection from scrying magic and teleportation. That room offers him both. Any information about the layout would be a great help, too," he agrees.

Varrik takes out his bow. "It's settled then. I'll sound my horn and keep my bow trained on him to attempt to interrupt any spells he casts. My song should carry through the entire room, and this way I can serve dual purpose."

"Don't ya worry none about the Bastard when it comes t' fire...," sneered Black as he tapped his Frenzy. "Ya turn him into a troll an' he'll bait them soddin' worms proper!"

From what he understood about the basics of polymorphing, he wouldn't have the regenerative powers of a troll -- but he wouldn't have the vulnerabilities either. And that might prove to be a tempting bait to a salamander...

"It is a substantial room." The archon replies to Nasri. "As wide as these three rooms put together, and as long."

That would put it at about 180' by 180', being pretty huge. About the same size as the big space the group entered all the way up on the first floor, where the scorpionfolk had been hanging out.

"There are pillars and statues lining the center-left and center-right. Several of the large golden globes but their effects seem to have been broken here and elsewhere, so I must imagine he has destroyed them in there as well."

"Little in the way of cover besides the pillars, but a wizard surely has his ways of making some where none exists."

Abrecan nods affirmatively. "All right, let's do this! Do we storm in in hope of getting the element of surprise or open the door and lure the enemies out to face fewer at a time?"

"We have to storm in if we hope to keep Hagreave from casting." Varrik replies out of the side of his mouth, bow drawn, horn ready.

Nasri nods agreement.

"Baiting out some of the lesser creatures might make it easier, but it will also give Hargreave more time to fortify himself and the room with magic. As things stand, he can't know exactly when the battle will be joined, so he cannot cast the most potent magics to prepared, as those often have short durations. If we show our hand but do not take the fight to him immediately, the minions may be more easily managed but he certainly won't be."

"You just say when we're rollin' in. The Bastard don't wanna shoot his wad too early when it comes t' spell-slingin'..." Black flexed his fingers. Protecting himself from fire was one thing, but he wanted to maximize every second he had in that room when it came to buffing his strength via magic.

The plans are made, then set in motion. Nasri takes down the wards on the doors one after another. Then the party re-conjures all of their newfound allies. In the final moments before they barge inside, the group's spellcasters layer various protective and other magics on everyone. After that, it's just a moment before they are all in position.


The doors burst open as the archons, elementals, and the djinni all rush through. The party follows shortly behind them. They find themselves in a vast, pillared room, just like their new companions described. Lights they had brought with them push back the gloom inside, and Abrecan can see even farther into the darkness.

Well, he could. But tendrils of supernatural shadow are roiling in the middle-right of the room. The enemies inside are shrouded in it, harder to see as they stand in the remnants of shadows that otherwise should have been banished by light and darkvision.

Facing them, the party can see a row of skeletons and ghasts set up as an ever-watchful first line of defense. They have seen many skeletons already, but the ghasts are new even if they were expecting a few. They are emaciated, bony humanoids with gray skin mottled with sickly purple splotches. They grin and snap their jaws hungrily at the intruders, squatting on all fours and tensing up as they get ready to do battle.

The defenders have strewn debris from destroyed statues in between the pillars, creating a line of difficult terrain covered in broken arms, legs, other stony body parts, and even shattered pieces of pedestals. Beyond that, the party can see fonts of water and a pile of burnt-out coals in a fire pit. Even farther back is a second line of pillars and debris, followed by a strange diagram on the floor that only Abrecan can see.

If Hargreave or his other minions are here, they aren't visible yet (even to Nasri).

Round 1:

Map Link

The weird spikes of darkness on the map are from how maptool handles pillars blocking vision. I assumed several castings of light cantrips to be sure everyone could see at least near them. What's revealed includes Abrecan's darkvision, but everything seen inside the area outlined with bold black lines has concealment (20% miss chance).

Since it's such a big combat, tracking initiative would be a hassle. Instead I will give the party a whole round for their surprise round instead of just one action, and then go right to the enemy's first turn. So after assuming the NPCs opened the door and then everyone took one action and moved through, the party still gets to take another action. So everyone gets another move or standard. Also, it's ok if you want to start somewhere slightly different, just let me know since I assumed where everyone would move to.

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