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Ears of the Whisperer: shadowy group of the deity Issolatha

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Creating NPCsWant to make your own NPCs to add to the lore and color of our Living Pathfinder world? Well, you can! Just follow these simple instructions....

When creating NPCs, please include the following information:
  • Name
  • Location
  • Race
  • Age
  • Alignment
  • Class/Job/Role
  • Picture
  • Appearance
  • Motivations
  • Personality
  • Mechanics

Submit your new NPC as a new thread in the Proposal Forum.
Please copy/paste the code from this spoiler block for your own templates:
*Use the 'noparse' tags first/last in the spoiler at the end of the copied code.

Almar Ben Shawari
Name: Almar Ben Shawari
Location: The Mystic Pearl, Venza

Race: Human
Age: Old, unknown

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Job: Proprietor of the Mystic Pearl

Appearance: This shriveled old fellow possesses a long dangling white beard as if to make up for the lack of hair on his head. Cannot stand tall.. old age has him hunched over. Always draped in typical merchant clothes, complete with cloak and fitted cap. Missing his upper front teeth.

Motivation: A business man through and through. Keeps all business legal and on the up and up. Fair prices for purchasing and selling. Profit is his key focus.

Personality: Almar always welcomes and is ingratiating towards his customers. He aims to please, but does not consider himself below them. He looks and sounds like a sneaky fellow, but his intentions are pure. "And please always remember the Pearl's money back guarantee - we guarantee we won't give you your money back! Please come again!"

Mechanics: See the Mystic Pearl Thread

Fulmen the Shocking
Name: Fulmen the Shocking
Location: The Dunn Wright Inn, Venza

Race: Shocker Lizard
Age: Unknown

Alignment: Neutral
Class/Job/Role: House pet of the Dunn Wright Inn

Appearance: This dog-sized lizard has two horns, one on either side of its head, and green scales that crackle with sparks of lightning. Fulmen has a pale blue underside, with darker blue scales covering elsewhere on its 3-foot-long body, and weighs about 25 pounds.

Motivation: Fulmen is a shocker lizard that some adventurers rescued from the clutches of a vampire goblin chief that had been capturing the local farmers near the town of Wildgate. As the lizard was a key part of their final victory against the chief and freeing the farmers, the adventurers wanted to do what they could to help Fulman out, but everyone already had an animal to take care of or was not the right temperment to be comfortable with a pet. To that end, they decided to bring Fulmen back to where the adventure began and see if the staff of the Dunn Wright Inn would like a mascot.

Although Grog was initially reluctant, Fulmen settled in almost immediately, and even Grog can be caught sneaking the shocker lizard a treat when he thinks no one is looking. Fulmen spends most of the day in the common room either watching from a small rock near the bar brought in for him or wandering around "patrolling" for trouble and any food that might have "accidentally" been dropped on the floor that needed to be cleaned up, often loitering around tables where particularly friendly or troublesome guests of the Inn are sitting. At night, he usually retires one of the backrooms just off the kitchen.

Personality: While often friendly and polite, even willing to allow other animals to occasionally use his rock while he is wandering around the room, the scars from his time as a captive to the goblins remains, and he has little patience for those that challenge his adopted family, the staff of the Inn, and he expects any animals that wish to use his rock while it is unattended to immediately recognize his superior claim to the perch when he is ready to recline and watch from a distance. Just as he protects the staff of the Inn, they protect him from any trouble that troublesome patrons may wish to bring upon the living mascot of the busy Inn.

Mechanics: As the monster entry.

Name: Grog
Location: The Dunn Wright Inn, Venza

Race: Half-Orc
Age: Early middle-age

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class/Job/Role: Bartender at the Dunn Wright Inn

Appearance: He is a large man, over 6' 5" and has big meaty hands. His arms are bare and display the many scars of battles fought long in the past. His simple clothes cover the rest of his various other scars. His gruff exterior hides a thoughtfulness in eyes.

Motivation: Grog is a half-orc retired adventurer working at the Dunn Wright Inn as bartender and bouncer. He spent several years adventuring but was never good with money. So while he has years of experience, he was never able to settle down and retire comfortably. After settling in Venza he was fine with being employed at the tavern since he understands the adventurous spirits and can spot trouble often before it happens.

Personality: He has been known to personally deal with handfuls of novice adventurers all be himself and rarely tolerates obnoxious ones that don't realize they are too big for their britches. "Dat's ork piss. Ya want some of the gud stuf, foa silva a mug."

Mechanics: He enjoys serving a special kobold's brew that some adventurers found in a lair, watching the novices test their fortitude to see if they can stomach the drink.

On drinking half, Fort Save DC15. Failure grants Nauseated condition for 30 minutes with 1d3 episodes of vomiting. Failure by more than 5, gains unconscious condition after vomiting within 2 minutes. Once Fort Save is made, never need to roll it again to avoid Nausea.

Passing the Save, drinker acquires Sickened condition from being drunk. If he continues to drink and finish a mug, the penalty increases to -3. Each mug consumed afterwards, adds cumulative -1 to the penalties. On finishing 2nd mug and each mug after that, Fort Save DC 12 is required to maintain consciousness.

Drinkers are encouraged to wager on who can drink the longest. Cost is 1sp per mug.

Skills: Perception +9-19, Sense Motive +12-22, Knowledge Local +5-15

Otherwise, use a basic fighter template level 8 to 18, depending on what's needed.

Name: Grunger
Location: The Dunn Wright Inn, Venza

Race: Dwarf
Age: Early adult

Alignment: Lawful Good
Class/Job/Role: Unemployed adventurer

Appearance: His primary weapon is the battleaxe. His axe, although nice looking, is not a real weapon, but rather a dress weapon, and not suitable for the rigors of combat. (DC 15 with any appropriate skill Craft or Knowledge skill to detect.)

Motivation: Grunger is a novice dwarven warrior with little idea of what adventuring is really like. Most pointedly, he believes adventuring groups have a special spot reserved for dwarf warriors, and has attempted to claim this spot on at least two occasions. He has yet to be hired. About the only true thing he knows about adventuring is that employers do come to the Dunn Wright Inn to find talent, so he hangs out there looking for his next job.

Personality: Over-confident, ever hopeful. Stereotypical dwarf. "Grunger claims the dwarven warrior spot!"

Mechanics: Use any basic level 1 dwarf fighter template.

Name: Jangles
Location: The Dunn Wright Inn, Venza

Race: Halfling
Age: Young Adult

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Class/Job/Role: Gambler

Appearance: Jangles is short, even for a halfling. He's dressed in sleek, fashionable clothes of Venzan culture. He has greased back hair and a matching greased-back smile.

Motivation: He frequents the Dunn Wright Inn looking for willing participants to play a game of chance with dice, "Ship, Captain, and Crew."

Personality: Jangles is a local to Venza and a professional dice player by trade. He does have some local knowledge as well. If ever a barroom brawl breaks out he is a coward and he gets out of dodge fast. "Good afternoon Gents, care for a game of chance?"

Mechanics: This game is called "Port of Call", sometimes shortened to just "Port." It's played with five dice. The object of the game is to roll a six (the "ship"), a five ("Captain"), and a four ("crew") with three dice, and get the highest score with the other two dice ("the ship's cargo").

Play: Each player antes at the beginning of the game. It is common for the first person of each round to set the ante for that particular round. The first player then rolls the dice with the goal of getting a six, a five, and a four. Any dice which do not match the player's current goal can be rerolled as long as the "shooter" descends in order of six, five, four. A player gets up to three rolls to make the ship, Captain and crew. Once doing so, the remaining dice are added together to form the player's score. A player who makes ship, captain and crew in fewer than three rolls can choose to reroll the remaining dice, in hopes of a better score. If a player decides to continue rolling, their previous high score does not count towards their final score. For example, a player's first roll may be 3, 3, 3, 6, and 4. Although the player rolled both a 6 and 4, they can keep only the 6. The player rerolls the other four dice, and gets 5, 4, 1, and 2, which gives them the ship (from the first roll), Captain and crew. The remaining dice are added together to form the player's score for this round. At this point, having rolled the dice only twice, the player can choose either to stay with the current score and pass the dice on to the next player, or to roll the dice a third time (setting aside the 6, 5 and 4). Play proceeds clockwise. A player who fails to make ship, captain and crew gets no score for that turn.

Winning: The player with the highest score at the end of the round wins the entire pot.

Other Rules: When beginning the second round, play begins with the player to the right of the first player in the previous round. In other words, while gameplay goes clockwise, the first player of each round moves counter-clockwise. A popular alternate to the above rule: The player who won the last round starts the next round. In the event of a tie or draw, no one wins the pot; all players ante again and play another round.

Odds and Ends: The last person to throw the dice in a round is "the hammer." The current winning score is "the point." It's common to hear someone who is not keeping up ask, "What's the point and who's the hammer?"

Name: Marla
Location: The Dunn Wright Inn, Venza

Race: Tielfling
Age: 22

Alignment: Neutral Good
Class/Job/Role: Barmaid

Appearance: Small for her race, but able-bodied. Dresses in common clothes, with lots of pockets for carrying all the things barmaid might have to carry. Function trumps beauty.

Motivation: Happy to have found a steady job helping out Grog in the Dunn Wright Inn. A reliable and dependable worker. Flourishes when she is the busiest.

Personality: Marla is friendly, but assertive, she does not take rudeness lightly and gives as good as she gets. She is very guarded, and self conscious about her fiendish heritage with a habit of unconsciously pulling her hair up to cover her small horns. "The service comes as soon as you grow some manners, so no time soon I'm guessing."

Mechanics: Use the commoner template with ranks in Perception and Profession (Barmaid)

Name: Rhibahn
Location: Arcane Row, Venza

Race: Half-Elf
Age: 36

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class/Job/Role: Real Estate Agent

Appearance: Well-kept and manicured. Tall, thin face with dark black hair. Facial hair is groomed.

Motivation: Rhibahn is a half-elven real estate merchant with an office in the Arcane Row so he can attract richer clientele. He deals in the rental and sales of apartments and homes in Venza. While he prefers selling higher class homes, he will take the time to help all who need a roof and bed.

Personality: Friendly, but business like. Can hawk down a deal like no other.

Mechanics: Commoner template, with ranks in Appraisal and Profession (Real Estate)

The Assistant Bartender
Name: The Assistant Bartender
Location: The Dunn Wright Inn, Venza

Race: Human
Age: Middle-aged

Alignment: Lawful Good
Class/Job/Role: Assistant Bartender at the Dunn Wright Inn

Appearance: Clean and neat. Cropped hair complete with shaped mustache and beard. Tall and sturdy. Not too shabby looking, well-dressed.

Motivation: No one knows how long the assistant has worked in the Dunn Wright. Always seems to appear when the tavern is really busy and Grog is overwhelmed. There have been rumblings and rumors that he is secretly the owner of the Dunn Wright Inn, but this has yet to be substantiated.

Personality: Very quiet, almost a mute. Doesn't offer any conversation. The most he ever says are pleasantries like his 'pleases' and 'thank you's'.

Mechanics: Use the commoner template, with skill ranks in Diplomacy and Profession (Bartender).


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