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Myth Weavers' Milestones

And just when you thought the internet was nothing more than racist comment threads on Youtube cat videos, along comes PbP sites like MW to save the friggin' day. Cheers and happy gaming, all!

Kind of late as this happened last week, but it still counts.

I completed my first adventure/dungeon/module (whatever the correct term is) as a TTRPG gamer.

Once in Waterdeep a D&D Adventurer League game ran by @Gumboy (thanks again!).

Got to battle some magic brooms and giant chickens (Kenku's) and had a blast.

Here's to many more!

Congrats, Trantor! I hope you do get to complete many more adventures.

Today, I released a book. This, in itself, is not particularly notable. I've done it many times over the past several years. But this one is special.

This one is a professional, paying anthology that marks the transition of my career from mere author to also being an editor and publisher. Everybody who worked on this book (except me, obviously, as the publisher) was paid a fair market rate for their work. The cover artist got paid, the copyeditor got paid, and the authors of the stories got paid.

I'm really proud of this book and this moment. It's the culmination of 16 months of work on an idea that popped up almost three years ago. Lots of people helped in ways large and small, and I wouldn't be doing this without a whole mess of authors, editors, and other fine folk giving me a helping hand.

The book is called Swords, Sorcery, & Self-Rescuing Damsels, and it's available starting today on all the major platforms in ebook, print, and audio:

Way to go Dauphinous!

Congrats Dauph!

Also, the book is awesome! Wonderful read today at lunch!

I got to finish another game here at MW. It was a Trail of Cthulhu convention-style scenario, and it took us almost exactly a year to play. My character and the other character I took over both survived . . . barely. Props to @Humble1 for a fun game, for sticking with us, and for not killing us all.

Nice, Butchern! It's always great to see a game reach a successful completion! And double points for surviving anything involving Cthulhu. Tell me at least you were driven permanently insane?

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