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This week in video games...

I just knew that as soon as I saw Johnny Frikken Silverhand in the new CP2077 trailer, that @Cirlot would be posting about it.

FWIW, I'm 100% with you folks on your theory. Johnny's either a clone (since that's already been done before in canon), or he's a GITM. Either would be cool...I'm just so stoked for this game that I cant contain it.

Also, is it just me, of does the fixer guy who turns on V look/sound a lot like Mike Pondsmith?

Also also; Wireless cyberlimb hacking?!? Man, I am SOOOOOO gonna play a hacker my first runthrough!

EDIT: Watched the trailer a few more times and it looks like parts of Johnny fade out of V's view a couple times during his 'reboot'. So, I'm definitely thinking y'all are right about him being a GITM. I hope that means that ALT and Rache might make an appearance, maybe even an AI version of Morgan. I mean, Mike always said those four were his favorite NPC's, so even if all 4 aren't in the game, I'm sure there will be at least homages to them.

Originally Posted by Arklytte View Post
I just knew that as soon as I saw Johnny Frikken Silverhand in the new CP2077 trailer, that @Cirlot would be posting about it.
Ooooh, @Cirlot, are you our resident Cyberpunk expert here? I've actually always wanted to play a game of the original tabletop game, especially for that feeling of "Cassette Futurism" where in what we got right and what we got so, so wrong. (Like fax machines still being used and $4000 cell phones where savable contacts are its major selling feature alongside flying freakin' cars!)

Because there's nothing that brings a smile to my face like opening up a book that claims, "It is the year 2013. It is... the future."

@Cirlot's probably one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to the CP universe. I consider myself pretty high level expert on it, but Cirlot's LORE: Cyberpunk skill blows mine completely out of the water.

The original CP2013 and CP2020 (which is MILES better IMO) are fantastic games. The system is...well, it's good, not great, but it's simple enough that it's easy to pick up and it gets the job done. But the lore is just incredible! The world is incredibly vibrant, deep, and it was created at the height of the 'Cyber-Revolution' in popular fiction during the 80's. It has influences from William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, George Alec Effinger, Phillip K Dick, Neal Stephenson, Pat Cadigan, and more. The 'perspective characters' like Johnny Silverhand, Alt, Rache Bartmoss, Morgan Blackhand, and others really came to life in every splat book. It was one, giant cohesive world and it was amazing.

Of course, then they had to go and truly screw it up with 203X, which SUUUUUUUUUCKED!! But we dont talk about 203X.

Originally Posted by Arklytte View Post
The original CP2013 and CP2020 (which is MILES better IMO) are fantastic games. The system is...well, it's ok, but the lore is just incredible.
Nnnnngggh, that worries me then. I've had a similar experience with a system to playing Shadowrun for the first time with a group of friends that deteriorated into a TPK and during our first big run where the sheer weight of the game systems not just bogged the game down but cut down all four of us in about three rounds of combat. I myself, not even near the best when it comes to math, attempted to throw a grenade into a building to stop a machine gunner. I took one look at the grenade rules, felt my brain frying and eyes glazing over and decided than trying to figure out how much damage the concussive waves would affect the guy, and the surrounding walls reverberating possibly into falling over, I just kamikaze'd the guy because I had two points in my condition box anyways.

Is CP anything like that nonsense?

No, actually, the CyberPunk system is almost the polar opposite of Shadowrun's. It's one of the reasons why, while I absolutely ADORE the Shadowrun setting/lore, I DESPISE the system.

CP uses a much simpler system. You have 8 stats, which run from 1 to 10. You then get skills based on your archetype (Cop, Corp, Rocker, Hacker, etc) and the skills also range from 1 to 10. You resolve pretty much everything by adding your skill, the appropriate stat, and rolling a d10. There are a few derived stats and that's basically it.

Combat is just as straightforward. Attacking someone is 1d10+Reflex+Combat/Weapon Skill vs a target number, which is based on range and modifiers (for guns) or vs the target's Reflex+Combat Skill +1d10 for melee. There are situational modifiers and whatnot, but there are easy to read charts in the book, and it slow walks you through pretty much every scenario.

But at it's core, it's Stat + Skill + 1d10, either vs a target or opposed by someone else's roll of Stat + Skill + 1d10. Basically, just crunchy enough to facilitate the game and the rest of all about the roleplaying.

I've come to appreciate some of the crunchier systems over the years (Pathfinder is still my favorite system, mechanically, even when it's...difficult), but Cyberpunk is still my favorite game overall, and always will be.

The trailer was so well done though, on CP2077. Like, I was on the edge of my seat. It's incredibly exciting to see what will keep coming out for it!!

I find myself quite curious to see the extent to which The Keanu is involved.

We're finally getting a Final Fantasy VIII remaster! The black sheep of the modern age will make its debut on all systems this year. Good stuff.

Also, The Last Remnant - a formerly Playstation-exclusive RPG in the vein of the SaGa series - just landed on Switch. As a guy who has been waiting ten years to play that damned game, this makes me one very happy JRPG geek today.

It's shaping up for quite a good upcoming year or two for video games what with CP2077, FFVIII, Vampire the Masquerade , Baldur's Gate 3 ....

Spoilt for choice.

Throw in the new Fire Emblem game this summer and I'll be all set for quite awhile.

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