The Writers' Workshop folder (name subject to change) is for discussing technical aspects of writing an active work in progress, for matching readers and writers, and for soliciting help with works in progress.

Feel free to post threads on writing topics directly relating to your work in progress.

As a group we have decided to use Google Docs as our standard means of exchanging stories not meant for general viewing.

Readers will come in two flavors, alphas and betas (terms borrowed from other writing circle boards).

Alphas will be given Viewer status by the author on Google Docs. Alphas can read and give suggestions, either via email or PM (or whatever means the author and alpha agree to).

Betas will be given Collaborator status by the author (on Google Docs) with the understanding that the Beta will not edit the work (unless specifically requested by the author) but will instead will insert comments into the text itself. This is done by typing a comment into the text, selecting the comment, then selecting Insert-->Comment or Ctrl+M.