Mass Combat Rules

Mass Combat Rules

Here is a thread to discuss the conversion to 4e mass combat rules.

All the feats will require redoing because they rely on Leadership scores.

I think in keeping with how many other feats are laid out, I think they should be incremental. Rather than +1, I would recommend +2. Gives a better feel for spending a feat on Mass Combat.

What is Knowledge: Warfare replaced by Skill-wise?

Why does limit casualties only apply if you win?

We ought to hammer out the new mass combat rules before we worry too much about the feats, methinks.

There's a skill challenges of war series on the The Core Mechanic blog that fits this real well. Lemme edit in a link, if anything its a good starting point.

Hmmm... very interesting. Skill challenges would be a great mechanic, perhaps to add bonuses to some sort of core role based on armies, etc.

Do you happen to have any in-game references of how the Mass Combat system plays out? I see the rules, but I'm attempting to get a feeling of their use.

What types of effect does it have on the players? How fast of a resolution are you looking for? How much influence do you want the PC's to wield, especially for those in the front lines, commanders, and generals.

I don't have DnD Insider, but I do subscribe to the RSS feed. There is a new article that sounds like it may be what is being looked for here. The intro touts it as filling in gaps on running large scale warfare via skill challenges.

Excerpt from the public introAlmost all of these rule sets struggled with one, important question: How do you drag a PC into the battle? After all, D&D is a game about individual adventurers. What effect does a 15th-level wizard have on battle? A 6th-level warden can chop through 1st-level goblin minions all day, but what happens when she leads 50 members of the local militia against 300 goblins?

The skill challenge mechanic is a good match for running the clash of armies, but on its own, it leaves huge swaths of information for the DM to fill in. What does the challenge represent? What's the cost of failure and the reward for victory? What exactly does each skill check cover during a big battle? Answering those questions is key to creating a skill challenge, but those answers might vary based on the battle's role in your campaign and the characters' roles in the battle.

Thanks for the article. The challenge here is going to be making a Farland-unique battle system that is as good as these and which incorporates their good ideas.

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