Wizard/Fighter Build

Wizard/Fighter Build

I am trying to build a decent 28th level Eladrin Wizard who multiclasses into a fighter-type class (to roll up Valanduil, one of the Lords of the West). What would be a good build for a wizard who can kick ass with a sword? How about wizard/Swordmage?

Maybe something like this...

Very similar to something I had in mind, but with some crucial changes. Thanks.

How did you get his stats so high? I started with the same starting stats, put all additions into STR and CON, and could only end up with a 28 INT.

Unless your already satisfied with Sith's build (which is very nice), you might also consider warlord for the Int Synergy. That, and arcane commanders = HELL YES!

Here is a build of Valanduil as a Wizard multiclassed into a Warlord. Can you guys check out this build and give me some advice so that I don't miss something and make him totally gimped?

Valanduil 2, level 28
Eladrin, Wizard, Wizard of the Spiral Tower, Chosen
Arcane Implement Mastery: Wand of Accuracy
Corellon's Implement: Wand
Divine Spark: Divine Spark Intelligence
Divine Spark: Divine Spark Constitution

Str 20, Con 20, Dex 14, Int 28, Wis 12, Cha 13.

Starting Ability Scores
Str 13, Con 15, Dex 10, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 11.

AC: 43 Fort: 37 Reflex: 41 Will: 34
HP: 153 Surges: 11 Surge Value: 38

Bluff, Arcana, Insight, Diplomacy, History, Heal.

1: Ritual Caster
1: Student of Battle
2: Toughness
4: Improved Initiative
6: Eladrin Soldier (retrained to Weapon Focus (Heavy Blade) at Level 22)
8: Acolyte Power
10: Sun Elf Grace
11: Skill Focus (Diplomacy)
12: Lightning Reflexes
14: Armor Proficiency (Leather)
16: Devastating Critical
18: Great Fortitude
20: Danger Sense
21: Arcane Mastery
22: Spell Accuracy
24: Fleet-Footed
26: Fey Step Trailblazer
28: War Wizardry

1, At-Will: Scorching Burst
1, At-Will: Magic Missile
1, Encounter: Grasping Shadows
1, Daily: Flaming Sphere
Spellbook: Sleep
2, Utility: Shield (retrained to Adaptive Stratagem at Acolyte Power)
Spellbook: Arcane Insight (retrained to Adaptive Stratagem at Acolyte Power)
3, Encounter: Maze of Mirrors
5, Daily: Bigby's Icy Grasp
Spellbook: Web
6, Utility: Dispel Magic
Spellbook: Levitate
7, Encounter: Winter's Wrath
9, Daily: Mordenkainen's Sword
Spellbook: Wall of Fire
10, Utility: Mirror Image
Spellbook: Blur
13, Encounter: Frostburn (replaces Grasping Shadows)
15, Daily: Wall of Ice (replaces Mordenkainen's Sword)
Spellbook: Otiluke's Resilient Sphere
16, Utility: Displacement
Spellbook: Greater Invisibility
17, Encounter: Crushing Titan's Fist (replaces Winter's Wrath)
19, Daily: Evard's Black Tentacles (replaces Flaming Sphere)
Spellbook: Disintegrate
22, Utility: Time Stop
Spellbook: Mass Fly
23, Encounter: Thunderclap (replaces Maze of Mirrors)
25, Daily: Necrotic Web (replaces Bigby's Icy Grasp)
Spellbook: Maze
27, Encounter: Forcecage (replaces Frostburn)

Spellbook, Adventurer's Kit, Githyanki Silver Longsword +6, Feytouched Starleather Armor +6, Cloak of Resistance +6, Boots of the Infinite Stride (epic tier), Couters of Second Chances (epic tier), Breaching Gauntlets (paragon tier), Eladrin Ring of Passage (paragon tier), Premonition Ring (paragon tier), Ironskin Belt (epic tier), Elixir of Aptitude (epic tier), Potion of Clarity (level 25), Potion of Life (epic tier), Handy Haversack (heroic tier), Dimensional Shackles (paragon tier), Sapphire Scabbard (paragon tier), Potion of Vitality (paragon tier) (3), Elixir of Dragonbreath (paragon tier), Potion of Mimicry (paragon tier)

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