Werewolf: New Shadows

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Werewolf: New Shadows

Werewolf: New Shadows - Forum
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Alright so here it is. My first game here.

Game: nWoD Werewolf: the Forsaken

Number of Players: 3-4

What I am looking for: A basic werewolf sheet and a backstory. (The backstory needs to have a reason to be coming to the territory)

There has been too much activity of late. With the chaos that spewed forth from the packs being too numerous to each live in some kind of peace with each other. A drastic move had to be taken.

Only the most powerful of the packs were allowed to stay and carve up the city as they saw fit.

One of these packs have decided to give a small bit of land to a new pack for safe keeping.

You are that pack.

Game Description:

A werewolf game evolving into a major crossover game.

Darker in Shadows ~Episode on Vimeo

Where is the game taking place? In a city, in the country? In a specific city?

A average sized California city. No real city has been chosen.

I am hoping to add more definition to the land as it is needed.

I'm always up for some wolfie action.

how detailed of a backstory are you looking for? granted it's hard to get too in depth with starting level characters but sometimes people don't want one too long either.

Alrighty. I'm gonna be a stereotypical as possible and play a Blood Talon Rahu. How are you set up for books like Armory and the Rage?

I am looking for no more then two paragraphs tops for a backstory(Any longer and I probably won't read it all)

I have almost all of the werewolf books as well as Armory and such.

But please ask first if you are using something not in the core WoD or Werewolf.

Vishani “Calls to Glory” Lewis (Storm Lord Cahalith)

Vishani was born and raised on the coast of California, she is the middle child of three; an older brother Dan, and a younger sister Rayana. She is mixed ancestry, Indian and Black, but she never really felt her ethnic background ever held her back or got in her way. She is young and focused, and at one time was a budding college student focusing on a Music degree until she had her first change at 19.

It was a messy affair that left a boyfriend in the hospital near death and a trail of property damage that thankfully could not be penned back to her. She returned home but nothing felt right. Things were just out of place, her parents didn’t understand her, and in some ways she felt they feared her. They felt the wolf inside her, even if they didn’t know it. A cousin, Shanti, a Storm Lord Ithaeur saw what the young woman was going through and inducted Vishani or Vish as she often known into the tribe. Her howl was loud and proud when she completed her right of passage, a glorious chorus of song and strength that gives her heart to her brothers and sisters that she will sing mightily of their glories.

She misses her family at times but this is her new life now.

How does Raveled post SO FAST in these Werewolf GAs?


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