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Editing a private thread?

Editing a private thread?

Is there a way to add additional people who can view a private thread? Or to simply make it unprivate?

I have a thread ( that contains a cool scene that reveals a lot about why a scene happened and it occured about 8 months ago (I'm fortunate to have a long running game going!) and I'd like to make it public now to reveal what occured since it no longer matters much IC if people know.

Mouse over the cogs to reveal the thread tools, edit thread, and proceed from there

The moderation tools cogs doesn't bring up any thread tools. I tried to select the check box and it wasn't working, then went into the thread and it still wasn't working.

Yep, the moderation tools doesn't give me a drop down menu either when I mouse over or when I click on it.

Are you sure regular GM's can do it?

All the icons up top give me a long list in the url on the status bar of what it does. The moderation tools simply says and nothing after the .com portion of the address.

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