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Hi everyone! I'm Kaneki. That's the online moniker I go by.
Anyway, I'm new here! I'm also new to DnD, I've only played maybe twice with some friends. I've pretty much only learned how to create a character from them. Though, we don't play often, and they tend not to roleplay much. Sometimes they even break character. So, I'm basically here looking for games that provoke my imagination a bit more. I'm not too familiar with the rules, so please forgive me if I ask about what to roll and other things!

I've started a character sheet already, an elven cleric. But I don't know much about the DnD world, so I can't really give her a good back story yet. So, maybe overtime, I can learn more to give her a good story to tell!

Another thing, if my con modifier is -1, is it still applied to the full 8 HP I get at lv 1? In other words, should her max HP be 8 or 7?

Welcome to the Weave! I'm sure you'll find an easy time learning the system around here and if not, there are plenty of folks more than willing to help a new member out. I recommend checking out this link: for a couple of guidelines for getting started. Past that, check out the Game Advertisements thread and find a game that interests you to apply.

I wouldn't worry about creating a sheet just yet. Work more on the idea of the character you want to play, their background and history. The rest will fall into place.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Thanks for the link, it'll help make my posts very easy to read!

I really want to work on my character's history and background, but I know next to nothing when it comes to that in the DnD world. If someone could help me out, it'd be much appreciated! There's just so much I don't know..

Why hello there! Hopefully those with accents don't get us confused.

Welcome to the Weave.
Syndl has pointed most things out already, so all I can do is wish you a happy time here!

The choices for your character's background can be rather infinite. Even within the traditional D&D setting. Does your character come from a large city or a small village? Was he/she trained by someone or are their talents natural? What family did they know? Were there any traumatic events in their life that may have affected them? Do they rely on brute strength or intelligence? Are they quick and nimble or lumbering and large?

Asking these kinds of questions will help solidify the character in your mind. It's less important where they came from than WHO they are. Figure out their personality and what caused them to be so and you'll have a definitive idea of the character and backstory.

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