Along the Midnight Road

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Along the Midnight Road

Along the Midnight Road - Forum
World of Darkness
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Application ProcessAll applications should be posted in this thread by the deadline, JUNE 14th at 12pm PST. All applications should use the format listed below and provide a full character sheet and application. I will not be accepting applications in the game profile or via personal message (though questions are fine). Failure to follow these simple instructions will result in immediate denial of your application. In addition I will be paying attention to spelling and grammar, giving greater preference to those who show a basic mastery of the English language.

Game ApplicationName: The name of your character. This should be a link to your character sheet.
Concept: Your basic character concept.
Nationality: Your character's nationality.
Age: Your character's age.
Sex: Your character's sex.

Game Description:

Game DescriptionAlong the Midnight Road is a World of Darkness game centered around hunting down and slaying or dealing with supernatural threats. You have been chosen by some force to take the fight against the supernatural, aided only by your companions, the notes and equipment of your mysterious and dead benefactor, and a few supernatural tricks of your own. You are driven to fight the supernatural both by circumstance and pure instinct, hoping to find answers to why you were chosen and what this all means.

All characters in this game are entirely human, if unusually blessed with strange talents. You all carry a Mark of Destiny, a strange tattoo-like mark somewhere upon your body. Most of them look like strange glyphs, runes, or sometimes animals. Each is unique to an individual but those who carry a mark and easily identify them for what they are. These marks grant you unusual powers useful in your fight against the supernatural, and no two are exactly alike in power or appearance. The one commonality is that they are all about three inches in diameter and they glow faintly when their powers are called upon.

As the game progresses and you grow in power the mark will change and shift, growing in size and complexity. The powers you gain are left entirely in the hands of the Storyteller but they will all be useful. Mechanically they are simply a special merit that grants you new powers. These merits are not purchased with experience points are are granted as story rewards. Beyond this mark you are entirely a normal human and use the standard rules found in the World of Darkness core book.

This is a game about scrappy and resourceful people fighting things that are much tougher and more dangerous than themselves. As such teamwork and cooperation is absolutely vital, for a lone hunter soon finds himself dead or worse. This game will require teamwork, cooperation, and the ability to work together. Lone wolf characters are actively discouraged and need not apply. And don't take the word fight too literally all manner of skills come in useful on the might road and you never know just what talents you'll need to defeat the growing darkness.

Flavor IntroductionSince time immemorial there have been monsters in the darkness, creatures that preyed upon humanity without remorse or mercy. And since those first times there have been those among humanity who have fought back against such dark things. They have been known by many names: hunters, slayers, the inquisition, bringers of peace, and many other names both lost to time and memory. And with the passing of time and the turning of ages the battle has not gone well. The supernatural predators that skulk through the night are strong indeed, and humanity has but a few tools and its wit to survive. Until now.

Since the turn of the 21st century there have been a few brave souls who have seen the supernatural at work and chose to fight back despite their great disadvantage. And to a soul these brave men and women have found themselves marked with a strange sigil upon their skin. A they continued the fight against evil this sigil grew and changed, granting abilities uniquely suited to each individual. Such individuals are still rare in the world and there have been precious few who have banded together to take the fight to the doorstep of evil. You are just such an individual, newly marked and tasked with destroying the supernatural wherever it dwells. You have but a few newly found companions to accomplish your task, and though you might be outmatched and outgunned you have no choice but to prevail. For failure means that the darkness grows that much closer to swallowing the world.

It has only been one short month since your encounter with the supernatural. You kept your head (to varying degrees), and you fought back (with limited successes), and the mark burned hotly upon your skin and branded you as a warrior against the darkness. Only a short week ago you began receiving visions of other figures and were suddenly filled with an overwhelming urge to quit your old life and travel to a remote farm in the middle of Iowa. This urge was accompanied by a letter, a bus ticket to Omaha, and an explanation that all would be explained shortly.

When you arrived at the remote farm named in the letter you found others arriving at nearly the same time. They were a varied lot, taken from all walks of life, and they were all marked like you. As you made your way around the large farm you noticed that things felt wrong. Checking inside the house you discovered a bloodbath and the remains of an old man that seemed to be entirely covered in one incredibly intricate tattoo. It looked similar to your own, only vastly more complex. A broken ring of salt surrounded him and clutched in his hand was an iron knife and a set of keys.

The keys were soon discovered to belong to a rather new Winnebago and a matching Chevy Malibu station wagon. The interior of the Winnebago was filled with various supplies, including a few weapons and a whole lot of salt. It looked like something that a crazed survivalist would use. Beyond that there were new identities for everyone, a great sum of cash, and credit cards in your name. Yet the greatest treasure was a series of notebooks filled with notes on all manner of supernatural creatures, difficult though they were to decipher, and a library filled with occult lore.

The entire setup was easy to guess. The man who had been most brutally slain had obviously intended for you to go somewhere and do something. But with the one man who might have explained just what was happened dead you had no choice but to start searching for clues. Perhaps they lay in the several newspaper clippings detailing strange disappearances and murders. The closest of which was only over in Iowa City, not too far from Omaha. Perhaps there you will find some answers about why you carry this mark and why this man seemed to know you.

Status: Normal
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Take 2!

Name: Nikola Ortana
Concept: Wandering Mercenary
Nationality: English (Russian/Italian ethnic background)
Age: 27
Sex: Male

Three Days Until Deadline. You have been warned!

Gah the suspense is killing me

What? I'm really interested in this game.

All right folks, the deadline grows near and I don't see applications from a couple of people who expressed interest to me privately. If you're going to make changes, do so now!

Aaah, I see what you're saying now. Okay, that makes sense, and sorry again.

I've PMed the sheet to you, still have some questions about it.
Adrian Wyatt
Concept: Hunter's Heir
Nationality: Caucasian American
Age: 24
Sex: Male

Wow cool, app looks really cool, sorta like a newspaper or memoirs


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