Hens in the Foxhouse

Sofia, her donation done, returns to the inn and contributes to the party's preparations.

Layna makes mental notes of the
I'm not walking out on Blake after asking him a question, but since it sounds like he is going to be out for a while on vacation and everyone else has posted, I wanted to move Layna on since she has other things she wants to do with her 3 days "off"
other's suggestions and sits up in her chair and comments, "Torchlight is a giveaway of our position in the mine, even if we are being very quiet. I'll ask if the quartermaster tonight if he has some potions we can use to help us see in the dark like the kobolds," she says as she heads for the door. "If you'll excuse me, I have some matters I need to attend to," the ranger says as she walks from the room.

Astaban completes his meal, wipes his face, and says, "I should probably go check on my folks."

With that, he walks from the room, and proceeds to head back to the tavern.


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