Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

Hey y'all ~

Hey y'all ~

Good morning/afternoon/evening, people =)

Not good at introductions, so bear with me, please xD

Name's Matías (Spanish for Matt or the such xD), from Uruguay (uruguayan? xD), age 19. Got into roleplaying games like 7 years ago, but played a REAL campaign just once or twice (only played AD&D 2.0 and D&D 3.5).
Got to know the Weave asking God Google where could I find an online site to store my prospective character sheets. Lurking since about a month ago, finally decided to introduce myself =).

Hope to have a good time and, hopefully (oh, yeah. I love redundancies (?)), get to PbP a little xD

Welcome to the Weave

Good to see you finally took the plunge and came out of hiding. With all that spare time perhaps we'll see you running a game in no time. Must say though, IMO playing in one with a DM who knows the site is advantageous before starting your own game, just noot always possible. That's how it would be in a perfect world and I'd be married to <insert person to match your own preference>.

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