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July's theme, panic room and more!

May take you up on that, old buddy. 2200 words now, it's coming along. It's a little harder than I thought it would be, because I'm projecting my life as it might have been, had I had that one moment in the sun. I'll resist my normal tendency toward writing morose, unhappy endings, perhaps leveling off at slightly sad and melancholic, but with hope. No one dies.

No one dies? But where's the fun in that?!

I've got to admit, it can't be so easy to write your own life in a "could've turned out better way".

Well, since it's about me, I can't kill off the poor slob, now can I? I'm superstitious about that sort of thing, maybe from watching too many episodes of Twilight Zone - you know, a writer who writes about things that come true, but studiply writes about his loved one's demise, then turns his next book into a suicide story (heh heh heh). The guy's life will change, not necessarily for the better, but for some other direction. I'd like to send it off to each of you, though, as this one won't be sent out for publication. I think that would be fun, this time around.

Finished! Will send it to anyone who wants to read it, for an example, for entertainment, or if for nothing else than just to let you know a little about me. PM me with your Gmail address if you'd like to read it.

Sorry I've been quiet for a while. I'm still on board with the guild just too busy with life. I don't think I'll be able to turn out a story for July either.

'sok, Geno. I'm a little busy at the moment too. However, just keep writing when you can! <3

Editing mostly. Got to get this script cleaned up for the publishers.


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