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Sculpting a miniature

That looks like it's coming along terrifically!

Lookin' good, mate. If I may ask, how long d'you reckon this whole process has/will taken you? Effort, I mean, not just letting it dry overnight or whatever.

By the time I'm finished, at least 10 hours actually working on it, perhaps even going to 15 or higher. I haven't recorded it, but I think each leg alone took more than an hour, the armour was slightly easier, but the head took me four "sessions" of at least 30 minutes.
What takes by far the most time is details such as the scales or claws, and with the clay I use protrusions such as tusks, trunks and ears are impossible to do in one session. I need to do a base, let it dry and cut it into shape with a knife before I can finish it by adding tiny bits of clay.

I haven't been able to sculpt much the last days. I did the first arm and hope to do the second this evening, so I can add the axe and hands tomorrow. Hopefully I'll finish before my fiancée starts complaining about my equipment lying around on the dining table

I haven't finished, but it's getting close. I just have to rework the right hand a tad and that will "only" leave the wings.

I've finally started on the wings. It's going better than I feared. I could make nice tin sheets from the clay, which wasn't hard to attach.

I still have to look at some pictures to see what I'm going to do exactly with those wings. They are too small, but that just makes transportation (and production) that much easier.

And then I can start thinking about a colour scheme. Obviously basing myself on a blue dragon for scales and skin and such. The axe is adamant, so that will probably be metallic red. The only thing I have no clue about yet is the armour. Any suggestions are welcome.

Maybe dark green with metallic highlights and gold decor? It would contrast the blue 'scales' of the base minature quite starkly giving it a look of a non-human mindset.

That's a good idea. It fits his wild, barbarian nature too.

I'll consider the gold. I don't have gold paint at the moment. But I think I'm going to practice my painting skills on some old plastic miniatures, anyway. I don't want to ruin two months worth of sculpting by painting it too hastily.
I only have a week left before I want to use it in the game, so I think I'll just put him on a
I'll collect a few small rocks for that, to give some context. I bought some round bases from Module Workshop
base for that. It looked like I had loads of time before I started this project...

That actually looks pretty awesome.

Kudos on the sculpting.


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