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Verb Tenses (discussion moved from 21 Days thread)

I asked about this on the absolutewrite forums (excellent writing forums, btw).

I think someone finally found the right terminology, and simultaneously set my mind my at ease. He said:

"You're writing in past tense (third person) and using participle phrases. Participle phrases are not incompatible with past tense; they're used all the time. There's nothing wrong with this, in moderation, like anything else. If the three sentences you quoted above were consecutive, it would ring repetitious in my ear. I suppose I could nitpick a few other items, but the point is that the structure is perfectly fine."

Preferí el español al inglés. Nuestra escuela requerió que aprendemos una lengua, y soy de la Florida.....

Pero hace diez años que no hablo el español. La gramática mía sufre.


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