Need Two More Squaddies

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Need Two More Squaddies

By Iron and Blood - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 2

I'm running a military campaign (By Iron and Blood) set in an alternate universe. Character, intrigue, and plot are important, though there is some violence as well. There is lots of violence. The squad is a bit undermanned as of late, so I'm looking for anyone interested in joining the fray.

I should note that I'm running another campaign that interacts with this one, but right now, that campaign has a few more people than this one does. It's important for the campaigns to have an equal amount of players on both sides.

I'm aiming for 1 or 2 people. Ranks, specializations, and equipment will be determined in game.

The game has, so far, progressed from boot camp to field operations.

Interested applicants should picture growing up in Germany during the early 1930's for your characters' past, except with more totalitarianism, electronic monitoring devices, nationalistic zeal, and clockwork overseers.

The tone of the story is dark, so make sure to bring a flashlight.

The game in its entirety can be found here. Feel free to read for background information. It is not necessary for applicants to read the game before applying.

There is a lack of physical might in the game right now, so strong, fast, agile, or just generally tough characters will be preferred over the brooding intellectual types, of which there are plenty. We've got a great range of skills in the current squad, but we do not have anyone with focuses in either engineering or guile.

Thanks for your interest!

Game Description:

A story of a squad of soldiers.

OK, if it is any indication, normally that much wall of text would have thrown me away in a hurry. But I read it all. THerefore I would like to let you know that Klaus von Braun is considering joining up with your merry band. Klaus is a mountain man, literally and figuratively. He grew up in the Bavarian Alps, and was a guide for several years, his barrel chest and massive arms second in size only to the peaks which he climbed. Of course, when the girlfriend of a local party official, an Oskar Hummel, turned her eyes his way - and he reciprocated - well, let's just say Oskar did not take kindly to it.

So when Oskar and his three cronies decided to let Klaus know that they did not appreciate his stealing Oskar's girl, well you know what happened next. What you may not have known is that three of them ended up in a hospital, and one in the morgue.

The Richter gave Klaus a choice - army or the noose. He asked when he could ship out.

I'm interested in joining the game, though I'm not very familiar with the world you've laid out... I'm gonna read the game you got going then post a character idea. I'm aiming for an agile scout type soldier.

Name: MARIUS Ackerman
Physical Description: Marius has always been large, as a child and now. His hands are almost as big as an average persons skull, something he is all too happy about. That said the rather, well, stupid look that sits on his face would not trick any one into thinking this man is a is a master of tactics.
Short Personality Description: Marius likes following orders, and he likes the military. He knows he wouldn't be much of a success anywhere else. He had worked in a factory before, but he was treated like nothing but a work horse there. Here, he has talents the army needs.

Strength: 8
Perception: 4
Endurance: 9
Charisma: 2
Intelligence: 2
Agility: 9
Luck: 6

HP: 32

Small Guns: -1(-1)
Big Guns: 3 +3 (6)
Melee: 4 +2 +1(7) Tag
Unarmed: 4 (4)
Throwing: 4 (4)
Tactics: -3 (-3)
Guile: 4 +2(6) Tag
Alchemy: -3(-3)
Engineering: -3 (-3)
First Aid: -1 +1(-0)
Speech: -3 (-3)

Heh, I am amused by a oak tree of a man who can do stealthynesss.

I'm going to add another twist to the concoction. I'll let my existing players vote for their two favorite applications.

Well.. I must say this is almost exactly the kind of game I had been considering recently. (Although I had been looking at it from a D&D 4E point of view, but that isn't particularly important.)

I have so far read over the timeline, but have not yet gone much into the game forums. I dearly like the S.P.E.C.I.A.L system, and have played with it a few times before, although not with d12s..

The addition of arcane Daemons into the world combined with the idea of being a military unit in a mostly modern day world fills me with joy.

Well, here goes. Hope you guys like it.

Vicente Santiago- Stats
Strength: 8
Perception: 7
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 2
Intelligence: 6
Agility: 8
Luck: 4

HP: 23

Small Guns (TAG): 8 (Base 2+2 tag+4)
Big Guns: 3 (Base 3)
Melee : 4 (Base 3+1)
Unarmed: 4 (Base 3+1)
Throwing: 3 (Base 3)
Tactics: 2 (Base 2)
Guile (TAG): 8 (Base 3+2 tag+3)
Alchemy: 1 (Base 1)
Engineering: 1 (Base 1)
First Aid: 2 (Base 2)
Speech: -3 (Base -3)

And below is the official application for Klaus, whom I mentioned earlier.

Klaus von Braun


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