Expedition To Castle Ravenloft [DnD 3.5e]

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Expedition To Castle Ravenloft [DnD 3.5e]

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 4

The Expedition To Castle Ravenloft campaign adventure updates the original 1st edition Ravenloft module, retaining the gothic flavour and familiar elements while expanding and reimagining some of the locations to create a deeper, richer adventure experience.

I'm after 4 level6 characters to take on this challenge, and these places will go out on a first come first served basis.

Character generation

Roll 4d6, dropping the lowest and rerolling any 1s. Do this for each stat.

If you want to play any class/race that is not in PHB please get in touch with what book(s) they are in along with the page references. I have access to pretty much all 3.5 books so it shouldn't be a problem. Also... I much prefer sticking to OFFICIALLY released material (from any publisher)
You will recieve MAX hit points at first level, but roll for each level after that (But you'll always recieve at least 50% HP increase)

Any other questions please get in touch.
I do have a feeling that I've missed something, so this ad will be updated as things come to me/get pointed out to me.

Game Description:

The Master of Raven loft is having guests for dinner... And you are invited!

A dark shape emerges from the shadows of Castle Ravenloft. A flash of lightning reveals the sneering countenance of Count Strahd von Zarovich. His eyes burn with eternal hunger and contempt for life. From a narrow balcony, he peers out into the drizzling twilight at the few sad lights of the village below and mutters a single name "Ireena..."

Originally Posted by Firelion View Post
First come, first serve, buddy. Sorry.
I was expecting an answer from the DM. Who knows, he might have a change of heart.

Originally Posted by Teedor the Great View Post
I was expecting an answer from the DM. Who knows, he might have a change of heart.

I don't have time to play this, but since I own the campaign, I would love to read this as it goes to see what happens. I'll try to subscribe as such.

My first time looking into playing online, so if I could be a reader as well that would be great. If you still need players I'll apply; might need a little help, but been playing over a year and I know how to do the rolls on here as well.

Ok, withdrawing interest... have a great game all!

Still recruiting?

if this game is still open I would like to play a ranger from the Dalelands in the Forgotten Realms, he is currently trying to beocme a member of the harpers.


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