Rogue Trader & Dark Heresey Combo

Rogue Trader & Dark Heresey Combo

Throwing an Idea out there for the 40k players:
Several GMs get together and muster a bunch of players. There seem to be enough out there and I think a Mega campaign would be fun. Start with a Rogue Trader party comprised of the most active players and the ones with the RT book. Have that party work through endeavors. Once that game is rolling, another set of players could play through part of the endevor in the Dark heresy system.
ex: The Rogue Traders want to set up contracts with the Cold Couriers Guild. So they send in some men (the dark heresy party) to locate and persuade the guild. The Rouge Trader makes the profit or command or charm check(s) and continues on to the next leg of adventure. Meanwhile that part of the endeavor falls to the Dark Hersey party, where they must hunt through the underhives, avoid assassin and pull off a high profile jail bust to secure the Guilds trust and support for their rogue trader leader.
All the while, the rogue trader game is being played through.
After the Dark Hersey adventure concludes the Rogue traders will invariable come up with a whole new slew of scenarios for the Dark Heresy Players to become embroiled in. There could even be crossover between the to systems.

Comments and anyone who wants to try?

I'm in for the Dak Heresy playing part. I also know enough to assist with the rules part of the game, but my plot-creation batteries are way low at the moment.

Given the sheer scope of the setting, the location of the adventures will be critically important if its going to support both games. Port Wander (RT pg 340) seems to offer a perfect location where RT's come to sell, repair or share information while the Inquisition would come to deal with the numerous spies, missionaries, heretics and xeno's that are drawn towards the Gateway to the Expanse.

Just a suggestion.

For simple logistics, using the calixis sector and the Kronous expanse is the best option for the campaign setting, at least initially until the GMs can share enough ideas to create new sectors/planets. Port Wander sounds like a good start. This would be a completely new campaign. Any GMs can work with me to formulate a plot, but it is ultimately up to the players as to how the missions/endeavors are initiated.

If possible I'd like to get a GM forum to create a plot line and some mission Ideas. I'd also like to get a list of players interested. Players for Rogue Trader would be prime and once there are enough, making characters and getting started will hopefully kick start the other campaigns.

On a side note, for those who do not have the Rogue Trader book, there is a Rogue Trader lite, PDF for download on the Fantasy Flight Games site.

Because it's a new campaign, I would like to sign up as a right-hand man of the said Rogue Trade (since I'm already playing a Dark Heresy Campaign and all).

I've picked up but haven't thoroughly gone through the Rogue trader book. I could be tempted to go in to it once I finish digging into it

I for one am definitely interested in working with another GM on this. I have both games and could probably be talked into taking on either one. My current schedule is tight, but things open up after Thanksgiving.

No intention of starting the campaigning immediately, post thanksgiving means finals so that is going to lag all my fellow foolish college students.

There is no rush on any of this, the main obstacle will be hunting down a dedicated (read as "posts quickly and often") group of players. There is plenty of time to plan while the PCs work their way through an adventure.

On that topic, if you guys know any DH, RT, or even 40k players who are willing to learn the basic rules. try to get a list of players and the system they can/want to play. getting characters rolled up and working through character building logistics is time consuming.


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