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aw, I was thinking you was saying that you was looking over a book of equipment or something...I was kinda lost cause I didn't see ANY of that lol.

nah just the book in my mind now really I'm of to bed...start....shut down...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

For equipment, I would imagine everyone can get access to the weapons lockers (that survived) and the galley (if it survived) etc.

For personal equipment, since it was in the application thread it wouldn't be a surprise this is what I had put together:
In accordance with regulations, all articles brought on board interstellar craft must be catalogued and recorded. The below list are the noteworthy items belonging to Dr. von Braun:

Complete digital recordings of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, the Beatles, the Who, Rolling Stones, Benny Goodman (kept on external drive and on both PDAs)
Complete digital versions of all scientific texts published in the last hundred years (kept on external drive and on both PDAs)
Reference books (electronic and paper) outlining Ancient and Asgard tech (I don't intend for these to give away all the answers, but it could give me a hint or assist with issues)
Asgard and Ancient translation manuals (electronic and paper)
One hand carved wooden chess set, worn but well cared for
PDA (spare to the one he carries with him; the two are constantly linked and automatically sync themselves to each other backing up his work on one to the other automatically)
Two bottles of 100 year old single malt
Complete works of Sir William Shakespeare, in book form
Complete works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, in book form
One photo, human, female, approximately fifteen years old
Clothing, utilitarian
I would assume everyone else has their own personal effects. Klaus carries his PDA and that is about it.

I debating on that one as well. Wantanabe was not expecting to go into combat, so I am debating if he would have brought full battle gear or not.

He must have a lot of memory on those PDAs.

he would use a tera byte flash drive or something. So it IS possible. Books are NOT the big. A 400 page book is usually 10-20 megs...

I'm going through the ship's complement and naming people as I think of them. If there's someone I haven't named and you need them to have a name, make one up! This is a collaborative game

I would need a point of contact on the ship. It could be some one already dead (i.e. the captain) or it could be one fo the security officers.

You know, there is a certain satisfaction to playing a superior, smug, super-smart son-of-a-bitch. I'm just sayin'.

Hey, MS. You mentioned something about how Klaus von Wulfenbach is responsible for Earth's first home-grown energy weapon, right?
...does that mean he's responsible for that monstrosity Vala tries to take with them at the start of Continuum?

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