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Generators for names, places, char sheets, etc...

Generators for names, places, char sheets, etc...

Serendipity: A site that contains many generators. It has name and place generators a s well as other esoteric ones. It contains a few links at the bottom. Used mainly for if your muse is stuck or you need a name for your village/city/monster/BBEG quick.

Seventh Sanctum: Contains many generators for names of many things. Dragons, fictional species, anime, what-ifs, etc... Not all of them will be guaranteed to be usable however.

Pathguy's D&D 3.5e Char Generator: Useful online character generator (I.E. used in browser) that generates a char sheet (equipment costs and such have to be manually put in) for preepic games (Epic characters are for some reason are not working and will stall you). It takes a long time to load (although there is a lighter version available) and does not include some sources. ("Fiendish" Codexes which includes BoVD and Tome of Magic )

Pathguy's D&D 4.0e Char Generator: Same as above generator except it is dedicated to 4e instead. Not having used it I'm not sure about 4.0e "epic". There is no lighter version however. WARNING: VERY LONG WEB PAGE!

Pathguy's other generators: He has many other character generators for other systems/settings. Some may or may not be working as intended. Many of them tend to be D&D 3.5e.

Redblade: Contains D&D 3.5e and earlier editions character generators and other related generators. There seems to be very little update to them however, as the latest one was August 28, 2009.

Heroforge: Contains extensive character generators for both D&D 3.5e and 4.0e. Needs Excel (or something that can view excel files) to work.

PCGen: Open source character generator that is mainly used wit the d20 system. It only works with OGL however.

That's as much generators I can bother to look around for now. Are there any other generators that I am missing?

SpellGen 2.0: I never did get around to using it, but it seems fairly good. I certainly have never seen another spellbook generator Name Generator: I use this one on a pretty regular basis. While I have never played a LotR game, I always enjoy running the Tolkien names a few times and just reading them.

Rinkworks Fantasy Name Generator: A flexible random name generator, which generates a number of names at a time, pays attention to what syllables are pronounceable in English, and can generate in various preset flavours of name or can be instructed exactly what to make. Me likey.

In fact, please post suggestions on this newly created wiki page. Thanks to Plugsy for the (subtle!) reminder. I have included all of the above already.

Recent addition to the Wiki: CrystalBallSoft's City Generator. 100% OGL and a nice find. The only thing it doesn't do is maps.

Don Jon
This site is great, you can find random generators for names, taverns, types of boats, types of merchants, a whole calendar system that you can change and edit yourself for how many days you want, how many suns and moons, how many weeks.

All sorts of good stuff for multiple systems as well as a full dungeon generator and global map generator.

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