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How to model an inability to reveal a certain truth

I guess I don't follow your logic (which often happens).

Once the person who does not have the information discovers said information, he/she is able to relate it. At this time there is no difference between the two characters. The minor advantage to the first character is gone as they both now are able to use the information.

What am I missing? It's not like there is any penalty for the either person if the second person who later learns the information shares it.

I think I'm getting the idea now. It seems to me there's a couple of aspects at work here. One is that the character knows some secrets other people either don't know or don't want shared. Were they to find out he knows, they'd either mindprobe him to find out the secrets or possibly kill/mindwipe him to keep others from finding out. Sounds like a typical Secret to me. But there's also the aspect of being completely unable to voluntarily share that information. Which is the tricky part. I think that's best written up as a completely new disadvantage, but without knowing the exact scope and value of the info, I couldn't set a cost. Sounds like something that needs to be worked out with the GM.

Supernatural Curse. Point value depends entirely on the breadth and severity of the information you're not allowed to reveal. The best way to determine point value is to look at Vows of similar weight.

If you're allowed to help people find the information but not allowed to tell them directly then I think it's worth a quirk.


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