Character Description

Garonn Ironhelm

Garonn stands at mere chest height on a normal man but almost twice as wide. A steel coif, carved with dwarven runes, covers his head. His blond beard hangs to his waist and is platted neatly in several braids. He grew up distributing his time equally between the forge and his worship, as a result he has both a strong arm and a keen mind. He wears silver shining scale mail armor that hangs to his knees covered by a blue robe. He carries a large shield embossed with a mule. A war hammer and three light hammers are hang at his belt. A mule shaped pendant, his holy symbol hangs around his neck. As a blacksmith he crafted all his armor and weapons himself and of them he is very proud.

Artizal Lithomere

Like most elves, Artizal is slender, and comes to shoulder height on the average man. He wears a simple gray robe that is meticulously secured with cloth straps in order to give him greater freedom of movement. A hooded gray cloak, trimmed around the edges with gold embroidery, is pinned at his throat with a bronze, star-shaped brooch. His shoulder-length brown hair is pulled back with a silver cloth headband. Slung across his back is a shortbow; a longsword hangs at his side. His face is mask-like--it is unusually pale, and lacks expression except by deliberate effort.

Ethanius is a fairly tall and lanky young man, with short cut brown hair, and the strangest green eyes you've ever seen. He wears a dark gray cloak, and underneath very simple brown breaches and a plain white shirt, covered in very common studded armor. Everything about his appearance is very plain, he could have come from nearly any little town you've ever seen. The only weaponry you can see on him is one dagger sheathed at his waist.


Ashton grew up in the outdoors, and he looks it. His half-elven good looks most often lie hid beneath a layer of grime, long greasy blonde hair, and well-worn studded leather armor spattered with mud and permanent blood stains. Several large holes and rents in his armor have been hastily repaired with crude thread made from animal gut. He carries little more than a bulging backpack, a longsword, and a longbow, but is attended, at most times, by his faithful guard dog, a large elkhound named Marris.

Despite his unkempt appearance, his genuine interest in animal behavior all animals, sentient or otherwise allows him to interact well enough with most people when the need arises. He is wary of strangers, but fiercely loyal to his friends, knowing how rare they are in a violent world.

Maxil stands a finger's width taller than six feet, and has a medium build, though it is clear to see that he posseses great strength. He has shoulder length brown hair and his stern face is adorned with a goatee. His jade green eyes appear weary and hold a great sadness in them that is uncommon in one so young.
He is usually seen wearing a well oiled set of chainmail with his large wooden shield slung over his left shoulder. A bastard sword with a leather wrapped basket hilt hangs in a scabbard resting on his left hip. Stored in a cowhide tube on his back is an unstrung shortbow and a light mace rests in a notch hanging from his belt. A quiver of arrows is set into the side of his backpack.

Arin Sorrowind

Arin stands somewhat tall for a halfling, at three feet and a couple inches. He is of a fit, athletic build - not a great deal of muscle, but a trim frame and not an ounce of fat. He has long, glossy black hair that falls beyond his shoulders, but he ties it back when entering battle and the like. His deep green eyes take in everything around him, flickering silently as he analyzes everything in the room. He is handsome, but not remarkably so.

Pris d'Ambrey


Pris d’Ambrey is a 24 year old human female with blonde hair and light green eyes. She is 5' 7" and weighs in at 128lb. She is very slim, moderately tall and has a lithe, athletic build. She moves with grace and co-ordination. She has a musical speaking voice and always attempts to put people at their ease. She is uncommonly well mannered considering her adolescent experiences and her profession - a vestige of her life before her family was dispossessed of their lands, wealth and position in the Wars. She has a prominent tattoo on the left side of her face and neck which extends onto her shoulder. It is of a peculiar design and must have some meaning or significance but Pris rarely, if it all, discusses it.


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