Going Away for Awhile [Merlana, Gauss, mzipser, MzNurse, ShadowRidley]

Layna listens to the exchange, nodding glumly as her suspicions are confirmed. Though they hardly were much of a suspicion, after what she had seen and heard was left of Morhollow.

"Certainly," Layna says to Tobie as she picks up her weapons and goes to follow the woodcutter out of the basement, "but let's be quick about it. I doubt that the army will be back after pillaging the crops and house, but they are none to bright and none too civil."

Astaban keeps watch while Talia and Karn rest and engage the locals in small talk. Tobie and Layna busy themselves with other tasks, and neither the grandmother nor the little girl seems to mind. Grandmother speaks up again to answer some of the questions. "Army hasn't been around in a month or so. Last soldier they sent decided to poke around the house some, so I had to shoot him. He's buried out in the corn field. We get by... I take what I can from our storehouse at night. Figure that'll last us until winter time." She closes her mouth, but her expression tells that she would rather not say in front of the granddaughter what she thinks the chances are.

Astaban listens to the grandmother, then says, "Well, you are welcome to share in our supplies, as meager as they may be." He then finds a good spot to
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 6 (Total = 10)
survey the
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 14 (Total = 20)
approach from the road as he listens to the conversation.

Everyone helps out a little bit, as they can, and the grandmother graciously allows the party to spend the night. "You can even use the bedrooms upstairs, if you want. Abby'n'I've been too scared of soldiers to spend much time where we could be seen."

Astaban keeps an eye out on the road from the same window the grandmother had watched the party's approach. Fortunately, even as dusk arrives no soldiers come into view.

If you have any plans for the evening, say so now, otherwise we'll shift to the next scene.

Next Chapter
XP RewardsFor this chapter, the following rewards apply:

Karn: 700xp
Astaban: 650xp
Layna: 600xp
Tobie: 650xp
Talia: 700xp

I don't think that puts anyone to a level-up, but if I'm wrong please post your HP rolls and upgrades in your private thread.


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