4E Artifact: Elven Crown

4E Artifact: Elven Crown

okay, I am looking for ideas for the conversion of this artifact, the Crown of Elvenkings. It should be a 4E artifact that is low to mid epic levels.

The theme of the item is illusions-- basically to help keep the hidden elven kingdom hidden. Ideas for a write up for this item?

Okay, here is my proposed conversion. Please give me feedback as to balance.

Elebtale, the Browstar
Epic Artifact
Tier: Epic
Item Slot: Head
Property: You can a +2 item bonus to bluff, Insight, and Perception and a +5 item bonus to saving throws against illusions.
Power (At Will): Minor action. You can use ghost sound (Wizard class feature) as a minor action.
Power (Encounter): Standard Action. You can use mire the mind (Warlock 7)
Power (Daily): Standard action. You can use veil (bard 10).
Power (Weekly): As the ritual Guards and Wards, but the component cost is only 2500 and 3 healing surges.
Power (Monthly): As the ritual Deceive Sensor, but the component cost is only 22,500 and 3 healing surges.

Any comments? I'm gonna publish this tomorrow.

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