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Creative Resources (Mapmaking, etc)

Creative Resources (Mapmaking, etc)

This thread is a compilation of creative resources for your use as artists and gamers. Right now, the list is primarily related to map-making, but feel free to suggest new sites, databases, programs, and so forth for any faintly-gaming-related art. This post will be routinely updated to include the latest suggestions for ease of reference.

Maps & Mapmaking

Mapmaking Programs
  • MapTool - A free mapping program with a variety of nifty perks.
  • AutoRealm - Free and easy to use.
  • Wesnoth - The download 'Battle for Wesnoth' comes with a map editing tool you can then upload and render here
  • Example:
    1 . . . . 
    2 . G . . 
    3 . . . . 
    4 . . . T 
    x A B C D
    G: Gnoll (B2)
    T: Tesha (D4)
    The [code] tags! - Possibly one of the strongest maptool you can ever imagine. Players can even post and paste an edited map!

Fantasy Maps
Historical Maps
Mapmakers (ie commission artists)

If you'll note the date on the OP, it's several years old now. I moved this here for the purpose of exporting the data to the wiki.

I've found GIMP 2 to be an extremely potent tool for mapmaking - especially when I want a map to have an artistic touch.

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