The AAGP Chronicles

"Oh, on the contrary, I believe it brought Pirkin a good deal of luck!" Ulro replies. "I should hope it does the same for me!"

Blinking for a moment, Ulro stops to admire Joachim's own armor, fresh and shiny.
"I see you've got new armor," he says, looking up and down appreciatively. "Looks are you recovering from the battle?" he asks.

"Euhm ... I mean ... what I meant was, let's hope you don't end up the same way as Pirkin ... euhm ... I mean dead." Joachim says scratching his left arm, trying to justify his own words. How did it come that people would always misunderstand the meaning behind what he said. Was he perhaps not clear.

"Oh yeah, this new set of protective gear is just ... amazing. Totally worth giving up the old one. I must though say it was rather old. They gave it to me once I took up the post at my village. In the end they just let me keep it once I was out of work." Joachim says withholding why he was out of work.

"Yeah I recovered rather well. Raz, you know the cleric that came here a few days ago when we first met, gave me a decent healing still in the battle and the nights rest did the rest."

Somehow Joachim felt as if the goblin was moving around something he felt he deserved for his efforts, so he just cut to the chase. "So you had said earlier we would discuss the price for the armor. Do you have something in mind?"

"We all die eventually," Ulro replies, his smile softening somewhat. "All we can hope is for a fitting end, and a life worth living..."

"About the armor, well, I'm no merchant to be able to put a price on something with such intrinsic value. It has significant real value, as you well know, but I cannot think of anything to match it..."
the Goblin says, stroking the materials happily.
"Perhaps, since you have done me a favor, we can settle the debt later?" Ulro asks, glancing at Joachim. "Should you need assistance with something, or a favor I can do for you...just let me know!"

"Within reason, of course..."
he adds with a smile.

Joachim nods, all died eventually but some would live on forever in the memory of others. It were the deeds you did that made the difference. And in this sense his words might be interpreted yet in another way. The Paladin however said nothing, listening to this new proposition.

The paladin nodded. "The money will certainly be missed by me as I am sure it would have come in handy, but I guess your offer is worth more." Politely the Paladin bows. "For that one day you may grant me a favour instead, it is then." Joachim took the word of the goblin, he knew that these fellows knew little of the gestures commonly changed among humans else he would have extended his hand to symbolize the deal, like this he simply took Ulro's word for it.

For sure the money could come in handy, but then again he did not expect to need it this soon. Not with his order at Elmer's taking another day... if this past day told him something it was that a fortune was not so hard to get as it seemed.

"With this done, I am glad you like your armor. I shall take my leave then now as I still have to take care of some business in town as well as meet my travelling companions." with that Joachim once more takes his leave.


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