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No response at all to a game ad?

There have been other games that specific on setups, including only female submissions. I don't think you're lack of interest was due to any specific issue. Instead I would imagine it simply to be one of those situations where a combination of factors contributed to that result. I doubt it's the first time a new game thread got bumped to page 2, nor do I imagine it to be the last, heh.

Edit: I typically play female characters myself despite being male. The truth of the matter is that I can simply find more character images to select from in playing a female character, heh. Nothing more complex than that.

Originally Posted by lachlan View Post
! The next time I start a new game, I'll definitely do an Interest Check first.
The system doesn't require interest checks if that is the thread's sole purpose. We don't penalize people for posting adverts that get little response,in fact the whole philosophy is to allow GMs to post any advert anything they like within the rules without any checks. In reality they can be misleading so depend on the GMs experience at interpreting the results. Often people who express an "interest" frequently don't apply submit apps in subsequent adverts. The flip side of that is that less people check planning threads than check adverts so dismissing a game due to lack of interest in the planning forum could easily be a mistake.

If you want to work out with potential players what changes might be necessary to make a successful game then that's a planning thread anyway, not an interest check. In this case perhaps enough feedback might have allowed you to tweak it enough to run a game but if you compromise too much would the game still hold enough interest for you to keep it running? Perhaps the best option is to run the advert as you have done and if that fails then start looking for a compromise through a planning thread? At the stage you are already at you could try advertising somewhere that deals with the specific system, as that seems to be one of the varied issues, if such a site exists.

The problem with the game dropping to page two is inherent in all less popular games. That will be addressed in v5 but in the meantime the best you can manage is an occasional bump though as is evident form the thread, plenty of people see the advert anyway, they just didn't feel they wanted to apply.

Excellent food for thought! I'll see where the current thread takes us, and go from there. I am psyched up to play a Western, and hope it works out.

Hmm...the only non-negotiable thing for me is the genderflip and that the system have as few die rolls as possible...which leaves a lot of room for a planning thread, indeed. Modern-world horror using the Lady Hackbird system? Military SF using Apocalypse World? The possibilities are endless!

Less dice rolls mean you want free form, and luckily enough free form has a small but dedicated following here. Personally I would rather see it done using the Serenity System, as mentioned sarcastically on the first page, because the rules are designed for a space western. If you yank out the Space portions its a workable western, though maybe lacking in historical accuracy.

WoD, using the armory book, would also make a serviceable Western. Which actually sounds like a great idea....

I would squell with delight if it switched over to the WoD Storyteller system, but thats highly unlikely. I've only had one experience with the Serenity system and it was VERY bad. I blame a very bad DM though on that, and dont blame the system. Havent had the chance to try it again then though since. Free-form would be awesome too, but even despite the large free-form community there are alot of other people that still seem to get uneasy without some sort of rule system, even if its lite in nature.

This hasn't changed to being in a state of game planning, nor would this be the thread to do that in. The issues for this thread are more general, specific game systems are too specific.

Certainly. Thanks, everyone, for the feedback and encouragement, and please drop by the game forum if you want to see what we get up to! I'm moving specific Western-game-talk to the Game Ad and the actual game forums. Thanks again!


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