There's No Place Like Home [Leonidas1789, bucheonman, Maurkov, bzipser, Toliudar]

"Someone could help Blake get out of there," Brynna snaps, lending her feeble strength to assist. The fear gives her extra strength, and she is actually of some assistance as she coughs from the dust raining down.
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 14 (Total = 22)
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 1d20-1
Original Dice: 1d20-1

Blake's efforts and Brynna's help easily extract the dirt-covered wizard, but the ceiling is still coming down. The party exits rapidly, with Wyngrad charging off into the darkness, Eberhart struggling to keep up, Sofia in the middle with the sputtering torch, and the two arcanists bringing up the rear.


Blake would really like to thank Brynna, but all that comes out is a coughing retching sound. The young wizard keeps up as well as he is able.

Eberhart calls ahead to Wyngrad: "Careful you don't BUMP your head in these low tunnels!"

Wyngrad is careful enough that he doesn't get taken out by a low-hanging clump of earth, and before long he has reached the sun-drenched dirt opening where the tunnel breaches the grassy surface of the plains east of Sen's Mill. The bright light is tinged the golden hue of afternoon, and the shadows slant east away from the brilliant orb on its descending path.

Chapter EndHere ends There's No Place Like Home. The next chapter, Day and Night, will begin shortly.

Experience rewards as follows:
Eberhart: 1500xp
Blake: 1300xp
Brynna: 1200xp
Wyngrad: 1150xp
Sofia: 700xp


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