Fording the Dreiset [Gauss, Merlana, mzipser, MzNurse, The Bushranger]

Astaban chuckles, blushes a bit, then adds, "Yes, well, there is that."

He turns to Talia and says, "Lead the way to the inn, then."

Layna looks between Karn and Talia and Tobie and Astaban. Yeesh, she thinks. The inn with Talia or wandering about town. "Yes," Layna agrees with Tobie. "Let's get the rooms squared away and then everyone can decide for themselves how to spend the rest of the day."

Talia leads off to the west, the five job-runners walking their mounts out of the bustling market and into less genteel parts of River Forge. The cobblestones become more uneven, the buildings more run-down, and the garb of the passers-by more ragged. It's definitely a worse place to be than the East Village of Astangard, for while the faraway village has some good nature to its rough-and-tumble image, the folk here are all grumpy and miserable. The party earns a number of hard stares from the beggars, carters, and other seedy locals.

Chapter EndHere ends Fording the Dreiset. The next chapter, No Quarter, will begin shortly.

XP rewards are as follows:
Astaban: 750xp
Tobie: 625xp
Layna: 550xp
Karn: 450xp
Talia: 400xp


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