Turning Tides: Adventures in the City on Water [3e]

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Turning Tides: Adventures in the City on Water [3e]

Turning Tides - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Applications so far (See below for the game description):

The list so far:
Terra Firma. Player: Maceo. Last Edit Checked: Aug 18 '10 at 8:52pm. Status: Complete.
Great Grimaldi. Player: Eternal. Last Edit Checked: Aug 24 '10 at 3:59am. Status: Complete.
Elijah Austin. Player: Shazam. Last Edit Checked: Aug 18 '10 at 6:55pm. Status: Complete.
Archive. Player: Pundemic. Last Edit Checked: Aug 26 '10 at 7:15am. Status: Complete.
Ouroboros. Player: vingolf. Last Edit Checked: Aug 17 '10 at 9:10pm. Status: Complete.
Guardian. Player: Mick the Rogue. Last Edit Checked: Aug 20 '10 at 11:01pm. Status: Complete.
Patrick Sanders. Player: Kaitou Kage. Last Edit Checked: Aug 21 '10 at 11:46am. Status: Missing appearance.
Jasmine DeLuca. Player: Selene. Last Edit Checked: Aug 20 '10 at 3:53am. Status: Complete.
Meteorknight. Player: Hardwire. Last Edit Checked: Aug 21 '10 at 11:29am. Status: Complete.
Shadowthurge. Player: Drakos. Last Edit Checked: Aug 20 '10 at 1:26am. Status: Missing Lots of fluff.
Remix. Player: Mask_De_H. Last Edit Checked: Aug 22 '10 at 10:59am. Status: Missing Everything.
Matters of Fact. Player: Eldritch_Myrmidon. Last Edit Checked: Aug 22 '10 at 1:53pm. Status: Missing Background.
Blackout. Player: glacier. Last Edit Checked: Aug 25 '10 at 4:12pm. Status: Complete.

Please tell us if we're missing your app or if the one linked isn't the correct/last updated version. Also, if you edit the app itself (as opposed to just the sheet), please inform us so we can check it again.
I'd also appreciate if you keep your app in the same post. Makes it easier to locate later.

Game Description:

The City on WaterAt the point where three rivers meet and form a lake, there is a city which has seen better days. A bustling hub of commerce thanks to its fortunate location, it once had everything it needed to become one of the greatest cities in the world...but lost it at some point, replaced by something far more cynical, tired, and willing to turn an eye on what was wrong and needed to be righted. A grey funk descended over it as the men in power traded in their zeal and dedication to their duties for the cold comfort of cash, and those in charge of enforcing the law decided that helping break it was far more profitable. The men and women who were far too worried about surviving from one day to the next did not have time for such sordidness and violence, but even they were subtly affected by the decadence that settled into the area. Over time, the place they called their home sunk into darkness, a veil of apathy so thick it could almost be touched on a bad day. The city lost its name and with it its identity, and today no one remembers its former glories. Nothing has changed in years, and if people remain set on their current course, nothing ever will.

But the world has changed. It has seen times of darkness and times of joy, and it has never stood still. And soon, some of that sense of purpose will seep into this forsakened city once more. Soon, the time will come for the tides to turn...

Hello everyone, and welcome to the dark little underworld of the City on Water. Me and Illien, the instigator of this game, are looking for 4 or 5 players who wish to partake in a DC Adventures game, using the Third Edition Mutants and Masterminds rules. Below are some details about the game for those who wish to try their hand at bringing some hope to a town that has lost its aim.

That's all. The turning of the tides is in your hands now. Will the City on Water disappear into the mists of history permanently? Or will it finally become the grand place it should always have been?


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Are those good horrific flashbacks and shivering or bad horrific flashbacks and shivering? >->

Originally Posted by Azerian Kelimon View Post
Not that I know of, so you should be clear there.

That aside, interesssssssting concept (if you'll forgive the snaketalk). I can't help but get
Chainsaw Vigilante vibes here, though. :P
Aw, now I want a chainsaw. I guess I'm going to have to settle for making criminals do Irish jigs.

Not done yet obviously

For powerset, I came up with a couple ideas but I need to run some by you guys in the GM world.

First idea is a telepath, but I'm skimming Ultimate Power* for ideas to make him more than just a regular telepath. It would fit in with him taking the leader role as a child, but I want to broaden it as he gets older and figure out some kind of something that makes him different than every other telepath out there. Unfortunately, a telepath is a telepath is a telepath to some extent so I may branch away from strict telepathy if I go this route.

Second idea makes liberal use of the Alternate Form lineup. I find the different suggestions for forms very intriguing and I think it'd be interesting to play a character whose atomic makeup is so malleable that it can shift between different states of matter and energy while still maintaining his same basic shape. I'd probably attach some drawbacks that prolong the transformation time because this would make him very versatile. The main thing I'm worried about is someone who has a fire form and an electricity form and an air form and a stone/metal form and etc., etc., is probably too much all at once. So while it sounds like a neat idea it also sounds like it's just a little munchy and I don't intend to be a munchkin. Perhaps the power is random -- he can change to another form but can't control which form unless he uses Extra Effort (he can assume his normal form without)

Luck/Probability control are interesting ideas that I haven't played with before and could play nice with telepathy. Darkness/Light control could also be interesting; it's a blaster-ish style but the two together create a sort of dichotomy I kind of enjoy. His powers don't have to be what makes him the leader of those kids; it could just be his own force of will and determination. He may not have even expected to ever be a leader sort. It just sort of happened because he was the oldest of the survivors and kids that age tend to believe age brings authority.


* I know Ultimate power is a 2E book but it has some great ideas and most of it can be replicated in 3E too.

Originally Posted by Kaitou Kage View Post
First idea is a telepath ....ideas to make him more than just a regular telepath.
You could always go the psylocke route, or go telekinesis, there's more room of improvement on that area (anything from jean gray to superboy)
Let's see.. worthwhile DC telepaths: Manchester Black, brainiac?, captain comet.. martian manhunter and his kin.. mento.. tomorrow woman.. gorilla grodd.. i think raven did telepathy at some point too. Can't think of anybody else.
None of them has been particularly creative with it either.
'precognition' (done through enhanced dodge and a really good insight and the like) is also a worthwhile area to explore.

Originally Posted by Kaitou Kage View Post
Second idea makes liberal use of the Alternate Form lineup.....it's just a little munchy
I don't see it as particularly munchy (albeit it could be), but i do see it as a character that's too spread in the concept bread. So you'd need a whole jar of jam flavor to get this one to work.

Originally Posted by Kaitou Kage View Post
Luck/Probability control are interesting ideas that I haven't played with before and could play nice with telepathy.
Probability control is out. It has.. hmm, issues. If you want to play a luck-based hero, don't limit yourself to luck control, there's a whole bunch of enhanced abilities and the like (say, enhanced dodge, deflect, some enhanced feats...) that you could slap the luck descriptor on to round up the character.

Originally Posted by Kaitou Kage View Post
Darkness/Light control could also be interesting
*Looks at cloak & dagger-esque background... looks back at cloak & dagger-esque power set*

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