Turning Tides: Adventures in the City on Water [3e]

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Turning Tides: Adventures in the City on Water [3e]

Turning Tides - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Applications so far (See below for the game description):

The list so far:
Terra Firma. Player: Maceo. Last Edit Checked: Aug 18 '10 at 8:52pm. Status: Complete.
Great Grimaldi. Player: Eternal. Last Edit Checked: Aug 24 '10 at 3:59am. Status: Complete.
Elijah Austin. Player: Shazam. Last Edit Checked: Aug 18 '10 at 6:55pm. Status: Complete.
Archive. Player: Pundemic. Last Edit Checked: Aug 26 '10 at 7:15am. Status: Complete.
Ouroboros. Player: vingolf. Last Edit Checked: Aug 17 '10 at 9:10pm. Status: Complete.
Guardian. Player: Mick the Rogue. Last Edit Checked: Aug 20 '10 at 11:01pm. Status: Complete.
Patrick Sanders. Player: Kaitou Kage. Last Edit Checked: Aug 21 '10 at 11:46am. Status: Missing appearance.
Jasmine DeLuca. Player: Selene. Last Edit Checked: Aug 20 '10 at 3:53am. Status: Complete.
Meteorknight. Player: Hardwire. Last Edit Checked: Aug 21 '10 at 11:29am. Status: Complete.
Shadowthurge. Player: Drakos. Last Edit Checked: Aug 20 '10 at 1:26am. Status: Missing Lots of fluff.
Remix. Player: Mask_De_H. Last Edit Checked: Aug 22 '10 at 10:59am. Status: Missing Everything.
Matters of Fact. Player: Eldritch_Myrmidon. Last Edit Checked: Aug 22 '10 at 1:53pm. Status: Missing Background.
Blackout. Player: glacier. Last Edit Checked: Aug 25 '10 at 4:12pm. Status: Complete.

Please tell us if we're missing your app or if the one linked isn't the correct/last updated version. Also, if you edit the app itself (as opposed to just the sheet), please inform us so we can check it again.
I'd also appreciate if you keep your app in the same post. Makes it easier to locate later.

Game Description:

The City on WaterAt the point where three rivers meet and form a lake, there is a city which has seen better days. A bustling hub of commerce thanks to its fortunate location, it once had everything it needed to become one of the greatest cities in the world...but lost it at some point, replaced by something far more cynical, tired, and willing to turn an eye on what was wrong and needed to be righted. A grey funk descended over it as the men in power traded in their zeal and dedication to their duties for the cold comfort of cash, and those in charge of enforcing the law decided that helping break it was far more profitable. The men and women who were far too worried about surviving from one day to the next did not have time for such sordidness and violence, but even they were subtly affected by the decadence that settled into the area. Over time, the place they called their home sunk into darkness, a veil of apathy so thick it could almost be touched on a bad day. The city lost its name and with it its identity, and today no one remembers its former glories. Nothing has changed in years, and if people remain set on their current course, nothing ever will.

But the world has changed. It has seen times of darkness and times of joy, and it has never stood still. And soon, some of that sense of purpose will seep into this forsakened city once more. Soon, the time will come for the tides to turn...

Hello everyone, and welcome to the dark little underworld of the City on Water. Me and Illien, the instigator of this game, are looking for 4 or 5 players who wish to partake in a DC Adventures game, using the Third Edition Mutants and Masterminds rules. Below are some details about the game for those who wish to try their hand at bringing some hope to a town that has lost its aim.

That's all. The turning of the tides is in your hands now. Will the City on Water disappear into the mists of history permanently? Or will it finally become the grand place it should always have been?


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Mind if I throw my hat in the ring? The character concept I had in mind was the adopted daughter of an established crime-fighter who decides to take up her father's mantle and avenge his death when he gets murdered. Archetype wise it's a cross between a gadgeteer energy controller and acrobat type.

No character sheet yet, but I should have that ready tomorrow if needed.

EDIT: Character sheet added.

EDIT 2: Clarified the limitations of the variable power in the suit; minor spelling, grammar fixes.

EDIT 3: Moved several points around. removed motorcycle vehicle, replaced variable effect suit with alternate power array.

Here's my app:

Hero Name: Blackout (2nd)
Name: Ingrid Wilson
Age: 22

Born in poverty in the southern slums of the city, Ingrid found herself orphaned and homeless as a child. She survived by begging on the streets for a time, but eventually got involved with one of the local crime syndicates led by the crime lord known only as the Vulture. Forced to work the streets in his service, she began her life as one of the syndicate's pickpockets.

Though she proved to be a talented and skilled pickpocket, Ingrid was still unhappy. Her conscience ate at her, and many times she tried to sever her ties with the organization, though all her attempts ended in failure. Still, her resentment for the syndicate and the crime lord that ran it continued to grow. Even as she grew more and more adept at her trade, she was also constantly looking for a way out.

One can only stay in the lower tiers of the crime trade for so long before it catches up with you however. Ingrid was 14 when she got busted by the police for allegedly serving as a lookout during a bank heist.They threw her in a detention cell and proceeded to try and beat her to death trying to coerce a confession from her. It was only the intervention of a Aaron Wilson, the district attorney for the City of Water that saved her. Berating the police for overstepping their bounds and violating the girl's rights, he managed to get them to back off, an act that instantly earned him Ingrid's respect. He struck her as someone bursting with energy and idealism. He seemed honest and upright, virtues rarely seen amongst the city's many officials. Unlike many other public officials he seemed genuinely interested in fighting the good fight, the right way.

Not wanting to see the girl suffer any more at the hands of the police, Aaron searched for a way to get her out of the mess she was in. He managed to negotiate her release, on the condition that she would secretly serve as an informant within Vulture's organization, providing information and leads to the newly created task force assigned to stamp it out..

Still hoping to leave her criminal life behind, but knowing painfully well that Vulture wasn't going to let her go easily, Ingrid went along with the plan, deciding that the best way to get out was to aid others who were capable of bringing the Vulture's organization down. For a time she was an indispensable source of reliable information to the task force. Using her intel, they were able to shut down a great number of the Vulture's operations. It wasn't long before the Vulture figured out what was going on however. Furious at her betrayal, he had her captured, intending to torture and execute her.

Realizing that his agent had been compromised, Wilson quickly ordered several strike teams to rescue her, but they arrived just a little too late. Vulture had managed to escape and Ingrid lay dying from a fatal gunshot wound.

Awash with guilt for having used her as an informant in the first place, Aaron was determined to find some way to save Ingrid.Knowing that only superscience would be able to save the girl, Aaron took her to the only person he thought would be able to help: his brother Trevor, the multi-millionaire founder and owner of Wilson Technologies. Having been told that company had been working on a top secret nanotech project for the US military, it was his hope that their advanced technology would be able to save her.

Wasting no time, Trevor immediately injected Ingrid with a experimental batch of nanomachines programmed to bolster and quicken her natural regeneration. It was a desperate gamble at best because the nanomachines had a 95% rejection rate amongst human test subjects, but by some miracle the treatment worked. Ingrid soon awoke completely healed but unaware of what had happened. Realizing that Vulture's men would still be out looking for her, Aaron took measures to protect the girl. Adopting Ingrid, he secretly sent her out of the country to a boarding school in England, knowing that Vulture's influence couldn't reach her there.

Ingrid was happy with her peaceful new life, but she worried a great deal about her benefactor and adoptive father, who had decided to continue his crusade against crime in the city. Ever the idealist, he was intent on pursuing Vulture and his gang and bringing them to justice, prosecuting them justly and proving that their's was a system that could work. He pressed on undaunted despite the risks and numerous attempts on his life, and though he managed to make slight headway over the years by putting several of the city's major crime lords behind bars, his war on crime was eventually brought to a bloody end by a bullet from one of Vulture's assassins.

Swearing revenge against the Vulture, Ingrid returned to the city, vowing to continue her foster father's crusade against crime and corruption. After spending only a few weeks in the city however, she quickly came to the conclusion that much of the city was rotten to the core, and that fixing up the city "the right way" as Aaron had tried would be nigh impossible. Things were out of control, and a more direct approach would be needed in order to cleanse the filth from the city.

After giving the matter some thought, she paid a visit to Trevor, who like her had grown disillusioned with the sorry state of affairs. Agreeing that a drastic course of action was necessary, he agreed to infuse her with a fresh set of "weaponized" nanomachines, allowing her to channel and manipulate electrical and magnetic energy in a variety of ways. He also provided her with a suit that would help her control her powers more easily, and also gave her access to one of Wilson Technologies' old, abandoned research facilities to use as her new base of operations.

It was in this manner that the superheroine who would later become known as Blackout was born...

Powers and Abilities:

Strong and athletic, Ingrid is naturally nimble and is a capable fighter with or without her powers. When activated, the nanomachines in Ingrid's blood provide her with a slight healing factor, and also allow her to transform cellular bio-energy into either electricity or electromagnetic force, or vice versa. This can be put to use in a variety of ways, such as unleashing bolts of lightning, disabling electronic systems (hence the name Blackout), or moving/manipulating metallic objects using electromagnetism, amongst others.

When she activates the nanomachines in her bloodstream, the color drains from her skin and it takes on a pale, pasty white tone, with blackened veins visible just underneath. Her eye and hair color also change to a deep black. This unnatural appearance tends to put off most people, leaving them ill at ease, but also works well to conceal her true identity.

Ingrid maintains 3 different battle suits that she keeps hidden away in her headquarters, with each one tailored to handle a different situation. The suits also have some unusual insulating properties, giving Ingrid a bit of extra protection from her own powers and making it much easier for her to use them safely.

Appearance and Personality:
Standing at 5'9 with fiery red shoulder length hair, green eyes, a pale complexion, striking features and an athletic figure, Ingrid almost always has a serious, no-nonsense expression on her face. She dresses simply and conservatively, and the pair of glasses that she wears make her look a bit nerdy, but smart.

Thoughtful and even-tempered, Ingrid isn't one to lose her cool or composure. She prefers stealth and subtlety over direct confrontations, preferring to strike unseen from the shadows. She prefers to work alone, and is slow to trust any would-be ally. She is not above using underhanded or dirty tactics, but usually refrains from doing so if she deems her opponent honorable enough to deserve that bit of courtesy.

Made from experimental synthetic compounds, Ingrid's different suits are lightly armored grey-colored outfits designed to provide decent protection without interfering with the user's mobility.(Appearance-wise, they look similar in appearance to Snake's body suit in MGS4).

Character Sheet:

-No connections with preestablished heroes. The City on Water is off the grid, forgotten by everyone. Someone like Superman miiiiiiiiiight show up occasionally if an alien invasion strikes the area, but no local heroes exist to fight the criminal underworld and low and mid-level superpowered threats. You'll be breaking new ground here!
That said, the concept looks really good, so we can work with it a bit. Would you be open to altering it a little?

Originally Posted by Azerian Kelimon View Post
That said, the concept looks really good, so we can work with it a bit. Would you be open to altering it a little?
Oh... I thought this case wouldn't count because the hero in question is deceased...

No problem though. I have several ideas on how to fix it. I should have the background updated by this time tomorrow.

Excellent. Go ahead then, I can't wait to see what'll happen.

PS: To everyone else, I'm currently rereading the apps, and considering any corrections/suggestions that might be made. I'll have a large wall ready tomorrow. Also, as the recruiment period is winding down, make sure to polish your apps (you've got a few days though, so don't just go berserk and rush to it)!

I think i will wait to see the comments so that I can polish it in the right direction. I have a tendency to go in and play with the app a little and rewrite the whole thing so I try to leave it alone unless I have a particular direction to go.

Originally Posted by Illien View Post
Sleight of hand: how is a character that's supposed to be good at it, haves a power named after it, and doesn't even have it trained?
I'm not trying to be rude or snarky in the slightest! But I explained my reasoning in my previous post, however flawed it may have been. Maybe the way in which I posted was confusing. Regardless, I even stated that I got rid of the power named after Sleight of Hand (i.e. "Removed Quickness"), and that I had shuffled points around to purchase the SKILL Sleight of Hand instead; so I don't know what the purpose of your quoted comment was.

I also listed a few other small changes in that post that adhere to your wishes, and I commented that I had updated my sheet to reflect them (which can be found on my application page). Please view it at your leisure and let me know if everything is a-ok, or if I still have work to do. Thanks.

My comment was made on your sheet prior to modification. In short, it was a character described as able to do sleight of hand tricks by moving hands faster than the eye can see, who's concept included being able to do sleight of hand as part of stage magic, but it's power/skill construct wouldn't let it do *any* of the tricks listed under the sleight of hand skill. It was just odd.

Again, i won't be looking particularly deep at character sheets till selection, nor will they be part of the choosing method.

Made a few edits to my app: Detailed appearance a bit more, added some NPC descriptions so you have something to go on when describing them, and added the Prejudice complication since snakes don't have a very good reputation.

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