4E: The Dweller in the Wintervale

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I think if limited to 1/time the creature should be at the challenge level you're looking to give. Putting a recharge on it might make it weaker than you wanted. I remember you mentioned that this was meant to be a really hard encounter, so I wouldn't give players that much

With the proper gear and setup it IS possible to take this creature down, but it will take a god awful amount of work to actually do it.
Hehe... excellent. That's the idea.

Good analysis. I didn't have time to actually crunch the numbers but what ironchef came up with sounds right. I agree, limiting the force cage to one enemy at a time is a good idea, especially given that it's a minor action.

Hey everyone, thanks for your help! I appreciate it.

Excellent. I will be curious to see what happens.


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