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Warforged Spell Failure

Warforged Spell Failure

Hi all, I have a dilemma.

I'm playing a Warforged Fighter/Wizard with the Mithral Body Feat. Now my problem is eliminating the Spell failure without losing the Mithral body. I was going to imbue the Mithral with the Twilight quality to knock off 10%, but is there a way to knock that last 5% off?

Take the Battle Caster Feat, it allows you to wear armor that is heavier than normal and still cast spells. It can be found in the Complete Arcane.

There is a feat in, say PH2 or CMage or CArc that lets you reduce the arcane failure of a certain heavyness of armor by a certain amount... and I think there is an alternate class feature (for fighters) in CMage that does something similar

Ooh... snap, I just relooked up the Armored Mage alternate class feature in CMage and it's pretty slick... you really might want to take a look at it.

Oh( #2), Thwyvylyn, yup, that was the feat I was thinking about. I had this thread open and didn't update it before my reply. No... it's not, you have to have the ability to ignore arcane failure to begin with for that feat to work. It was what I was thinking of, but it doesn't work the way I (and you apparently) remembered. It won't really help Tz.

Looks like that Armored Mage class feature is pretty much you're only option.

CArc PrC (only half spellcasting advancement) that allows you to ignore a certain amount of arcane spell failure chance.

It should knock off the last little bit you're facing with one or three levels, and then you can go back to full-caster-level classes.

Originally Posted by Tzeentch View Post
I only need to lose 5%, so a feat is better for this. But its good to know if I have a higher ASF.
Unfortunately, I have to disagree with you on this.

1) There is no feat
2) That alternate class feature that I mentioned does have it's limits (specifically: spell level <= Fighter level +1)

A single level of Spellsword nets you +1 level of spellcasting class, +1BAB, -10% ASF, and good will / fort saves. It's like the best of both worlds (fighter and Wizards) all rolled into one level AND you get the ASF reduction.

Sith and Stam are right, you'd be a little crazy not to grab at least one level of spellsword.

Oh, btw, Spellsword is in CWar not CArc.


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